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A bottle label may be used in a variety of functions. It can be necessary especially for those businesses whose main offering are water products or any liquid placed in a bottle for general public consumption. It can also be used as a design material for bottles that will be distributed as souvenirs for an event.

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We can provide you with samples of our printable bottle label templates if you want to have references on how to create and design one if you have plans of using it for an event that you are hosting or organizing. Moreover, you may also download our samples of label templates for other products and items where you may incorporate a label either for aesthetic purposes or for organizing processes.

Editable Bottle Label Template

editable bottle label template Free Download

Water Bottle Label Template

water bottle label template Free Download

Free Spice Bottle Label Template to Edit

free spice bottle label template to edit Free Download

Wedding Champagne Bottle Label Template

wedding champagne bottle label template Free Download

Wine Bottle Label Template

wine bottle label template1 Free Download

Wedding Wine Bottle Label Template

wedding wine bottle label template2 Free Download

Wedding Bottle Label Template

wedding bottle label template Free Download

Free Beer Bottle Label Template to Print

free beer bottle label template to print Free Download

Printable Water Bottle Label Template

printable water bottle label template Download

Free Printable Bottle Label Template

free printable bottle label template Download

Printable Blank Bottle Label Template

printable blank bottle label template Download

Printable Beer Bottle Label Template

printable beer bottle label template1 Download

Types of Bottle Labels

A few types of bottle labels are as follows:

  • Water bottle labels are the most commonly used bottle label as water is one of the basic necessities needed by humans, which is the reason why water products are sold really fast.
  • Alcoholic bottle labels are primarily used to give information about the alcohol content of a beverage and other information about the ingredients of an alcoholic beverage. Beers and wine are two of the alcoholic beverages that uses bottle labels to represent not only the drink but the company that manufactured and produced it as well.
  • Nonalcoholic beverages like juices, mocktails, sodas, and a lot more can also make use of bottle labels for them to look more marketable especially when placed to its competitors.
  • Other than the liquid products consumed through drinking, bottle labels may also be used to provide information about the bottles that hold pills, medicines, and other items.

Suggestions in Designing Bottle Labels

If you are tasked to design a bottle label, here are a few suggestions that you may follow:

  • Be aware of the content of the bottle as you will base the items of the label design from there.
  • Study the shape of the bottle so that you will know the proper bottle label that you will create and the design items that you will incorporate.
  • If a transparent bottle will be used, make sure that you know the color of the liquid to be placed there so that your bottle label can complement it.

Aside from the printable bottle label templates available in this page, you may also be interested to download our samples of other bottle label templates.

Printable Pills Bottle Label Template

printable pill bottle label template Download

Printable Baby Shower Water Bottle Label Template

printable baby shower water bottle label template Download

Printable Wine Bottle Label Template

printable wine bottle label template1 Download

Importance of a Bottle Label to Different Instances:

A bottle label is important for the following instances:

  • Bottle labels may be used as wedding souvenirs. If the couple decide to provide drinks that the guests may take home, having a wedding-themed bottle label can highlight the entire item and give focus to the celebration on where it is from.
  • Businesses can also use bottle labels to cover up the brands of the water that they consume. This is very essential if the business is open for sponsorship or other business deals. It prevents them from being clustered to just one brand and open for transactions with other brands that are willing to work with them.
  • Restaurants can also make use of bottle labels to change the water bottle design from a common market purchase into their own brand.

Other than our samples of printable bottle label templates, our samples of different printable label templates usable for different materials are also available for download.

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