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As a restaurateur, you need to continuously make sure that your dining establishment remains at the forefront of the minds of your customers when it comes to the dining options available for them. A good way to achieve this is by creating a distinctive restaurant branding identity or image. But, how does this work for your restaurant? In simple terms, this can be achieved by using the same branding design elements on your restaurant’s unique stationery designs.

Free Food Label Template

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Free Sample Food Label

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Food Label Template

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Pizza Badge Label Template Set


Chalkboard Design Food Label Template


Vegetarian Restaurant Food Label Template


What are restaurant food labels?

Labels are indicators of an object’s name, purpose, or trademark. They are usually printed on small pieces of paper, plastic, metal, cardboard, or even PVC laminates. Restaurant food labels are a variation of a regular label. As its name suggests, restaurant food labels are used to identify the name and, sometimes, the purpose of any item on their food or menu list that a restaurant offers.

Different kinds of labels exist. There are jar labels, wine labels, menu labels, bottle labels, and a whole lot more. Whatever kind of object you need a distinguishing mark for, you can create a corresponding label for it. As mentioned earlier, we will mainly focus on restaurant food labels in this post. Read on for more comprehensive information about them.

Handmade versus Pre-made Template

When creating any kind of restaurant stationery, you need to first create a template design. This is the design that you wish to follow for your final stationery design. To illustrate, if you want to create a restaurant roll-up banner, you first need to draw out the specific graphic elements and wording you want to appear on the final roll-up banner. In most cases, a base template is used. This template may be a rough drawing on a piece of paper or it can be an elaborate mock-up template created using a digital image editing software.

As a restaurateur, you can decide what creative path to take from the start of this project. You may choose to create handmade restaurant stationery and just use a pencil drawing as your base design. On the other hand, you may use pre-made graphic design templates that will allow you to create and edit the different graphic design elements digitally.

Colorful Restaurant Food Label Template


Ice Cream Restaurant Label & Sticker Design


Fast Food BBQ Grill Label Template


Benefits of using pre-made restaurant food label templates

The type of base template that you will choose for creating restaurant stationery like food labels and sample menu cards will greatly depend on your personal preference. To help you decide what kind of template to use, we have listed a few main benefits of using pre-made restaurant food label templates. Read on to know more about it.

1. They are cost-effective

Most new restaurant owners have limited budgets for creating unique restaurant stationery designs. This is often the reason why restaurateurs often forgo doing these things. But, if you want to set your dining establishment apart and make sure that you make a good impression on your customers, investing in minor details (like the use of restaurant food labels) will go a long way. As a solution to this issue, restaurateurs may use pre-made restaurant food label templates instead of manually creating their own restaurant stationery and restaurant advertising materials.

Pre-made printable templates normally cost less than hiring a professional graphic designer to create a restaurant template design for your business. By using this more cost-effective solution, you are not wasting money. The funds spent on designing and printing these food labels will pay for itself once your restaurant has established itself as the go-to dining establishment in the minds of your customers.

2. They are easy to edit

One of the most important advantages of using pre-made restaurant food label templates is that they are pre-formatted and, therefore, very easy to edit. As long as you have the compatible software program and the desire to learn the basics of image editing, making customizations on the template of your choice will be a breeze. As pre-formatted restaurant templates, they will already come with a built-in layout and layers. You do not have to think about how to format the whole thing since the original creator of the template has already taken care of this.

By using pre-made templates, you will only have to add the necessary information that you want to include in the final food label. Some template creators may even offer to make the edits themselves at an additional cost. Choose this option if you do not have the necessary experience in editing before. Whatever kind of restaurant you are operating, be assured that when you use pre-made restaurant food label templates, you can edit them to fully match your restaurant’s branding image.

3. They are ready to print

Aside from being fully customizable, most pre-made restaurant templates are ready to print. These templates will also often follow the CMYK color model and come with an optimal DPI resolution that is ideal for printing the template. Printing is made easier with pre-made restaurant templates since most templates will come in standard print sizes. This way, you do not have to worry about finding and cutting papers to match the template’s print size.

As with most printable templates, you can do the printing right at home or in your office. You do not need to use the services of a professional print shop unless you want a customized print size and will be using specialty papers. And, if you can invest in a commercial printer for your business, you do not even need to go to a print shop to do all the printing. This allows you to save time and money for your business as well.

4. Turnaround time is quicker

When you use a pre-made restaurant food label template (or any other kind of pre-made template for that matter), you will generally have a faster turnaround time for completing the project. This is because you do not have to conceptualize and manually create the template from scratch. Most restaurant templates are created by freelance graphic designers and artists who have already thought about all the necessary design aspects. As the end-user of the printable template, all you have to do is enter or type the correct details into the template and you will be ready to print it out.

In some cases, you may even have to insert your restaurant’s branding elements into the template, but all these may be done within a few minutes as long as you already have a copy of your restaurant logo or emblems. Overall, you are saving time when you use pre-made restaurant templates. This is especially important for entrepreneurs who want to focus more on running the business compared to dealing with the nitty-gritty of label tag creation.

5. You can enhance your editing skills

Another advantage of creating restaurant stationery using pre-made restaurant templates is that they allow you to hone your editing skills. In the digital age, this is a relatively important skill that even entrepreneurs need to know. Image editing and desktop publishing are now made easier thanks to the development of software programs like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign. Most printable templates will come in these file formats, so it is better to familiarize yourself with them.

As your business progresses, you will most likely need to create and develop different graphic design projects that will help propel your restaurant’s marketing and advertising goals. Also, by learning how to use these different graphic design software tools, you are learning a new skill set that will allow you to intelligently create and choose template designs that will work well with your restaurant brand. You do not have to learn everything about Adobe Photoshop, but you will gain knowledge on how to better judge your restaurant’s future design projects.

6. They are an industry standard

Another important reason for using pre-made restaurant templates is that their use has become an industry standard nowadays. The creation and use of these templates translate to a faster printing process since print shops already know what software program was used to create the template. In addition, including more design elements to a pre-existing restaurant is easier since these images can be made using compatible software tools. As an industry standard, your life as the end-user of a printable restaurant template is made easier. You will get to focus more on running your restaurant instead of worrying whether or not your food label templates will come out of the printer well.

So, those are the top reasons for using restaurant food label templates. Hopefully, they have helped convince you to use them when you create your restaurant’s food labels. Feel free to refer back to this article if you want to find more food label templates to use for your dining establishment.

Minimalist Restaurant Food Label Design


Organic Restaurant Food Label Template


Restaurant Menu Food Label Template


Restaurant Organic Food Labels Template


Seafood Restaurant Labels Template


How to choose a restaurant food label template

Judging from this article alone, there are a lot of restaurant food label templates that restaurateurs can use for their own restaurants. However, choosing a specific template design can be difficult especially when presented with these many choices. That is why we have prepared a set of criteria that restaurateurs can refer to when they want to choose the best restaurant food label template. Check them out!

1. Restaurant or brand image

First on this criteria list is your restaurant or brand’s image. This is the impression you want your customers to have once they lay their eyes on any of your restaurant’s branding design elements. This is the kind of thought that you want to invade their senses everytime they see your restaurant logo or hear your restaurant’s name. This first criterion will take time to figure out, but having a vision for your restaurant is a good place to start. As the restaurant owner, ask yourself what kind of future (in business and personal terms) do you want for your restaurant. Also, make sure to factor in the kind of diners you want to attract and the type of restaurant you are operating.

For example, if you have a fine dining restaurant and want to cater to millenials, your restaurant image should be something that is elegant and trendy, yet allows its diners to have a fun time while dining. Your restaurant should not be too stuffy or it will deter the millennial crowd. With this in mind, choose a restaurant food label template that gives off all these qualities. When you have this in mind, it will be easier to narrow down the different template design choices.

2. Budget.

The next criteria in choosing a restaurant food label tag should be the amount of money you can spend on this restaurant marketing strategy. Big and established restaurants may not have a problem with releasing hefty sums for their advertising budget. But for new and small restaurants, their management teams will often have fewer funds to work around with. Some restaurants will not even have an allotted portion of restaurant stationery creation. If your restaurant belongs to the latter group, using a pre-made food label template will not let you go off the allotted budget limit since these templates cost less.

And if your restaurant does not have any discretionary funds for this purpose at all, you may consider using your own money. As the restaurant owner, you have the freedom to make this decision. After all, when your business succeeds, the small amount of money that you have spent for a printable label template will easily be paid back with your restaurant’s earnings.

3. Customization options

Another criterion that restaurateurs and graphic designers should consider when choosing a restaurant food label template is the template’s customizability. Pre-made restaurant templates will mostly come as pre-formatted templates and end-users will only have to add the appropriate restaurant details to the template. However, if you want to revamp the template design to create an original template design, you will need to have all the necessary customizability options.

Therefore, you should choose a food label template that is available as either a Photoshop or InDesign template. By choosing a fully customizable restaurant template, you give yourself all the creative freedom needed in order to express your restaurant’s unique branding image. When done well, your restaurant’s food labels will truly stand out compared to those of your competitors.

4. Color scheme

A template’s current color scheme is another factor that you should consider when picking out a restaurant food label template. Yes, some templates will allow you to change the color palette used to match your restaurant’s color motif. However, it is easier to choose a template design that already uses the color motif that your restaurant follows. If this is not possible, it is best to choose a restaurant food label template that will allow you to fully change the template’s theme color without affecting the rest of the template’s design.

To make sure that your current restaurant color motif will match all the design elements in a pre-existing restaurant template, use a color palette tool that will determine the color’s compatibility.

5. Software compatibility

The next factor that most restaurateurs should consider when selecting a food label template is the template file type and its compatibility with the software program installed on your own computer. To make things easier when editing and printing out your restaurant template, make sure that you choose a template file that is compatible with your own editing software. For example, if you only have Adobe Photoshop installed on your computer, choose a restaurant template that is also available as Photoshop template file.

This is an important factor to consider since some print shops may only be able to open and use a specific file type. If you are looking to use the services of a professional print shop, it is best to ask them ahead of time if they have a preferred file type. This will help you avoid any issues when it is time to print out your restaurant templates.

6. Template source

Next on this list of factors to consider when choosing a food label template is the template’s source. The internet is full of different premium and free restaurant templates that anyone can use for their own dining establishments. However, you would want to make sure that your template is sourced responsibly and that they were created without infringing on other people’s or corporate entity’s copyrights.

To prevent any future copyright claims, it is best to source your restaurant template from reputable sites. A simple Google search will lead you to these template sources, or you may use any of the templates embedded within this article. We assure you that all of these templates are created by reputable graphic artists and the utmost care has been taken to ensure that the graphic design elements used in them are free from copyright issues.

7. Test the templates

The last, and perhaps the most important criteria, in choosing a restaurant food label template is how the template will look when you test it out. This means looking at the food label template’s mockup and determining if it is designed well visually. If you have the means to check if the template prints out well, too, make sure to do it. By testing out the template, you will get to experience how the final food label will look and feel like. Doing this will also allow you to test run the food labels in your restaurant and to check your customers’ reactions to it. When paired with good evaluation strategy samples, you can create a good restaurant stationery that will appeal to most of your customer base.

The different factors listed above are not an exhaustive list of the criteria that should be considered when choosing a restaurant food label template. Feel free to add or remove some of these factors depending on the situation you are in.

Organic Restaurant Label Template


Vintage Restaurant Food Label Template


Retro Restaurant Food Label Template


Transparent Restaurant and Food Labels Template


Restaurant stationery often includes any of the printed informational and marketing materials that can be used for a restaurant. The most common examples are the usual menu cards, brochures, and advertising materials. Other lesser used restaurant stationery are restaurant food labels. If, for example, your restaurant has already created and used your branding elements on your restaurant menu cards, try extending your brand’s recognizability by using these unique branding elements on tiny food labels.

In this article, we talk about restaurant food labels and how you can use them for your own restaurant. Examples of downloadable restaurant food label templates are also included in this article. But, before we show you these different examples, let us define what are restaurant food labels and how they can be used for your own restaurant.

Choosing the best restaurant food label template

Catalogued below are 15 food label templates and designs that restaurant owners can use to distinguish their restaurant’s stationery cards. These downloadable templates are available in EPS, JPEG, and PSD template formats. Choose well!

What restaurant food label template did you like?

The 15 different restaurant food label templates and designs featured above are among the best of the food label templates available online now. But, if you did not find any of these templates to your liking, feel free to browse through the site for it contains downloadable label templates that you could choose from. When choosing a restaurant template, remember to apply the set of criteria we have discussed earlier. They will help you choose a food label template design that will match your current restaurant branding identity. Choose well!

This article is a treasure trove of tips and guidelines for creating and choosing the best restaurant food label template for your dining establishment. Spread the word about it to your friends and colleagues by bookmarking it and sharing the article on social media.

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