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If you want distinct markers, header designs, and menu identifiers for your menu list items, we suggest looking into the use of restaurant label tags. In this article, we provide different examples of label tag templates that will help differentiate your restaurant’s stationery designs. Check out these downloadable examples below!

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Why should you use restaurant label tags?

Restaurant label tags are commonly used in most dining establishments. However, customers seldom notice them because of their mediocre designs. But if you want to truly set your restaurant apart from its competitors, starting with the small design changes like updating your restaurant stationery designs can be a good strategy.

To aid in your decision-making process, we have listed the core reasons why using restaurant label tags makes sense as a business strategy for any dining establishment.

1. To distinguish your restaurant stationery design

As mentioned above, restaurant’s stationery designs can be drab and boring. If you are looking to add a twist to your menu card design, for example, using elegantly designed label tags will definitely amp up your restaurant menu. Doing small things like this will eventually help create a more cohesive branding identity for your restaurant. Today, there are a lot of printable restaurant templates that any restaurateur can use, from label tag templates to letterhead templates.

2. To highlight your restaurant’s branding identity

If you intend to revamp your restaurant’s theme and image, do not only focus on changing your menu offerings and venue decorations. You should also consider changing the minor things like signage, menu, and stationery designs. By doing a complete restaurant makeover, your customers can easily identify the recurring graphic design elements and associate them with your own restaurant.

To illustrate, when customers see the same graphic design elements on your restaurant banners, menu cards, and label tags, their senses will be inundated with the same things that they can’t help but to subconsciously take note of these things.

3. To promote the restaurant

Restaurant label tags can be a subtle reminder to customers that they are inside your restaurant or that they are enjoying food offered by your restaurant. Restaurants that set up a takeaway service may also use restaurant label tags as part of their home delivery packaging. By doing this, you spread the word about your restaurant. Using label tags is just a less obvious but equally effective way to promote your restaurant.

4. To create complementary label markers for your food offerings

As its name implies, label tags are used to describe or mark an object, place, or thing. When used in restaurants, they usually indicate the name and/or price of a certain food item or meal. In some cases, restaurant label tags may also include menu descriptions. If you mainly want to create marking tags or labels for your restaurant, consider using any of the label tag templates in this list and make sure that the label tag template you choose matches your restaurant’s image or theme.

Cafe Restaurant Label Tags Template Set

Trendy cafes and dining establishments that offer both coffee and meals are common nowadays. If you are operating this type of business or if you are thinking of starting one, try out the Cafe Restaurant Label Tags Template Set shown below as a decorative graphic design element for your restaurant stationery designs.

cafe restaurant label tags template set

This template set includes nine label tag templates all following a rustic theme. Use this template if your restaurant already follows a vintage theme or a variation thereof. The different tag designs in this template set feature food and beverage icons that can be used if you want to distinguish the food list and wine list that your restaurant offers.

As a vector illustration template, make sure that you have a compatible software program that can handle this file type before downloading this template.

Coffee Label Tag Set Template

Another coffee-themed label tag template is the Coffee Label Tag Set Template shown below. This tag template follows a brown and gray color combination that makes it suitable for most cafes.

coffee label tag set template

This is another vector drawing that can be easily customized for different graphic design projects. For those who want to use the template as a restaurant tag, you may print out them out on thick cardstock and cut out each printable tag design before attaching it to an object or decorative item in your restaurant.

As with all templates in this list, the Coffee Label Tag Set Template is fully editable as an EPS file. For easy printing, the file is best rendered as a JPEG file before you print it out.

Organic Food Label Tag Template

organic food label tag template

Use the Organic Food Label Tag Template shown above if you want the displayed food items and menu card design to include nutritional information presented in eye-catching ways. This vector template includes five horizontal tags and six circular label tag designs—all following a brown, mint green, and teal color combination.

This template set may also work well for restaurants that offer sustainably-sourced, all-natural, eco-friendly, and organic food solutions. These label template designs may be printed out as label tags or used as sticker designs for any dining establishment.

Tip: To save on paper and on printing costs, it is best to layout the label tag designs on a single paper and then print them all out using one paper.

Organic Restaurant Food Label Tag Template

organic restaurant food label tag template

Choose the Organic Restaurant Food Label Tag Template featured above if you mainly want an attention-grabbing restaurant label tag template that shows you are using organic food sources. Aside from being used as a restaurant label tag, it can also be used as a sticker design, as a banner design, or as a web illustration.

Note that this is a vector illustration template and is downloadable either as a vector EPS or as a JPEG file format.

Premium Vintage Restaurant Bistro Label Tags Collection

If you want truly unique branding elements for your restaurant, take a look at the Premium Vintage Restaurant Bistro Label Tags Collection embedded below.

premium vintage restaurant bistro label tags collection

This isolated vector illustration template includes numerous vintage-themed label tag template designs. You can choose any of these tag template designs and customize them to create truly unique restaurant tags. When customizing these label tags, you may include a variation of your restaurant logo design. Doing this will help increase your brand’s recognizability.

Restaurant and Coffee Shops Label Tag Template

restaurant and coffee shops label tag template

Restaurant Eco Organic Labels Tag Set

Choose the Restaurant Eco Organic Labels Tag Set featured below if you are looking for a simple label tag template design for your restaurant that offers organic food.

restaurant eco organic labels tag set

This restaurant label tag template set includes nine label tag designs that you can choose from. They all sport the same brown and green background color scheme—fitting for an eco-friendly restaurant tag design. Additionally, the template can easily be customized using Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. This way, you may change the color scheme and match it to your restaurant’s official color motif.

Restaurant Label Tag Template Collection

restaurant label tag set template

Choose the Restaurant Labels Tag Template Collection (shown above) if you aim to have clean minimalist restaurant label tags. This tag template set will suit trendy cafes, local pubs, and even fine dining restaurants. The different food and cooking icons used in each label tag template design may also be used to match the specific type of restaurant you are operating.

This label template is available as a vector illustration and is editable using Adobe Illustrator. To personalize this tag template, you may use your own restaurant logo design and typefaces.

Restaurant Labels Tag Template Set

restaurant labels tag template set

Retro Design Restaurant Label Tag Template Set

retro design restaurant label tag template set

Grunge Retro Restaurant Label Tags Template Set

retro grunge restaurant label tags template set

Seafood Restaurant Label Tag Template

The Seafood Restaurant Label Tag Template shown below best suits seafood restaurants that wish to highlight their restaurant’s own branding identity.

seafood restaurant label tag template

This label tag template set includes four preformatted tag template designs. You can use any or all of these label tags for your restaurant without worrying about design continuity issues since the tag designs share the same core design concepts. They only differ on their main shape.

For those who want to further personalize the label tag template design for their dining establishment, you can easily edit this label vector illustration using Adobe Illustrator. You may also use this seafood illustration as a business logo, a restaurant emblem, or even as a restaurant sticker design.

Vintage Restaurant Label Tag Template Set

vintage restaurant label tag template set

Bistro Restaurant Vintage Labels Tag Template Set

vintage restaurant labels tag template set

Wine Bar Restaurant Labels Tag Template

wine bar restaurant labels tag template

Have you chosen a restaurant label tag template?

Often, restaurant label tags are confused with restaurant menu labels because these two items often do the same thing. However, if you primarily want restaurant labels that will be cut out and attached to objects or food items that your restaurant offers, choose a restaurant label tag.

The collection of restaurant label tag templates embedded in this article will provide you with various template design choices. Choose the ones you feel will best reflect your restaurant’s image and vision. Lastly, if you found this article useful, bookmark it so that you can refer back to this list at any time.

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