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8+ Best Shipping Label Templates – PSD, EPS, AI, Illustrator

So you are about to pick that package up to be shipped to your friend or loved one, but before you could reach out to it, something is missing. You’re standing there with colorful clothes hanging upon your body and colors on your hair, and you thought, Why can’t my package be as artsy as me?

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Well, here we have provided for you some creative and artistic shipping Label Templates that you can stick onto your package and let it stand out from the other packages that is being shipped along with it. Make it feel like a star.

Shipping Label Template

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Business Shipping Label Template


Professional Shipping Label Sample

Holiday Shipping Label Template


Military Shipping Label Template

Birthday Shipping Label Template


Tag, You’re It!

Packages needs labels that lets you know who its supposed to be shipped to and who it’s from. Instead on simply writing it down or using a simple tag, here are some that you can download and print and use for you personal package. Here is a list of some of the designs we offer:

  • Business Shipping Label Template. These designs can be used for strictly business packages but can also be used for anything else. This design include this adorable-looking tag with a wooden rustic theme. A simple package with an artistic label like that would be a treat.
  • Professional Shipping Label Sample. These breathtaking designs would surely be good to look at. They can add beauty on your packages and the person you are sending it to would definitely appreciate it.
  • Holiday Shipping Template. Whatever event you are sending your package for, this design would be a goof fit for it. With its jolly-looking designs, it’s no doubt the recipient of this mail would have a jolly smile as well.
  • Military Shipping Label Templates. Who said you can’t have the military style designs on your packages? If you love those military-type design styles, then you’re going to love this template. The grays and whites may look simple but they are the gorgeous type of simple.
  • Birthday Shipping Label Template. Maybe it’s your favorite niece’s or nephew’s birthday and you sadly can’t be there on his or her birthday party because you have to be somewhere else, and you thought of sending her a package to make up for it. With this label design, this little kid won’t even remember you weren’t there when they sang Happy Birthday!

If you’re looking for more generic templates, our website hosts a collection of Address Label Templates and Product Label Templates.

Package Shipping Label Template

Blank Shipping Label Sample


Electronic Shipping Label Sample


  • Package Shipping Label Template. How about a little humor? When you wanted to be different, how about be different and have your own personal shipping label that looks exactly like a package. Your laugh as you send the package will be contagious as the receiver looks at it with a laugh as well.
  • Vintage Shipping Label Template. Everything is vintage these days, and you’re one of those people who adore the style. Well, these designs could not be anymore old fashioned. So go and mail your package with your love for anything vintage.
  • Electronic Shipping Label Template. Go all the way and label your own package with the right type of labels that you want with this template. If you think they won’t be labeling your package properly and handling them with extra care, stick these labels on it and have a big sigh knowing your package will be alright.
  • Blank Shipping Label Template. If you still haven’t found in our list the design you wanted and thought that you should put your creativity to use in your labels, then have this template and let your creativity begin.

Now you are prepared to send your package in the mail knowing its artistic and creative or being handled with extra care.

Check out some of our other Mailing Label Templates our website has in store.

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