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Looking for ways to increase the marketability of your wine brand? You’re on the right track. Wine labels can be tricky. You have to think of your target market, the kinds of wine you plan on producing, and your target price range as revenue dictates how you market your wine moving forward. With this, we’ve provided you with a list of wine label templates that you can choose to give your wine bottle a make-over.

Wine labels vary from country to country. They are considered as one of the most important part of the wine. They are deemed too important because they give buyers the idea about the composition of the wine and where its roots and origins are. Always make sure to check if your wine labels are designed properly.

Free Wine Label

free-wine-label Free Download

New Year Wine Label Template

new-year-wine-label-template Free Download

Gift Wine Label

gift-wine-label Free Download

Free Sample Valentine’s Day Wine Label

free-sample-valentines-day-wine-label Free Download

Free Save the Date Wine Label Template

free-save-the-date-wine-label-template Free Download

Free Fathers Day Wine Label Template

free-fathers-day-wine-label-template Free Download

Free Memorial Day Wine Label Template to Print

free-memorial-day-wine-label-template-to-print Free Download

Mother’s Day Wine Label Template

mothers-day-wine-label-template Free Download

Gala Event Wine Label Template

gala-event-wine-label-template Free Download

Easter Wine Label Template

easter-wine-label-template Free Download

Wedding Wine Label Template

wedding-wine-label-template Free Download

Graduation Wine Bottle Label Template

graduation-wine-bottle-label-template Free Download

Free Thanksgiving Wine Bottle Label

free-thanksgiving-wine-bottle-label Free Download

Wedding Wine Bottle Label Template

wedding-wine-bottle-label-template Free Download

Free Wine Bottle Template to Edit

free-wine-bottle-template-to-edit Free Download

Wine Bottle Label Template

wine-bottle-label-template Download

Printable Wine Label

printable-wine-label Download

Blank Wine Label

blank-wine-label Download

Vintage Wine Label Template

vintage-wine-label-template Download

Marketable Wine Labels

Based on research, the marketability of the wine is not just affected by its taste but also by its labels. Labels give various communication channels to the consumers. It certainly adds to the marketability of the wine by influencing how consumers assess a wine.

Here are some of our featured wine label designs that can help level up the presentation and marketability of your wine:

  • Wine Bottle Label Template
  • Printable Wine Label
  • Blank Wine Label
  • Vintage Wine Label Template
  • Free Wine Bottle Mockup
  • Printable Christmas Wine Labels
  • Wedding Wine Label Template
  • We also have beer label templates

As you see, our templates also have their own themes. For instance, our wedding wine label template has an elegant and sophisticated touch. The sparkles and designs just adds to the appealing characteristic of the wine.

According to a marketing theory, it’s the label that make the wine desirable. A large proportion of the consumers don’t even bother to remember the names of the wine but how they are packaged and labeled. Of course, one has to bear in mind the difference of culture. Your wine must be customized with respect to your target consumers.

Free Wine Bottle Mockup


Printable Christmas Wine Labels

printable-christmas-wine-labels Download

Wedding Wine Label Template

wedding-wine-label-template Download

Importance of Label on Different Types of Wine

As you know, an excellent wine label is not just about the design. It also important to put the relevant information in it.

You should ensure that the information you input on the label will give the consumers an idea of the quality of the wine. Here are the common information we found that are put in wine labels:

  • Country of origin
  • Quality
  • Type of wine
  • Alcohol content
  • Producer
  • Bottler
  • Importer

For instance, consumers who prefer to buy wines with vintage dates always check the labels from time to time. The label must showcase the quality of the wine and its attributes. According to famous winemakers, the label also must project the roots and heritage of the winemaker, giving more depth and history to the wine.

As you see, wine labels do matter a lot. Your label design must be in harmony with the wine’s quality and characteristics. To relieve from the hassles of this process, you can always download our wine label design templates in order to make your wine put style on your wine.

If you have other goods to market and sell, our website also offers a host of amazing product label templates you could download and utilize to help kick-start your brand to new heights!


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