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Lifestyle magazines are made for people who want to improve their way of life. Its content ranges from nutrition, health, wellness, attitude and relationships. It usually has a defined and focused concept to go hand in hand with the content’s tone. Pop culture, tourism and fashion are also centerpiece topics of the lifestyle magazine. Most articles are informative while some feature stories on celebrities and a current trend. Some magazine authors write political opinions but in a lighter tone than what is read in newspapers. You can also see fashion magazine templates.

Magazines need layout to arrange the photos and content accordingly and in good taste. Several templates for designing magazines can be found online. Our collection of templates are guaranteed to get you started if you plan to design your own magazine now.

Modern Lifestyle Magazine Template

Modern Lifestyle Magazine Template Download

Luxury Lifestyle Magazine Template

Luxury Lifestyle Magazine Template Download

Lifestyle Magazine Example

Lifestyle Magazine Example

Designing The Lifestyle Magazine

Designing the lifestyle magazine needs ample skills, focus and time. It is not an easy road to take since it has a lot of things to consider. In designing a lifestyle magazine, a designer must follow these steps:

1. Grab attention with the cover

In lifestyle magazines, covers can make or break the whole content. It is what people first see when they stumble in bookstores. They don’t usually pick a magazine with a bad cover. From the photos to the typography and arrangement of text, everything has to be perfect. One tip for this is using high-quality photos and put emphasis on the text. The title is highlighted the most, followed by the headings and sub-headings. Make both the text and the photo worthy of attention from the readers. You may also see magazine layout templates.

2. Use colors well

One thing about lifestyle magazine covers is that they use colors very well. Sometimes, a loud color stands out among others. This makes the magazine cover more attractive and attention-grabbing to the readers. Clean typography and a streak of beautiful colors make the magazine engaging to anyone who reads it.

3. Arrange table of contents properly

When the magazine is opened, readers usually go to the table of contents to see what they are about to read. Since every page of the magazine bursts in bright colors, the way the table of contents is arranged should be taken into consideration. It is commonly done in a grid position, but rules can be broken for this. The table of contents can be mish-mashed as long as it does not look cluttered and messy. You may also see sample magazine cover templates.

Lifestyle Journal Magazine Template

Lifestyle Journal Magazine Template

Creative Lifestyle Magazine Template

Creative Lifestyle Magazine Template

Lifestyle InDesign Magazine Template

Lifestyle InDesign Magazine Template

4. Use illustrated graphics and infographics

To help readers understand the content even more, illustrated graphics and infographics can help in giving the right context. This kind of technique is very applicable for features and long-form content. Graphics create a consistent branding for your publication, which is highly advisable for businesses that have a large audience share. Using graphics on the cover makes the whole magazine trendy and design-oriented as well. Infographics have big chances of entertaining the readers with colors, numbers and drawing than just reading the whole article. It leads the readers away from boredom. You can also see brand new magazine templates.

5. Focus on beautiful photos

Lifestyle magazines give huge premiums on good photos. Make the photos your focus when you design the minimalist magazine. This is applicable when the photo occupies a whole page and there’s a short text to describe it. The reason why magazines sell is because of the photos in it. The content only plays a secondary role in attracting readers of the magazine. For nature and fashion magazines, layout is minimized to give highlight to the photos.

6. Think in spreads

Magazine readers do not absorb the content in individual pages. Rather, it is by spreads. A magazine spread is two pages into one, just like seeing the whole picture when you open the magazine wide. Graphic designers know how to layout the spread so it can look attractive to the readers. After all, it feels cumbersome to see a magazine page only with a whole page of layout instead of a spread.

7. Make a style theme

A style theme to follow in a certain issue of the magazine is advisable. It makes the magazine appear consistent in its branding. The same kind of style should be followed from the cover, first page down to the last page. Choose a color palette, font, graphics and background color that will suit the vision of your design.

Minimal Lifestyle Magazine Template

Minimal Lifestyle Magazine Template

Lifestyle Universal Magazine Design

Lifestyle Universal Magazine Design

Clean Lifestyle Magazine Template

Clean Lifestyle Magazine Template

Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

Simple Lifestyle Magazine Template

Simple Lifestyle Magazine template

Magazines In The Digital Era

The digital era saw the evolution and migration of magazines from print to online. Most feature stories on big magazines have its online counterpart. This is to increase the reach of the magazine to its audiences since more people are fiddling on the internet. The online article appears the same as its printed counterpart, but what makes it different is the added features. Photos from social media account of the article’s subject can be embedded within the article. A short video interview ranging from interviews and entertainment content is also included. Photos are rendered in a better quality than in magazines.

Digital magazines are slowly conquering the content industry. An official website is made for that and it is tied to the publishing house of the printed counterpart. The website is also mobile friendly, meaning the features and appearance of the article as seen on the desktop format are rendered well in mobile viewing. It becomes easy for people to access the latest stories about celebrities, latest trends and anything that concerns about human lifestyle.

When it comes to advertising, online magazines do it by placing a graphic with link to the website of the product. This increases traffic for the product website and the online magazine website as well. While in the print edition, the ad is printed and interspersed among the pages of them magazine.

Digital magazines have a lot of promise for the future of publishing. It is slowly inching its way to become a primary content provider years from now.


There’s more to lifestyle magazines than just photos and a showcase of opulent lifestyle. Its quality never gets old even if years pass by. There are certain parts to it that readers go back for reference, and sometimes, inspiration. You may also see multipurpose magazine templates.

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