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9+ Batman Logos

The Batman—also known as the Caped Crusader, the Dark Knight, or the World’s Greatest Detective—has been around since the mid-1900s and still is one of the most widely recognized superhero in the comic industry. He started out in 1939, but he still holds a special place to all comic book lovers in the world.

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With his billionaire, alter ego, Bruce Wayne, his parents were shot right in front of him when he was still a boy. He was raised and taken care of by his butler, Alfred Pennyworth, who acted as his father figure as he was growing up. Eventually, he decided to use his intelligence and wealth to take on criminals and villains as Batman.

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Batman Logo for Company

Abstract Batman Logo

Batman Outline Logo

Batman Logo Vector


Cartoon Batman Logo

Origins of Batman

  • The character was first developed in 1939 by comic book artists Bob Kane and Bill Finger.
  • The first published comics with the character was released in 1940 under Detective Comics.
  • Batman first met and joined forces with Superman in June 1952.
  • The Batman television series debuted in 1966 but was canceled in 1968.
  • In 1969, the image of Batman was changed from the campy version to the more darker tone that we know today.

Facts about Batman

  • In his early incarnations, Batman used to kill criminals, and he did it brutally.
  • He also used to possess guns but was later removed by the creator Bob Kane because he felt that Batman carrying a gun didn’t feel right.
  • In an alternate timeline created by the Flash in “Flashpoint,” Batman is not Bruce Wayne but his father, Thomas Wayne, and the Joker is his mother, Martha Wayne.
  • The name Bruce Wayne was derived from two historical figures—Scottish patriot King Bruce I of Scotland and Brig. Gen. Anthony Wayne (a hero of the American Revolutionary War).
  • It has been believed that Bruce Wayne first suited up as Batman when he was in his forties, but the reboot comics suggested that he was only 25 years old when he became Batman.

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Lego Batman Logo

Free Batman Logo


Batman Beyond Logo

Classic Batman Logo


Things to Consider When Making a Logo

  • Make your logo simple and don’t put too much details on it. If possible, make one that works even with black or gray scale.
  • Think about your audience. Make a logo that can be appreciated by different people.
  • Never copy from another company’s design. Make your own unique logo.
  • Don’t just make a logo based on how you feel it should look, make sure your logo can be explained and understood.
  • Play with different fonts but never use Comic Sans. And if using more than just one font, two is the maximum number of fonts in a logo.

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