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So you’re the type to handle numbers and keep a mental log of certain regulations pretty well. You know how to record transactions, balance books, reconcile and adjust balances, compute end-of-period amounts, and so on. And now you’re thinking about providing services for those who don’t have your particular skill set. But hold on! To get more business in, you’re gonna need a solid identity.

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With this collection of 7+ business accounting logos, you just might have what you need! These logo designs are available in JPG, PNG, Vector EPS, AI Illustrator, etc. formats—great variety for any design needs you may have.

Business Accounting & Finance Logo

business accounting financee logo


Business Accounting Logo Vector

business accounting logo vector Download

Corporate Business Accounting Logo

corporate business accounting logo Download

Business Accounting & Marketing Logo

business accounting marketing logo Download

Business Accounting Logos 4 Ways

With something as bland as numbers and accounting, you’d think that there’s no way to make any related logo in the least bit interesting. But given the obvious variety in this collection of business logo designs, you’re bound to find something that’ll grab your attention.

  • Symbolic. The use of relevant imagery can be seen in the following accounting logo designs: Business Accounting & Finance Logo, Business Accounting Logo VectorBusiness Accounting & Marketing Logo, and Business Accounting Consultant Logo. There is not a shortage in graphs, computers, calculators, and dollar signs.
  • Complementary Colors. Corporate Business Accounting Logo shows you that you can play around with color (in moderation, of course) for more of an oomph, and the logo wouldn’t be any less professional looking.
  • It’s in the Name. As you can see in Business Accounting Services Logo and Business Accounting Firm Logo, both have really minimalist, straightforward designs. The emphasis is placed on the initials or the names of the business partners.
  • The Who and the What. Modern Business Accounting Logo is all about, again, a simple and straightforward design; a catchy logo; and the introduction of identity (the “small business accountants” part addresses who they are and for whom they primarily offer their services).

Business Accounting Services Logo

business accounting services logo Download

Business Accounting Firm Logo

business accounting firm logo Download

Business Accounting Consultant Logo

business accounting consultant logo Download

Modern Business Accounting Logo

modern business accounting logo Download

Business Accounting Logos Takeaways

Apart from the business accounting logo designs themselves, you can take with you these following tips on how to make good corporate logos:

  • Stick to a Minimalist Color Palette. Whether you’re going for a monochromatic, complementary, analogous, triadic, or some other color scheme, you have to remember to practice restraint. Stick to three colors at most, and make sure that there’s a balance. Pick the right tones—a clash of vibrant hues or a confusing swirl of muted ones?
  • Symbolism Goes a Long Way. Of course, incorporating the appropriate symbols into your business logo is a standard, a good go-to approach in creating one. But be careful which ones you’re going to include. In Business Accounting & Finance Logo, you can see a kind of bar graph on a rising scale. Generally, that could pertain to the positive, a rise in financial and overall standing; and this further gives off the impression in people that the company knows what to do and that they are the right choice.
  • Name Precedes Reputation. Opting for you and your business partners’ combined names is a powerful strategy—you’re “borrowing” your individual reputations and using it to drive your business to get more clients in. And by putting the emphasis on that in your logo (if that’s what you’re going for, by the way), your names will be the first thing to register among potential clients.

That said, now we leave you to take care of the fun part: download these business accounting logos!

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