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9+ Business Card Logos

Are you looking for Business Card Logo templates that you can easily use which is free of charge, accessible, and can be used multiple times? Look no further because our website provides you with exactly that. With just a quick download, you are able to create your own business card with Logo Design and set them out to be able to be known in the world.

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Business cards are important for they are the first step of interaction with the provider and a probable customer. Business cards should always look presentable and a pleasure to look at to be able to capture the individual’s interest. With the help of our templates and some added list of advantages of logos, you will be ready to set out to the world and step the first step towards success in your business.

Business Card with Logo


Fitness Logo Business Card


Photographer Business Card with Logo


Minimal Business Card Logo


Business Card Logo Design



What Is a logo?

A graphic mark, emblem, or a symbol that is commonly used in organizations and commercial enterprises. They are hugely used as a way to be able to create a staple in the world. Logos put a stamp in the public’s minds as a way to recognize such product or organizations.

A logo design usually involves the name of the company and also serve as a gist of what this specific organization is about. Logos are made to have a deeper connection to such brand. Such example would be a music band of the alternative rock genre, using a logo with fire and a lion, to accentuate their toughness and fiery qualities.

Logos are also distinctive graphics that set companies apart from each other, which is necessary to stay competitive in the world of business. Logos can also present a message that the organization is trying to portray to the public. It is important to have a distinct and unique logo for when the organization arises to fame, it is always the logo that enabled people to recognize them instantly.

Companies usually protect their images and logo to maintain good standing with the public, and to do this, they often have a trademark in their logos in which other organizations of the same category cannot imitate.

We offer for you, on our website, quite a few logo that you can use for your business cards. They are custom-made to be able to cater to different types of business. Some of our templates include the following:

Colorful Business Card Logo


Creative Business Card Logo


Floral Logo Business Card


Advantages of Logos

Before proceeding on and checking out our wide array of Professional Logo Designs, here is a quick run through on why logos are important.

It is important to have a logo in a company for branding purposes. Not only that, but they are also a way to be able to attract costumers. When people see eye-catching logo on advertisements, it can spark up their interest and might just check what is up with the product.

But why use a logo? Here are two reasons as to why logos are important for businesses.

  • Consistency. The logo creates the brand of the organization and becomes a visual symbol that is recognizable by many. By placing a logo on the business, you are able to give people consistent exposure to your brand. The more people re exposed to your logo, the higher the chance to have a market value.
  • Image. To be able to stay afloat in the world of business, a good organization should have a good image. Having a good image to the public keeps the dice rolling and customers keep coming in. Profits will be high and thus a good road for your business.

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