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Logos are important in any institution be it business or simple associations. They represent an image of the company to the public at large. In searching for logo designs, circles are usually used by designers. The edgy and unique vibe the circle brings can really help in making the logo catchy and memorable.

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If you are looking for circle logo template, we can help you with that. We have an array of logo designs inspired by the geometric touch of circles. They will certainly satisfy your cravings for circle Logo Designs.

Abstract Circle Logo

abstract circle logoDownload

Circle Wave Logo

circle wave logoDownload

Bakery Circle Logo

bakery circle logoDownload

Business Circle Logo

business circle logoDownload

Downloadable Circle Logo Designs

Circle logo designs are considered as one of the most commonly used logo designs. They stir people’s feelings and create a feeling of positivity, credibility, and professionalism. Here are some of our featured logo designs included in this list from our website:

  • Abstract Circle Logo
  • Circle Wave Logo
  • Bakery Circle Logo
  • Business Circle Logo
  • Corporate Circle Logo
  • Media Circle Logo
  • Technology Circle Logo
  • Nature Circle Logo

As you can see, circles can adapt to any theme of design be it abstract, business, or conveying the processes in nature.

For instance, circle logos are popular in business because it represents the circle of profits and success. To be successful, one must go through a cycle or process of success and failures, but in the end, you will truly grow as a person.

In bakeries, circle logos are also used because they connote the many shapes of bread. They are very easy to use in terms of design and pattern making. These are just some of our featured logos. Feel free to download and try them for your convenience and benefit.

In addition to this, circles are also used in order to portray a comedic effect on the viewers. Because objects and cartoons can be easily integrated in them, they could also add a sprinkle of humor to the aura of the logo. If you’re interested with adding humor to your logo, check out our the Funny Logo and Round Logo samples we offer.

Corporate Circle Logo

corporate circle logoDownload

Media Circle Logo

media circle logoDownload

Technology Circle Logo

technology circle logoDownload

Nature Circle Logo

nature circle logoDownload

More Than Just Circles

A circle logo is more than just a logo. A logo is designed to empower the business it represents. It represents both the branding and character of the institution.

Circles are not only the commonly used geometric shape, but it is also a perfect tool in making logos. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Versatile. The circle shape complements any design because of its familiarity to the public, and you can easily integrate other shapes and patterns in them. It opens up a lot of options for the concept of your design.
  • Flexible. You also have the freedom to apply various color schemes provided that it will match the theme and concept of your designs.
  • Stirs feelings. It projects a positive image such as positivity, love, and success. They channel the right kind of messages to the public.

Indeed, there is more to the circle than meets the eye. There’s a reason why you can see them everywhere, whether in logos and other artworks.

These are just hints for you to take note of, but at the end of the day, you’ll be the one to choose the design that will be suitable for your design. If you’re interested with Animated Logos, we also have some templates for you to choose on our website.

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