23+ Cool Music Logos

Seldom will you come across someone who doesn’t enjoy good music. If you want to start a musical fan club or maybe you’re looking at a career in music, you need to start building your brand. One way of doing that is getting your hands on a fantastic logo – a logo that really speaks to people. For such a range of Free PSD Logos, you can take a look at the templates here. They have been designed especially for you by the professionals.

Sound Circle Music Logo


This music logo template is perfect for any musician or even recording companies. The logo is stylish, well designed, and it creates a good impression on the audience.

Kids Music Logo


This music logo template has been developed especially for kids. Kids like logos, like the one here; that are vibrant, colorful and cute. That is exactly what you get with this template here.

Freedom Music Logo


This music logo template is a powerful one since it emanates freedom. Also, the template comes in a beautiful style and a stylish font which makes it look all the more impressive.

Music Fruit Logo Design


Fruit logos are all the rage right now since they look attractive, fun, and quirky. The fruit logo template here consists of a musical theme which makes it appropriate as well.

Printable Music Logo Template


This music logo template is all set for printing. The template comes in an easy to use PSD format and a printable layout. Once you download it, you can print it.

Minimalistic Music Shop Logo


When it comes to logos, you should always go for minimalistic ones. That is exactly what you get with this well designed, minimalistic, and elegant logo template.

Music Club Logo Template


Are you planning to start a music club of your own? Well then, you will be needing a nice musical themed logo for your club. For that, you can use this template here.

Awesome Music Logo Download


Music logos need to be modern, stylish, sophisticated, and reflective of the genre. That is precisely why you should use this music logo template. Plus, it is really easy to use.

Guitar Music Logo


Guitars happen to be one of the most popular choices when it comes to music logos. Also, the Guitar Logo template design here is attractive and perfectly adheres to the theme in question.

Music Business Logo

Business Music Logo

If you are planning to launch a career in music, you will need a music theme logo. For instance, this logo template here caters to any business in music.

Play Music Logo Template


This logo template is rather simple and to the point. With a play music theme, it doesn’t beat around the bush but instead gets right to the point.

Love Music Logo

Love Music Logo

For all music lovers, this music logo template is perfect. It helps you portray the love you have for music and its various genres. It is one of the finest examples of DJ Logos as well.

Music Crew Logo Download


Every musician has a crew working behind him. If you are part of such a crew, you need to ensure that you have a logo. To get a unique logo, take a look at this music logo template.

Electronic Music Logo Download


This music logo template has been dedicated mainly to bands and musicians. One of the best examples of Band Logos, this template doesn’t fail to mesmerize you.

Vintage Rock Forever Logo


For rock and punk music lovers, this vintage themed rock music logo template is perfect. The vintage style adds a certain old world charm and an elegance to the overall template.

Electronic Music and Disco Logo Download



Equalizer Music Logo


Electro Music Logo


Melody Share Music Logo Download


Illustration Music Logo Design


Music Festival Logo Design



Cloud Music Vector Logo Template



Monogram Music Logo


Irrespective of whether you are planning to start a band or a music club, a logo is a must. That is why we have scoured every inch of the internet to obtain the best music logo templates and have compiled them for you. Here, you will find different kinds of logos – each catering to a different purpose altogether.

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