26+ Electrical Logo Design Examples

As they say, behind every successful business venture is a well-designed professional logo. Your logo is your best friend. It is a representation of your business. Are you looking for electrical logo designs and templates? You’re on the right path. We have here an array of electrical logos that are a product of extensive research and inspiration.

The electrical industry is one aspect of the society that caters a variety of necessities. In line with this, you should ace your logo design. It is the company’s visual and graphical representation to the general public. It is a means of advertising and promotion of their standards and core values. To help you find or create the perfect logo for you, you can use our definitive guide, templates, and samples for reference purposes. Feel free to scroll down below to check out and download your choices.

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Super Power Logo Template

super power logo template

Electrical Logo Designs

Electrical Engineering Logo Design

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Free Electrical Logo Design

free electrical logo designDownload Now

Electrical Business Logo Design

electrical business logo design

Electrical Contractor Logo Design

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Free Electrical Logo Designs

Free Electrical Company Logo

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Free Home Electrical Logo

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Electrical Company Logos

Electrical Equipment Company Logo

electrical equipment company logo

Electrical Engineering Company Logo

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Creative Electrical Company Logo

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Key Information about the Electric Power Industry

In the current times, electricity is becoming one of man’s basic needs. Almost every aspect of the society is powered by electricity. Here are some things you might not have known about the electric industry:

  • According to research, the electric power industry is a billion-dollar-plus industry that provides a significant service to modern life. The said industries provide the world with electricity.
  • For some countries, they are considered as one of the lifeblood of the economy. Most business transactions requires the use of electricity. It provides power to light up our homes, offices, and other related industries. Aside from these, they also made communication, entertainment, transportation, and information technology possible.
  • It also provides solid employment opportunities. Aside from boosting the economy, it is also the source of livelihood of a number of people. The modern day offices and working stations would not be possible without electricity.
  • The electric industry does not just cater other industries but also residential users. According to research, majority of the customers served by electric companies are resident users. These are referring to the individual homes, apartments, and other household transactions. Aside from them, they also cater to commercial and industrial sectors. If you’re looking for service logos, we also have free logos for you.

Hence, electricity is a huge industry that contributes to the overall progress and prosperity of a nation.

Relevance of Logos

There are also thousands of electric power suppliers competing in today’s markets, and their number is still increasing. The competition among companies is becoming tight and rough. In line with this, coming up with an attractive and outstanding logo is a great marketing strategy. It is one way of slowly capturing the hearts and minds of the consumers. In line with this, here are reasons why logos are relevant:

  • Contributes to brand creation. It is considered as a pivotal element of a complex identification system which is associated to a certain institution. It is the first thing that the consumer or reader may notice before availing a particular service or product. In line with this, the brand must create a statement of reliability, credibility and professionalism.
  • Marketing strategy. The logo can contribute to the overall success of the business provided it is well-designed and conceptualized. It creates a miniature image of the overall dynamics of the company. Going back to the primary function of a logo, it must exist in order for a certain company to inspire, recognize, and be admired by the public.
  • Return of investment and source of profit. Once a logo becomes established and accepted by the consumers, it can truly paved the way for more profits in the future. It can lead to increased sales rate.
  • Efficiency and consistency. In the course of placing and attaching the logo to pertinent company materials, marketing collateral, websites, emails, letterheads, and many more, you give the public a consistent exposure with the identity and image of your brand. In the end, your loyal buyers will become implied agents of your brand being the one sharing them to their friends and families.

These are just some reasons why logos are relevant. To give you inspiration and reference, you can also check out our company logos which are versatile and unique.

Electrical Business Logos

Creative Electrical Business Logo

creative electrical business logo

Creative Electrical Logos

Creative Electrical Strike Logo

creative electrical strike logo

Creative Electrical Engineering Logo

electrical bolt logo

Electric Bee Logo Design

electric wings logo

Electrical Contractor Logo Designs

Electrical Contractor Logo Design

electrical contractor logo design

Free Electrical Contractor Logo

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Modern Electrical Logos

Modern Electrical Logo Design

modern electrical logo design

Modern Electrical Company Logo

modern electrical energy logo

Categories of Logos

In the course selecting a design for your logo, you need to take into account nature of your logo. In line with this, there are four major categories of logos. Let’s get to know them:

  • Symbolic logos. In terms of design, they are more abstract in character. They can work well in the international arena. It is more of an abstract representation of a certain line of business. It only provides imagery objects which expresses the dynamics of certain company. Most companies that used such logos are one of the most recognizable brands in the world because the symbol can stand on its own. Companies which uses these category of logos are Shell, Apple, and many more.
  • Textual Logos. In here, the company use recognizable words as their logo. The make use of typography to convey the essence of the brand. A famous example of a company that used a textual logo is Walt Disney.
  • Combination Logos. Under this category, it captures both design structures of symbolic and textual logos. Most brands use this type of logo because it apparently provides them with the best of both worlds. In this type of logo, the both the brand and the image leaves a mark on the mind and hearts of the public. Examples of companies that use such type are Pizza Hut, Adidas, and Nike.

These are the different faces of a logo that you can choose from. Try to understand your company’s primary business and simplify it in a single logo. To inspire you more, you can also check out our inspiring typography logo designs which are also of good quality and design.

Which Type of Logo Best Suits My Company?

There is really no hard and fast rule that determines and limits the definition of a perfect logo. Which fits you best would depend on your company name and the kind of services or products that you provide. The core values, ideas, standards, and principles of a certain company would also matter a lot. Indeed, in designing a logo a company must consider its own personality. In line with this, here are some points that you may consider:

  • Consider what you want the people to fee. You have to ask yourself what you want the people to feel upon seeing your logo. This is also in line with your product. Is your product or service strong? Is it energetic? Is it fun? For instance, electricity logos must be vibrant and energetic. The logo design must be full of life and joy. You can check out our templates as an example.
  • Anthropomorphism. This would refer to the strategy wherein you associate an animal or object to your logo because of the qualities of such animals. For instance, you may use an owl to represent cleverness and a tiger for strength.
  • Abstract graphic. In here, you use shapes or other elements that is not really related with your brand but is greatly memorable because it represents a certain part of your brand’s attitude or dynamics. In line with this, you can also check out our abstract diamond logo designs which can also give you inspiration.

These are just some ways that you can use to make your logo suit your company’s personality.

Electrical Power Logo Designs

Electron Electrical Power Logo

electron electrical power logo

Electrical Power Energy Logo

electrical power energy logo

Electrical Battery Logos

Flat Electrical Battery Logo

flat electrical battery logo

Electric Battery Logo Design

electrical battery logo design

Electrical Flash Logos

Electrical Flash Rainbow Logo

flash strike electric logo

Electrical Flash Love Logo

electrical flash love logo

Flash Strike Electric Logo

flash strike electric logo

Electrical Flash Energy Logo

electrical flash energy logo

What Are the Best Logo Colors?

A logo is beneficial to the company. It is a constant reminder of the company’s standard and core values. In the course of designing your logos, one important element that you should not ignore is the color scheme.

The colors make you stand out from the rest. It will also become your identifying mark amid your increasing competitors. Remember that each color has its corresponding psychological punch. Here are some color ideas that you may consider:

  • Red. It channels a very strong energy. It represents being active and alive. It is a color which is adopted by major food and beverages companies such as McDonald and Coca Cola.
  • Yellow. This color represents happiness and joy. According to research, this is a suitable color for companies that are focused on wellness and health. Most electric companies also adopt this kind of color scheme because it represents the radiance of the sun which is the ultimate source of energy.
  • Blue. On the one hand, this color expresses the idea of calmness, peace, confidence, and stability. Most companies that are into the realm of technological devices adopt this kind of color scheme.

Indeed, you must analyze and choose carefully the color scheme of your logo. In fact studies suggest that 90 percent of snap judgements made about products are based on its color alone. The colors affect how the customers perceive the personality of a certain brand. It influences the way they accept or ignore a certain product.

What Are Some Common Mistakes to Avoid?

To help you kick-start with designing your logos, here are some common mistakes in realm of logo design that you should avoid:

  • Neglecting research: Research is very important in the course of designing a logo. You must research about your competitors, the latest trends, and other ideas that can add to the beauty and substance of your logo. Furthermore, researching can open your minds to various angles and fields of interest that will help you make your logo more effective and attractive.
  • Logos that stress exclusivity: Unless you are focusing on a specified audience, you really need to make your logo flexible and versatile. All individuals regardless of their personal backgrounds must easily establish a connection with the logo.These are some practices that you should avoid. You can also check out our logos that are designed for particular purposes such as for music, weddings, and fitness businesses.

Downloadable Logos

If you are pressed with time and still having a hard time designing your logo, then you can simply download our logo designs. To do this, follow the simple steps below:

  • Search for the template that you wish to use by using a magnifying glass icon on the upper right corner for faster and easier searching.
  • Template.net offers a variety of templates for you. You can simply scroll down and check out the list of templates.
  • Click on the green Download button below the chosen template in order to start downloading your chosen template.
  • Edit the template in order to suit your situation.
  • Finalize and then promote your logo.

Feel free to check out and download more of our templates, forms, and logo designs. Enjoy your stay at Template.net!

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