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Looking for fire logos templates? You’re on the right page. Fire logos are slowly getting their way into the spotlight in terms of logo designs. An entire logo is used to convey a certain message with respect to a certain brand, product, or institution.

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In order to give you the boost and fuel that you need in designing logos, we have here an array fire logos that are bold and flaming with inspiration. Check out our list of logo designs with trending styles and relevant themes. If you’re interested with Free PSD Logos, you can also check out our logo design templates.

Fire Extinguisher Logo

fire extinguisher logoDownload

Fire Rescue Logo

fire rescue logoDownload

Fire Service Logo

fire service logoDownload

Camp Fire Logo

camp fire logoDownload

Eagle Fire Logo

eagle fire logoDownload

Tips in Dealing with Fire Logos

Based on research, designing a logo requires a lot of research and discernment. It is not just about the color and the image. It is definitely more than that. Here are some tips in dealing with logos in general and its application to a chosen theme:

  • Color schemes matters. According to research, the color scheme can either make or break your logo design. It is the color scheme that brings all together the concept behind the logo. Every color scheme connotes a different message to the general public. You must choose carefully specifically in terms of fire logos wherein fire in itself portrays bold and strong colors.
  • Know your brand’s values and identity. As a logo designer, you must take into account the dynamics of the company as a whole and whether or not the logo is enough to make a statement. A logo indeed is a representation of your company or institution.
  • All the elements of the logo must be in harmony. Every single detail must be consistent to the overall design. Attention to details is very important in terms of designing a logo. In terms of fire logos, you must learn to make the perfect balance of the fierce look of fire and the other components of the design.

These are just some tips that you may use in the course of designing your logos. Feel free to download and use our templates that will surely suit your brand’s identity. You can also check out our Gas Station Logos, which are also of great quality.

Fire Logo for Company

fire logo for companyDownload

Globe with Fire Logo

globe with fire logoDownload

Phoenix Fire Logo

phoenix fire logoDownload

Red Fire Logo

red fire logoDownload

Skull Fire Logo

skull fire logoDownload

Informative Ideas about Fire

Fire logos are usually used in terms of fire risk reduction and rescue operations. It can also represent a certain group or association of individuals with an advocacy of promotion fire management and prevention. To appreciate them more, here are some informative ideas about fire:

  • The heat from the fire alone can be a cause of death. If the temperature reaches 315 degrees Celsius at eye level, it is hot enough to burn your lungs, if you inevitably breathe it in. It can also tear and melt the clothes that you are wearing.
  • In countries where forest fires are becoming a usual phenomenon, you must be extra careful. Once a forest fire begins, it can spread at a fast rate of up to 15 miles per hour, consuming everything in its path.
  • Always provide a contingency plan and fire escape plan within your residential and commercial premises. Prevention is always a good practice because fire can be both caused by human interference or by natural forces.

These are just some important points to know about fire. In line with this, we also have Flame Logos, which should also emphasize the message of fire safety and risk reduction.

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