25+ Best Fitness Logos

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In case you are planning to start a fitness company or a gym, you will be needing a logo. A logo isn’t simply a symbol – it stands for your brand. A good logo that is stunning and eye catching is sure to grab eyeballs and improve your brand value. That is why you need to pay attention to the kind of logo you use. Now if you have run out of creative ideas for your logo, take a look at some of the examples provided below.

Golden Fitness Logo


If you are talking about fitness logos, you can go for this golden themed logo. It comes with a royal and grand feeling as well, which is sure to enhance the charm of your company too.

Fitness Logo for Woman


Fitness is extremely valued by most women. For all those health conscious women out there, you need to take a look at this fitness logo which has been developed specially for women.

Girl Fitness Logo


This fitness logo template has been developed specially for girls and women. The template comes in a neat PSD file with a lot of customization tools that you can put to use.

Total Body Fitness Logo


This logo template certainly promotes total body fitness. The logo template here is extremely easy to use since it comes in a neat PSD file. Also, it comes with stock images.

Fitness Logo with Muscled Man and Woman


The image of a well-built man and woman promotes fitness like nothing else. This template comes with a spectacular image and a PSD format that makes it easy to use.

Fitness Logo for Girls

Fitness Logo for Girl

This fitness logo template comes in a PSD file with a print ready format, CMYK color mode, standard size, enough space to incorporate your own details, and customization options.

Customized Fitness Logo


When it comes to the logo of your company, you should be able to customize it any way you please. That is exactly what this template allows you to do. You can download and edit the template to your heart’s content.

Better Body Fitness Logo


This fitness logo would be perfect for any agency or company that promotes or offers services in health and fitness. You would also be able to customize the logo.

Fitness Logo Template


This template here is a classic example of what a fitness logo should be like. It comes in a PSD format and a neat file containing stock images and fonts that you are free to use.

Exclusive Fitness Logo


This fitness logo template comes in a stylish font and a beautiful design. It also comes in a PSD format which makes it easier to use. Most importantly, the template is customizable.

Fitness and Spa Logo


This fitness logo template is one of the most stellar examples of Sports Logos. It would be perfect for both gyms or fitness centers and spas. The template is both professional and stylish in nature.



Fully Customizable Fitness Logo


The best part about this logo template is that it is fully customizable. Once you download the template, you are free to edit and personalize the logo and add a personal touch to it.


Fitness Logo Templates


This Retro Style Logo would be perfect for gyms and other organizations dealing with fitness. It comes with a stylish design which makes it look all the more elegant and is sure to enhance your brand value.

Health Fitness Logo


This health fitness logo comes with a stylish design, a neat PSD file, a customizable format with unlimited scope, CMYK color mode, and a standard size which makes it easy to use.

Gym Fitness Logo


This Gym Fitness Logo Template has been mainly created for gyms and other such organizations. One look at this template with its stylish design and amazing fonts is sure to mesmerize you.

Fitness Logotype


Graphic Design Fitness Logo


Wellness Fitness Logo


Health Gym and Fitness Logo Template


Sports Fitness Logo


Fitness & Gym Logo


Body Fitness Logo


Fitness Club Logo


Elegant Women Fitness Logo


Follow Smart Fitness Logo


In this section, we have brought to you a range of some of the best Free PSD Logos designed for gyms and fitness centers. All the logo templates found here come in a fairly high resolution of 300 dpi with a fine color mode. Also, the templates are rather easy to use because they come in PSD formats with scope for customization.

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