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Your company’s Logo Design is at the forefront of your overall marketing strategy. A successful logo has the ability to stand out, grab attention, and stand for something compelling?and nothing does this better than the symbol of fire. Give your company a chance to be among the memorable few with these powerful flame logos.

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Browse this great collection our website has to offer for something that stands out to you. Download them as free samples (or license them so you could fully utilize all features) to serve as inspiration in creating your own brand of brilliance.

Thunder Flame Logo

thunder flame logo

Free Flame Logo Design

free flame logo design

Creative Flame Logo

creative flame logo

Fire Flame Logo Free

fire flame logo free

Abstract Fire Flame Wings Logo

abstract fire flame wings logo


How to Create a Great Flame Logo

It takes genius to create, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out. Fire had started it all and is still the ultimate image of human industry, creativity, drive, ambition, courage, even danger. It is a powerful symbol, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways you might get it wrong.

Let these examples serve as a great light of inspiration to you. Each one of them follows the concepts behind every brilliant and successful company logo:

  • Distinction and uniqueness (your “stand-out” factor)
  • Simplicity (i.e., sophistication and clarity)
  • A message (you’ll be surprised, but this will surely determine the slant you take on the final shape and form)
  • Modernity, timelessness (extra points for fire here)
  • Proportion and balance (also how it works with the element of text)
  • Versatility

On that last point, a flame logo is practically your best option. These samples can spark the right ideas for a whole range of industries, whether you need Gas Station Logos, an authoritative emblem for flammable retail, or a motif for a creative content company driven by an inner fire.

The Symbolic Power of Fire for Your Company Logo

Use these flame logos if you stand for

  • chartering unknown paths, bringing light to darkness;
  • bearing the torch of excellence and progress;
  • combating destruction and danger;
  • vitality, energy, dynamism, a passion for victory;
  • pride, honor, willpower, drive;
  • enlightenment, creativity, and the regenerating power of truth; or
  • industry and service.


Hot Flame Logo Template

hot flame logo template

Technology Flame Logo

technology flame logo

Free Abstract Flame Logo

free abstract flame logo

Branding Flame Logo

branding flame logo1

Flame Logo for Advertisement

flame logo for advertisement

How to Use These Samples

Most of these examples can be downloaded for free as inspiring and effective reference points. Compare and contrast they share in common and how they still stand out. Use these principles in your own logo. Take note of

  • placement of company name text in relation to the flame, its font and size;
  • space for a slogan, its placement, font, and size;
  • shape of the flame?how it stays recognizable in the basic overall shape and still incorporates or removes extra flicker-lines; and
  • color of the flame?the unique touches of blue, purple, green.

If you are your company’s logo designer, you have an important job ahead of you. The logo you eventually decide on will serve as your company’s reputation, name, and prospects all rolled into one energetic, dynamic symbol.

Let our website’s collections of Creative Logo Designs kick-start your inventions to the next level of excellent design.

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