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The food industry is one of the biggest in the entire world since it offers us with one of our most basic of needs. In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, food falls under physiological needs, which is the category that people experience for the longest time. When we are born, the need to eat is what comes first, and it follows us throughout our lives.

Logos are symbols used to identify and to differentiate one establishment from another. Logos may consist of only the symbol, or it may also have the name of the company alongside the symbol. If you own or manage a food business and you are looking for ideas for your logo, then you have found the right place. Our website contains a large collection of Food Logo templates ready for use.

Healthy Food Business Logo


Food Catering Business Logo


Food Business Service Logo


Fast Food Business Logo


Food and Restaurant Business Logo


Food Is Life

For food industries to be able to advertise their business, they would need to make use of a logo that is both attractive and memorable. This way, the people will easily recognize them through their logo used. And according to Internet experts, the colors commonly used by food businesses to attract people are red and yellow. According to them, the two colors stimulate hunger.

But what is the importance of having a logo?

  • Promotes the company by giving the people an abstract idea on what the company is about.
  • Helps in branding, providing an image or a first impression to your company.
  • Helps your business be easily recognized by the public.
  • Makes your company look stable and professional.
  • Differentiates your company from others.
  • Much easier to remember than the company name itself.

And why choose our food business logos over others?

  • Our designs were selected among the best from all around the Internet.
  • Our designs were professionally designed by creative and experienced graphic artists.
  • Our designs come in high resolutions, which assure you of the best quality.
  • Our designs are fully editable and are compatible with photo-manipulating programs.
  • Our designs can be downloaded for a very reasonable fee.

Convinced enough? Now let’s get you started in making your own logo so you can also start in advertising your food business to the general public.

For pizza-themed and restaurant-themed templates, you may want to check out Pizza Logo and Restaurant Logo.

Organic Food Business Card Logo


Dining Food Business Logo


Custom Fresh Food Business Logo


Simple Food Business Logo


Natural Food Business Logo


These design templates can easily be accessed and downloaded by anyone with good Internet connection. After downloading your chosen logo template on to your personal computer, you can proceed by making the necessary changes depending on your company’s preferences. You can then choose to have it printed on whatever material you wish to use without having to worry about the quality of the image pixelating since these templates are of high quality.

Also, for fast-food–themed templates, you may also want to check out Fast Food Logo samples from our website. But if in case you weren’t able to find what you were looking for on this page, you may scroll down to the bottom and check out the links to other related contents on Template.net.

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