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9+ Heart Logos

The heart shape projects a global meaning of love. With this, it has become a popular symbol to showcase love, care, and purity. There are also more meanings and interpretations given to a heart symbol, and it varies depending on personal references.

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One could see it as a symbol of cohesion, while others could see it as sign of feminine empowerment. Nonetheless, the heart symbol continues to be a powerful trademark worldwide, which companies take advantage of. The reason behind this is, including heart symbols in logo designs speaks to individuals directly and gives a more emphatic touch. Check out our catalog of downloadable PSD logo designs and heart logo templates here for whatever venture you have in mind!

Paper Heart Logo

Lovely Heart Logo

Loving Heart Logo

Rustic Heart Logo

Human Heart Logo

What Heart Logos Signify

For most instances, a heart is considered to be a symbol of love. However, there is more to it. While alchemists and magicians use the heart symbol to make rituals that fortify relationships, spiritual leaders regard it as a symbol of God’s love for us. Moreover, major religions firmly believe it constitutes unity and sacredness, especially for married couples.

For mediums and psychics, the heart symbol is said to represent the element of water. This is then related to emotions, intuition, and psychic energy. In medical terms, it is plainly a muscular organ pumping blood around the body and is often used to raise awareness on heart health.

The Varying Uses of Heart Logos

With the wide-ranging meanings and interpretations of the heart symbol, its implications are not far behind. In fact, heart logos can be used for organizations focusing on charity, woman and child care, health, and environmental awareness.

In other instances, it is used to promote companies dealing with romantic endeavors, such as dating sites and honeymoon planning. Hearts are also popularly used as wedding logos and decorative designs for proposals. For a more simple application, paper heart logos and cutouts are great for scrapbooks and letter designs.

Hands Heart Love Logo

Earth Heart Logo

Heart Logo with Cardiogram

Heart Symbol Logo

Why Choose Our Templates?

There are a number of templates to choose from over the web, which makes finding the right one a burdensome task. Luckily, we have compiled an easy-to-download, high-quality, and diversified set of heart logos and creative logo designs for your convenience.

A lovely heart logo could be a hit this Valentine’s Day, and a rustic heart logo could be used in vintage-themed anniversaries. With this, you can save a good amount of time looking for the perfect design.

Heart Logos for Your Ideal Template

With easy accessibility and our quick download feature in this article, our heart logos are definitely the ideal template. For designs intended for a single purpose, a simple, striking design such as the heart hands love logo and the heart symbol logo is an excellent choice.

Whatever is your choice of heart logo, what really matters is finding the one that best fulfills your needs, be it for personal projects or for your business. If I want people to know how much my organization cares for their clients and customers, I wouldn’t miss a heart logo in one of my trademarks. The bottom line is, heart logos are generally used to express affection, care, and sympathy, and using one would surely reach a lot of people on a deeper level.

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