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Looking for amazing Hershey logo design templates? You’re on the right track. Hershey, as a company, has been bringing a lot of sweetness and goodies in the world. It is worth noting that the amazing story and history of the Hershey Company started with chocolate.

In line with this, we here provide for you a list of amazing Hershey logo designs. They will give you a chocolaty experience that you’ll surely love. Check out our list of logo designs with trending styles and sweet themes. Aside from them, we also offer other Free Logo Designs, which are also of great quality and content. Feel free to download and check them out.

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Vintage Hershey Logo

vintage hershey logo Download

Hershey Logo Design

hershey logo design Download

Hershey Chocolate Logo

hershey chocolate logo Download

Hershey Bears Logo

hershey bears logo Download

The Bittersweet History of the Hershey Company

We consider the Hershey Company’s history as both bitter and sweet because not all varieties of chocolate are sweet. Most chocolates are made by adding sugar and cacao powder. Pure, unprocessed cacao is definitely bitter.

In order to understand more the dynamics of its logo designs, here are some of the salient events that transpired in the course of Hershey Company’s journey to success:

  • Milton S. Hershey founded a candy shop in Philadelphia after completing an apprenticeship as a confectioner in the late 1873. It was during his life as an apprentice that he learned to make caramel.
  • In 1907, he introduced the all-time favorite chocolate, the “Hershey’s Kiss.” This chocolate became very famous across the globe, and now it comes in various flavors. Based on research, approximately 80 million of these candies are produced each day.
  • Before the outbreak of the Second World War, Bruce Murrie, son of the longtime president of the Hershey Company, made a deal and agreement with another company known as the Forrest Mars. The said deal created the famous M&M’s, which stands for Mars and Murrie.

These are just some sweet events that happened to Hershey Company’s path to success. Aside from them, we also offer Ice Cream Logos, which are also of great quality and definition. Feel free to check out our designs and download them.

Hershey Logo for Company

hershey logo for company Download

Hershey Logo on Coffee Cup

hershey logo on coffee cup Download

Vector Hershey Logo

vector hershey logo Download

Why Logos Matter

The main reason behind the creation of logos is to symbolize a particular institution, brand, and way of living. It tells the public what the product is all about in the case of a business logo such as the Hershey’s Chocolates.

In line with this, our logos have various uses and applications. Here are some of the reasons we’ve gathered from research:

  • Marketing strategy. You can use our logos to promote your product, especially if your an affiliate business of selling Hershey products and goodies. They are of great quality and definition. They will make the public crave for chocolates.
  • Used in application and software design. You can also use them in terms of website design. You can use them in order to enhance the creative touch and functionality of your website.
  • Any other industry can literally use them. Chocolates are loved by many. The design elements, especially the color brown, in chocolate can be used in any industry because it is very easy to associate objects and meanings to it.

Indeed, you should not let our templates slip away. Aside from them, we also offer Food Logos, which are also of great quality and character. Feel free to check out and download them.

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