8+ Beautiful Lighthouse Logos


Incorporating a lighthouse into your Logo Design might just be the most effective move you can take with building up your brand name. Every successful business knows that the logo has had an important role in their success, in terms of brand visibility and reputation. To select a lighthouse is to make a powerful statement and a grand promise to anyone dealing with your company.

A lighthouse is already in-built with the elements of a good symbol: it is unmistakable and is jam-packed with meaning. Naturally, you may be at a loss when trying to integrate a lighthouse into your logo. This list of great logo ideas could just steer you in the right direction.

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Modern Lighthouse Logo

modern lighthouse logo

Security Lighthouse Logo

security lighthouse logo

Harbor Lighthouse Logo

harbor lighthouse logo

Colorful Lighthouse Logo

colorful lighthouse logo1

Lighthouse with Waves Logo

lighthouse waves logo1

How to Design a Memorable Lighthouse Logo

First of all, just know that you are ahead of the curve by choosing such a motif. A lighthouse is a symbol of a lot of things that any company should be proud to stand for and be represented by

  • overcoming challenges and adversity;
  • guidance in the confusion of darkness;
  • stability in the chaos of a storm;
  • a way forward (“where there is a will…”);
  • a vanguard;
  • guardianship, shelter, protection;
  • unwavering, rock-solid strength; and
  • peace and tranquility amidst hardship.

With all the moods and messages you can evict, no wonder you are having a hard time.

Just a few highlight designs you can most learn from in this list of inspiring compositions:

  • A lighthouse fashioned as a Retro Style Logo can show a kind of charming whimsy, as seen in the Nautical Lighthouse Logo Design.
  • Using the elements of negative space, block colors, and proportions, you can emphasize the unique and irreplaceable position of your company to solve a client’s problems. (See Cape Lighthouse Logo)
  • From the Modern Lighthouse Logo, you can see how bold and simple white lines set on a dark background can be dramatic and visionary, while being clever with color, as in the Colorful Lighthouse Logo, can be simply unforgettable.

Nautical Lighthouse Logo Design

nautical lighthouse logo design 1

Cape Lighthouse Logo

cape lighthouse logo

Lighthouse Marine Castle Logo

lighthouse marine castle logo

Professional Lighthouse Logo

professional lighthouse logo1

  • Compare the effect of using either a block color as background (Professional Lighthouse) or a textured one (Vintage Lighthouse Logo). You can emphasize either reliability or creativity, whichever is your company’s stronger point.
  • Compare the different senses of security you can get from the Lighthouse with Waves and the Security Lighthouse Logo?one is proud, elegant, and effective; the other is resilient, practical, assertive. Both are strong choices.

Every line and color choice will affect your design for better or worse, and so will the inclusion and proportion of any text or caption you include. Download these samples and study them well.

Colorful Logos work well, but only if the color has meaning and if you are using it to create an effect:

  • use primary colors and white with a distinct, even fancy font for an almost playful but creative and unique effect
  • use almost no color, but use bold lines and a clean font for a sense of reliability and stability

Make sure everything you add or subtract is deliberate and serves a purpose. Use these samples as landmark examples to glean the best, innovative ideas for your logo.


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