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11+ Motorcycle Logos

In the motorbike industry, toughness and endurance are the vanguard values. You can’t afford to waste any punch in your logo design. Whether you’re running a bike garage or need a motif for your high-riding biker club, a great concept and a little skill in Photoshop or Illustrator can be really handy in forging a name for yourself.

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To get you started, check out this collection of free PSD Logo and vector logo templates covering some of the best hard-hitting designs out there catering to the motorcycle community.

Vintage Motorcycle Logos


Motorcycle Company Logos


Motorcycle Club Logos


Motorcycle Manufacturers Logos


Motorcycle Brand Logos


Motorcycle Racing Logos


Designing an Impressive Motorbike Logo

Do not take your logo design lightly if you want to be taken seriously. The motorbiking community and industry is a diverse one, and the purpose of a logo is to get your name and reputation standing out from all the rest that might share your interests, skills, and values.

Where to start? The principles of a good logo include the following tenets:

  • Simple (don’t be overdrawn)
  • Memorable (don’t be mediocre)
  • Timeless (have good symbolic value)
  • Versatile (says everything you want anywhere you need)
  • Appropriate (represents you)

These will likely be intuitive to you.

In terms of appropriateness, the Bike Logos you use will be different if you’re running an everyman’s garage than if you’re managing a professional motorcycle racing team (compare Motorcycle Brand Logos featuring the Grease Monkey Garage versus Motorcycle Racing Logos).

Versatile logos are also memorable in that they can be adapted for any kind of medium. You can put a well-designed motorbike logo on a helmet, a jacket, or the bike itself, and it won’t be confused for Travel Logos or anything else. (Would you mistake the Motorcycle Helmet Logos featuring a Rider Club motif for an aviator group?)

Motorcycle Helmet Logos


Motorcycle Stunt Logos


Free Motorcycle Club Logo


Motorcycle Gear Logos


Motorcycle Leather Logos


Motorcycle Business Logos


Designing an Impressive Motorbike Logo (contd.)

When we’re talking about timelessness, you only have to scan this list of logos for the most common elements that have always served the motorbike industry well like

  • flames;
  • skulls and crossbones (often merged with flames, as in the Motorcycle Manufacturers Logos);
  • tools and machine parts (wrenches, drills, anything specific to motorcycle maintenance—wheels, pistons, chains);
  • wings, speed lines, or anything denoting high-velocity movement;
  • animal motifs (effectively combined with skulls: see the Free Motorcycle Club Logo featuring the Argentina Berserkers);
  • bold, stylistic graphic print;
  • shield-shaped emblems;
  • stars, stripes, ribbons, etc. (indicators of prestige and quality); and
  • founding years, initials, route numbers, etc. (indicators of character and reputation)

Any combination of these and other elements is guaranteed to give you something. But as the best designers of corporate and Photography Logos know, this doesn’t guarantee you will be memorable.

Study the samples on this list: they are designed to be memorable. Use the templates: they are meant to get you started. See what fits and what doesn’t. Some elements will portray your message better than others: the worst you can do is throw them all together and hope it works itself out.

Remember that a great logo stands for a great name and reputation behind it. Using these templates, modified and scaled to fit whatever outfit you’ve got going, is a strong place to start.

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