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7+ Production Company Logos

A logo, sometimes referred to as a logotype, is a recognizable and distinctive graphic image or symbol, which sometimes includes the company name. It is a graphical mark used to identify a company, organization, or a brand, as well as advertise their services and products.

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Logos may or may not be displayed alongside the company’s name to associate it with the company it represents. Some logos are stylized versions of the company’s name, the building, and some are abstract and unrelated to the company’s name. Feel free to look around our website to learn more and find examples of different Company Logo templates.

Movie Production Company Logo

Music Production Company Logo

Film Production Company Logo

Video Production Company Logo

Advantages of Having a Logo

  • A logo can expose the nature of your work, and it should be a specific and total representation of your work.
  • A well-designed logo can help define the character of the business. It can develop a good image which therefore, can build the people’s trust.
  • An effective logo design will show to the people that you are sincere and committed to presenting your company to the general public.
  • A well-designed logo can help in differentiating your company from the others. The ability to differentiate yourself from competitors with your logo can help in drawing potential customers.

For more logo templates, check out our collection of Construction Company Logo.

Facts about Movie Studios

There are lots of movie studios internationally, and Hollywood holds the most popular and highest number of movie studios in the world. Here are some fun facts you might not now about the three most popular movie studios—Warner Bros., Disney, and Universal Studios.

Warner Bros.

  • There were initially twelve Warner Bros. Unfortunately, four died during childhood. The studio was founded by only four of the remaining eight brothers: Harry, Albert, Sam, and Jack Warner.
  • The studio’s first major star was Rin Tin Tin, the German shepherd who starred in 27 movies and was Warner Bros.’ biggest asset of the silent era.

The Disney Company

  • Only two of Disney’s top five highest grossing films are animated, which are Toy Story 3 and Frozen.
  • Before settling with the name Disneyland, Walt Disney considered naming his theme park “Mickey Mouse Village.”

Universal Studios

  • The first feature film shot at Universal City was Damons and Pythias in 1914.
  • Universal City officially opened in March 15, 1915, three years after the Universal Film Manufacturing Company was created.

For templates on these, check out our collection of Movie Company Logo templates.

Television Production Company Logo

Media Production Company Logo

Premade Production Company Logo

Entertainment Production Company Logo

How about Corporate Logos?

A corporation is defined as business entities that are separate from their owners, and their shares are usually held by shareholders. These are formed by submitting articles of incorporation to the state where they plan on doing business. Their taxes are separate from their owners and at a different rate.

There are two types of corporation, namely those with and without stocks. And within stock corporations, they are also divided to those that are held by only a few people, and those stocks that are publicly traded.

Corporations are run by board of directors who set its policies and does oversight, making sure the corporation is performing accordingly to its mission and that it is able to comply with the rules and regulations set by the federal, state, and local government. For logo templates on these, check out our collection of Corporate Logo templates.

Why Download Our Templates?

These templates were selected from among thousands of the best ones on the Internet and were designed by inventive graphic artists. Accessing and downloading these templates is both easy and free of charge. These logo templates are also fully editable to provide you with more freedom in editing these logos according to your preferences.

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