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Business logos are a big deal. Here’s why. A business logo is known to represent a company’s set of values and business ideals. It is a mirror-image telling the customer what the company specializes in. A great business logo is a matter of great pride for any business. This is why you will see that business owners across the world spend a good amount of time with the designers while finalizing the business awesome free logo.

This particular is all important also because of the fact that a business logo is something that is going to remain a standard through the lifetime of the business. Of course, trivial revisions will happen, but the soul and sense of the business logo is going to remain intact for good. Different industries have varied business logos. Like restaurant logos, for example. There is a huge population of restaurants around the world. With the exception of restaurants which are franchises, others in the same industry, will have a distinct logo of their own. You may also see restaurants templates.

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Cafe Restaurant Logo Download

cafe restaurant logo download


Set of Restaurant Logos

set of restaurant logos


Noodle Houde Restaurant Logo Download

noodle houde restaurant logo download


Food and Drinks Restaurant Logo Download

food and drinks restaurant logo download


Food Wine Restaurant Logos Download

food wine restaurant logos download


Shape Restaurant Logo Download

shape restaurant logo download


Green Moon Restaurant Logo Download

green moon restaurant logo download


Best Food Restaurant Logo Download

best food restaurant logo download


Retro Food Restaurant Logo Download

retro food restaurant logo download


Fork Restaurant Logo Download

fork restaurant logo download


Big Fish Restaurant Logo Download

big fish restaurant logo download


Colourful Restaurant Logo Download

colourful restaurant logo download


High Quality Restaurant Logo Download

high quality restaurant logo download


Grill Restaurant Logo Download

grill restaurant logo download


Homemade Restaurant Logo Download

homemade restaurant logo download


Stylish Restaurant Logo Download

stylish restaurant logo download


Fast Food Restaurant Logos Download

fast food restaurant logos download


Funny Vintage Restaurant Logos Download

funny vintage restaurant logos download


As each restaurant dishes out delicacies of different kind, the restaurant logo will have to be similar to what the joint is all about and what kind of food it serves to its customers. As business has become fiercely competitive, restaurateurs are more than just willing to walk the extra mile in order to design a restaurant logo which truly makes their services and food stand out from the rest of the competition.

Types of Logos

Each restaurant serves up different types of food logo and cuisines. In this case, you will find that the restaurant logos will have just as many or even more variations. Moreover, the design of a restaurant free logo hugely depends on the set up of the place.

Café and beverage serving restaurant logos

café does not entre fit in the category of a full-blown, proper restaurant. A café is a rather casual setting where customers can come in and order casual drinks and food items. Noticeably so the logo design would be on the same lines – casual, chic, and easy-going.

Cuisine Centric Restaurant logos

good number of restaurants around the world serve up dishes that belong to a particular cuisine. Staying true to the cuisine, the restaurant logo will obviously carry a heavy reflection of the feel and flavor of that particular cuisine. The logo design is likely to borrow heavily from the particular cuisine’s elements, as well as take inspiration from the country’s culture and heritage.

Multiple Cuisine Themed Restaurant Logos

any restaurants specialize in dishing out culinary delights of several cuisines. Naturally so the restaurant logo is going to be a derivative of all the cuisines served, or be something totally unconventional.

Fast Food Logos

Fast food restaurants are hugely popular. An increasing number of eateries are into the fast food business, so predominantly the business logo is going to give away the same vibe.

Food Centric Logos

Many a time you would have come across restaurant logos wherein a particular food item – a certain protein, veggies, fruits – is featured. Well, many restaurants are famous for plating up one kind of food is various styles and different recipes.

Uses of Logos

You can use these cool logos in a number of ways. As it an important aspect of your business, it is also amongst one of the first assets of your business. Ideally, business pundits suggest that, you should have two typefaces of a restaurant logo. One typeface exclusively for all of your marketing and advertising materials – on your website, brochures, signage etc. The other typeface you could use in everyday tasks such as emails, letterheads etc. Additionally you can use the restaurant logo on other hard materials such as office stationary, business cards, and other such things – mainly for marketing purposes.

How to create your own customized restaurant logo

Creating a restaurant logo is fairly easy; it just requires some know-how and practice. If you know the basic tricks in Photoshop, getting a restaurant logo designed shouldn’t take much time. We will give you basic guidelines here which you could follow: Step 1: Open a new blank in Photoshop. Set the width and height as 500 pixels respectively. Step 2: With the help of the ‘Text Tool’, take the cursor to the center of the page and type in the company name. You can tweak the fonts, shape and size with the help of the font palette. Step 3: Click on ‘New Layer’ and start designing layers of your logo design. Using the ‘Pen tool’, start drawing any shape you like (a line would be a good start.) If you’re not well-versed with drawing with the pen tool, we’d suggest that you play with it for a bit before you finally get a grasp of how it works. Make sure whichever design you end up with, you fill it with the color of your choice. Step 4: Whenever you draw a new element of your design, make sure you’re doing so in a ‘New Layer.’ Doing so gives to the flexibility to edit or delete a particular element of the design, sans disturbing the others. Step 5: After you’re through with designing all the elements, combine all of them into one layer. Add whichever effects you feel necessary and save the image as .PSD or .JPEG file. The .PSD file format consists of all of the layers, whereas a .JPEG file has all of the layers combined into one single image.


  • Whether you’re a first timer or experienced, when designing the first draft of a restaurant logo, keep it simple. Once you’re confident with what you’ve designed, go ahead and accentuate the ways you like.
  • Make sure the logo you’re designing has a message to convey, a story to tell about the brand.

Dos & Don’ts

  • When working on the logo design, make sure you ‘save’ all of the layers separately and correctly. Otherwise, you may have to start all over.
  • Double check the color you’ve picked to go with the restaurant logo.

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