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9+ Sniper Logos

One of my favorite movies of all time is Enemy at the Gates. It is based on a true story about the Russian sniper Vasili Zaitsev (played by Jude Law) during the Battle of Stalingrad in the World War II. One reason why I enjoyed the movie is because the action sequences were like a game of hide-and-go-seek but with both of them hiding and seeking at the same time. It was a test of patience and focus that whoever catches the other one first will have a higher chance of seeing another day.

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Snipers, by definition, are marksmen who operate at great distances opposite their targets, concealing themselves from the enemies’ sight and keeping an eye on their target until given the signal to engage. They make use of weapons with scopes to get a better aim at their enemies. Some snipers work alone, some with a partner who keeps an eye on the targets (called a spotter), and some also work with teams.

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Sniper Dart Logo


Sniper Photography Logo


Sniper Skull Logo


Sniper Radio Logo


Snipers Sport Logo


The Reason Why Logos Are Needed

A logo is a graphical mark used to identify a brand or an organization. Logos may or may not be displayed alongside the company’s name to associate it with the company it represents. Some logos are stylized versions of the company’s name, and some are abstract and almost unrelated to the company’s name.

  • Logos can attract new customers. An effective and professional looking logo can give the customers a feeling that the business is a professional one, as well.
  • Retention of old customers. As long as your logo and your services are satisfactory, then old customers are less likely to transfer to the competing companies.
  • Show professionalism and stability. A professional looking logo will show customers that you’re good at what you do and your business is stable.

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Random Facts about Snipers

  • The word sniper is derived from the type of bird that people used to shoot during the 1770s called the snipe.
  • Snipers are trained to shoot in between heartbeats because they believe that blood flow can affect the fingers while shooting
  • Snipers are very cost effective, since they use much less ammo per kill.
  • A sniper’s function is mainly to eliminate high-ranking officials such as commanders to demoralize the enemy.
  • Snipers are required to keep factors such as wind speed and temperature in mind while shooting.
  • Snipers are trained to have the patience to remain in a single spot for several hours without getting caught.

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Colorful Sniper Logo


Sniper Logo Vector


Sniper Logo Design


Sniper Logo PSD


Sniper Team Logo


Take the Shot

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