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The test of a good logo design is the sand test. That is, a young child should be able to draw your company’s logo, freehand on the beach sand, with a stick, from memory and with no reference. If that is possible, your logo passes the test of being memorable. It is iconic. The best motifs for this kind of feature are abstract patterns, or real life objects shown in abstract ways. These license-to-use and Free PSD Logos all show one perfect example of this pattern: the spiral.

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If you feel your company is something dynamic and fluid, hard to pin down and therefore difficult to represent in a logo, perhaps the spiral is one for you. Take a look through these examples to see just how much the simple spiral has to offer.

Elegant Spiral Logo

elegant spiral logo Download

Blue Spiral Logo

blue spiral logo Download

Spiral Logo Vector

spiral logo vector Download

Abstract Spiral 3D Logo

abstract spiral 3d logo Download

Spiral Globe Logo

spiral globe logo Download

Vector Spiral Logo

vector spiral logo Download

The Ups of Spiral Logos

Your company logo is the ambassador representing your company’s values and reputation. It is not something you should design offhandedly. Spiral logos are fun, and many companies of every industry, from car manufacturers to maintenance companies, commercial banks and film studios, are looking to use this flexible shape but somehow fail to stand out. Corporate Logos have to be more than fun – they have to be representative and they have to be well designed.

A good logo invariably has these features:

  • It is memorable. In other words, it passes the sand test. Even without your company colors, it should be recognizable as yours and only yours.
  • It is simple. This is related to the first point. If it is an intricate, arcane jumble of lines and swirls peppered with letters, don’t expect to be remembered.
  • It is versatile. Your logo will be appearing everywhere, from printed brochures to web ads, business cards, letterheads and merchandise. What you choose should be able to fit on anything.

How does the spiral logo fare? It can be all these, but not automatically.

Spiral Logo Template

spiral logo template Download

Colored Spiral Logo

coloured spiral logo Download

Spiral Rainbow Logo

spiral rainbow logo Download

Spiral Logo for Company

spiral logo for company Download

Spiral Business Logo

spiral business logo Download

The Downs of Spiral Logos

With many people opting for this shape and every newcomer looking to share the shape must go the extra mile in making it stand out. A child can draw your logo in the sand but may not remember which of the many companies this stands for.

The solution is embedded in each of these samples. Some of them might pass your test, and some might not. That insight alone is enough to tell you where to go with your design.

How to Use These Samples

Even with the competition over this motif, if you’re confident your company can make the spiral work for you, then this is the place to start.

Study these samples. Some of them will have to be bought and licensed before you can use them beyond inspiration. As reference points, they can be invaluable, since they are expertly designed to show you a whole spectrum of ways a simple spiral can be used.

If you’re looking for something clean and modern, or you’re looking for Retro Style Logos with more history in it, a spiral motif combined with these other design elements could make all your branding goals come together wonderfully.

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