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Rarely will you come across a person who doesn’t enjoy superheroes. Are you one of them too? Do you love superheroes? Are you fond of the famous superhero logos? Well then, the templates that you see here offer you all the superhero logos in one package. Here you will find logos belonging to various superheroes and the templates may be used in any number of ways. Also, it can come in handy if you’re a collector.

Superhero Chest for Your Logo


This superhero chest would be perfect if you wanted to come up with a logo of your own. Most importantly, the template comes in a neat psd file and with a printable format as well.

High Quality Superhero Character Logo


When it comes to superhero logos or logos for your characters, quality is of the utmost importance. The Logo Template here comes in a fairly high resolution of 300 dpi as well.

Female Superhero Silhouette for Logo Design


Female superheroes deserve all the applause. The template comes in a psd file which can be printed and used as well. The template comes in a fairly high resolution.

Superhero Logo Icon


This template comes in the form of a superhero logo. The template comes with stock images and fonts which can be used once you download the template. Also, the template is easy to use.

Superhero Logo Throw Pillow


This superhero logo template may be used in the form of a throw pillow. You can download the logo template here and then print and use it on a throw pillow.

Big Superhero Logo Template


This superhero logo template comes in a standard size with allowance for customization. Plus, the template allows you to customise the logo as you wish. Also, it is fairly easy to use.

16 Superhero Badge Logos


In this set here, you will get a total of 16 logos. That should cover your superhero collection. You are free to use whatever logo you wish and however you wish to.

Superhero 5k Logo


This superhero logo template here comes with a psd format which makes it easier to use. Plus the template here brings to you the logos of your favourite superheroes.

Superhero Day Logo


Celebrating superhero day without a logo to give you company is unimaginable. If you have something like that coming up, then go for this template which comes in an easy to use format.

Set of Superhero Logo Template


This set of Retro Style Logos is one of the best examples of superhero logos. Also, the template brings you a wide range of options to choose from so that you are spoilt for choice.

Muscle Superhero Logo


Superheroes are all about exhibiting strength and power. Well, that is the kind of impression created with this muscle superhero logo. Also, it comes with a standard size.

Cute Superhero Logo


Who said superhero logos cannot be cute? Just take a look at this template here. It comes in a psd file and with a printable format as well. Plus, the template adheres to the superhero theme.

Girls Superhero Logo


Female superheroes though not in abundance are pretty popular. If you too are a fan of such superheroes, you can use this superhero logo template for that.

Superhero logo Vector Icon


Vector icons are best when it comes to creating logo templates. That is because with vectors, the logos are extremely easy to use and come with easy formats as well.

Star Superhero Logo


This superhero Movie Logos template comes with a CMYK colour mode in a psd file and with loads of options for customisation. You can edit the logo once you download it.

Wood Superhero Logo


Mr.Big Arm Superhero


Blue Superhero Logo Template


Superhero Mania 3D Logo


Superhero logo


Design Superheroes Logomark


If you are looking for Free PSD Logos which adhere to the superhero theme, then you have come to the right place. We bring to you a range of some of the best superhero logo templates on the internet. Each logo template has been devised with utmost care and attention by professionals who know exactly what you want.

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