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11+ Truck Logos

Firetrucks, dump trucks, monster trucks—there are so many kinds of trucks, some big and some small. A truck is actually defined as a motor vehicle used to transport cargo from one place to another. Trucks have been around since the steam wagon was invented by Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot in 1769.

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With businesses involving transportation of cargo and other commodities, it only makes sense that the logo should involve a truck in the design. A logo should by all means reflect on the nature of the business, and from the public’s perspective, they should right away be familiar with what the company is about upon seeing the logo.

So if you are looking for logo templates, check out our collection of truck PSD Logo templates. These are exclusively in the PSD format, which is fully compatible with Adobe Photoshop.

Food Truck Logo

Semi Truck Logo

Tow Truck Logo

Shop Truck Logo


Dump Truck Logo

Racing Truck Logo

Why Logos are Needed

A logo, sometimes referred to as a logotype, is a recognizable and distinctive graphic image or symbol, which sometimes includes the company name. It is used to advertise products, companies, and businesses.

Here’s a few reasons why we believe logos are important:

  • Logos can build initial trust from the customers to the company. It leaves your clients with a first impression of the company.
  • Logos can attract new customers. An effective and professional-looking logo can give the customers a feeling that the business is a professional one as well.
  • Logos can help your company stand out from the competitors. The ability to differentiate yourself from competitors with your logo can help in drawing potential customers.
  • Retention of old customers. As long as your logo and your services are satisfactory, then old customers are less likely to transfer to the competing companies.
  • Show professionalism and stability. A professional-looking logo will show customers that you’re good at what you do and your business is stable.

For individuals who are in the bike-selling industry or simply enjoy riding bicycles or motorbikes, check out our collection of Bike Logos.

Factors to Consider when Designing a Logo

  • Relevance of the design with the business. The design itself including the colors should go hand in hand with what the business is about.
  • Look at the logo through the customer’s perspective. You are making the logo for the benefit of the company, but to be able to enjoy those benefits, you will need to consider that your logo can attract the attention of prospective clients.
  • Research about other companies’ logos. It’s different from copying their logo, simply get ideas on how they did their’s so you will also know how to do your’s
  • Keep it as simple as possible while also making it eye catching. Simplicity includes all elements of the logo—the design, colors used, font, and the size.
  • Be careful when combining colors. Color mixtures can be tricky and will not always be nice to look at if not done properly. A word of advice is to use subtle colors that are not too harsh on the eyes.
  • The logo should last long. Think about how the logo can turn out in five to ten years and determine if it can still be relevant up to that long.

They say traveling is healthy both physically and psychologically, so if you just started managing a travel agency, then make use of our Travel Logos to represent your business.

Mack Truck Logo

Antique Truck Logo

Ladder Truck Logo

Transport Truck Logo

Monster Truck Logo

Company Truck Logo

Download Our Logo Templates

Downloading our logo is as simple as clicking on the green Download button below the image. You may be able to choose if you want to save your chosen template in either PSD, EPS, or vector AI formats, which are fully editable and compatible with most photo-editing software.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

These templates have been selected from among the best ones one the Internet and designed by creative and skillful graphic artists. These logo templates come in high resolution, which means you won’t have to worry about your images getting blurry or pixelated when printed.

If you are into the photography business, then also check out our collection of Photography Logos on our website.

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