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9+ Vector Logos

A logo is a graphic emblem or symbol that is being used by commercial enterprises or significant organizations. The purpose of the logo is to give a distinct identity to each of the companies or organizations that have been using it. The logo design are usually symbolic as it symbolizes the many aspects of an organization or company.

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To create a logo, one must come up with great concepts that would correlate the services and the objectives of a company or organization. For more logo design inspiration, you can check out these 9+ Vector Logos samples. The list provides good-quality designs that could perfectly match your organization’s needs.

For more logo vector designs, you can check out these Free PSD Logos.

Vector Sports Logo

Social Media Vector Logo

College Vector Logo

Vector Logo of Company

Vector Football Logo

Why Is a Logo Important?

As what have been mentioned above, a logo represents a company’s distinct identity, and a good logo design can also help attract clients and customers, giving it an interesting impression to its businesses. Logos also form part of a company’s branding, making it easier for a company’s clients and stakeholders to identify the company brand.

The Types of Logos

  • Wordmark, or the text. This kind of logo involves typography, more likely involving a text with company’s name on it. It can be in a simple font form or stylized.
  • Lettermark or the initials. This type of logo involves the company name’s initials. This is usually applied to companies who have long names. An example of it is IBM, CNN, KBS, CBS, etc.
  • Brandmark or the icon. This the type of logo uses symbolic graphics that represents the company’s goals and objectives. This is usually the most distinctive and unique type of logo as it involves with abstract illustrations. An example of this are BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, Windows, and Apple.
  • Combination mark or the text symbol. This logotype is the combination of the company’s icon and its name text. This is the most detailed type of logo design. Examples of this are Nike, Adidas, Pizza Hut, and XBOX 360.
  • The emblem. This type of logo is quite similar to combination mark, only the text is not separated from its icon. The structure of the logo is that the text is placed inside the logo’s icon. An example of this are Ford, Starbucks, and Prada.

For more nostalgic-themed logos, you might want to see more Retro Logos from our website.

Brand Vector Logo

Vector Education Logo

Globle Vector Logo


Real Estate Vector Logo

What Are the Advantages of Vector Graphic Logos?

In the olden days, logos are more likely handmade, and as you can see, the texture of those logos are either stiff or too messy, hence the ink’s stroke are too prominent. However, with the modern-day logos, you can notice the clean-cut logo prototypes, and it is because most of them are already computer generated.

Though there are logos that are not created in vector formats, the advantage of logos that are created in vector formats gives the logo a clear, crisp texture, and because of that, the colors are more pronounced. As with modification concerns, it is easier to edit a vector logo, especially when it is also saved in a raw format, as there are many vector editor software compatible with it.

For more vector design inspirations—perhaps, if you want perky vector logos—you might want to check out these Funny Logos.

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