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9+ Whale Logos

The largest mammal in the world is a whale—a blue whale, to be specific, growing up to 30 meters or 98 feet in length and 173 tonnes in weight. They are warm-blooded, which makes them a part of the mammal species. They have evolved from land creatures, which make them able to breathe in air sometimes, even though the ocean is their habitat. They have two flippers that help them swim and move around underwater. Although feared by many because of its size and the fact that it can swallow you whole, their smooth and slow moving features make them one of the gentle giants of the planet.

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And because of its graceful moves, they are also sought by many. Many adore these huge creatures that is why a lot of whale-related art surfaced in the form of whale drawings and whale paintings. Here we provide you some whale logo designs that you can use for your desires.

Corporate Whale Logo

Eco Friendly Whale Logo

Chat Whale Logo

Corporate Company Whale Logo

Flying whale Logo

Whale, Whale, Whale

Are you planning to open up a business or venture that you need a logo for, and you thought that the aura and characteristic of a whale is the best thing that can represent you. And who doesn’t want a whale as a logo? They are gentle, majestic to look at, mysterious, and large. Check out these logo designs we offer and maybe you could find one or two that you could use.

  • Corporate Whale Logo. If you are opening up a corporate type of business and want a whale in your logo, try out this design. Its clean design of an imprint of a whale and letters on a brown leather background makes it look strictly business.
  • Eco Friendly Whale Logo. You love nature, you want to conserve it, and you want to spread your love for going green. Why not try this design? A simple drawing of a blue whale gently submerged in water in the middle of a light blue background that compliments the blue hue that the whale is colored.
  • Chat Whale Logo. Here’s an idea: a chat bubble sometimes looks like a whale because of its shape. How about embracing that fact and going all out? If you’re developing a messaging app, a logo of a cute shape of a small blue whale with water spouting out its blowhole would be funny and entertaining.
  • Corporate Company Whale Logo, Business Whale Logo, Professional Whale Logo. If you want to incorporate cute with business, this types of design logo is best for you. They are cute because of the way the whale is presented. Colored in different shades of blue in a simple background emphasizes the whale art.
  • Creative Whale Logo. It is creative because of the way the different shades of blue matches. A simple dark-blue background and a small baby blue–colored smiling whale in the middle. It is perfect to be used in any way possible.
  • Casalot Whale Logo. In other terms known as the sperm whale. A kind of a toothed whale with a larger head than that of other whales. This kind of whale might be your favorite and we have this logo designed just for you. Its smiling face and beautiful color of blue in the middle of a white background makes him look friendly and likable and can be used for anything.
  • Printable Blue Whale Logo. Another whale logo design that can truly captivate you. Its somewhat geometric shapes make him different from the others.
  • Modern Blue Whale Logo. This is the modern times, and you need modern logo. How about this design? Its sophisticated and different of how it is put out. A beautifully detailed whale in different shades of blue, outlines with white to give its not so ordinary features, placed nicely in middle of a textured blue background.

You can also check out some other animal Logos you could use for your personal or business venture from our website.

Casalot Whale Logo

Printable Blue Whale Logo

Business Whale Logo

Professional Whale Logo

Modern Blue Whale Logo


Now you are ready to let these whale logos swim away and into the world. Remember, the logos we have in store can be downloaded for free, while some, however, require some basic licensing for you to experience their full features. And our templates come in light, easy-to-modify PSD, Vector AI, or EPS formats, so all you need to do is select one that best fits your endeavor, edit in your preferred image-editing software, and distribute it however you like.

Love penguins instead of whales? Our website also offers a host of penguin logos you could use for your endeavors.

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