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Bars, pubs, or clubs have long been successful retail business establishments that are still booming up until today. With great music and drinks to keep you buzzed, bars can give you entertainment and unpredictability that lasts the whole night. Moreover, the vibe you get from a bar or club is so far off from the usual daily corporate grind experienced by many. Thus, for some people, it’s the perfect place to unwind.

What contributes to this establishment’s success is the unique identity branded on each and every type of bar, pub, or club. The aesthetics, drinks, guest DJ’s or performers, and even the menu are all part of what makes a club distinct from another. Menu designs especially are underrated branding identity pieces that are often overlooked by many, but are actually main contributors in keeping a consistent image.

In this article, we’ve prepared a long list of bar menu templates whose designs have top notch quality, and are the perfect addition to your establishment. Take a look at our diverse free and premium designs to see which one plays the music loudest for you most.

Bar Menu Template

bar menu template

Gold and Black Bar Menu Template

gold and black bar menu template

Sports Bar Menu Template

sports bar menu template

Wine Bar Menu Template

wine bar menu template

Cocktail Bar Menu Template

cocktail bar menu template

Elegant Grunge Bar Menu

elegant grunge bar 788x525

The Elegant Grunge Bar Menu provides a bit of quirk and character, and is the perfect bar menu design for your themed bar and lounge. Download this template to get a tri-fold layout with organized layers and files to give you easy customization.

Luxury Bar and Lounge Menu Design

luxury bar and lounge

Download the Luxury Bar and Lounge Menu Design for your luxurious cafes and minimalist urban themed bars. This drink menu template can give you organized files and layers of design elements to work with, for you to create a look that truly expresses your brand. Give your customers a pleasant experience, as well as a consistent image for your bar with the appropriate bar menu design to match.

Green Cocktails Bar Menu Illustration

green cocktail 788x780

Cocktails are buzzing with life and energy and so should their menu designs. If you’re looking for a cocktail menu template that’s unique and distinct, then this Green Cocktails Bar Menu Illustration is a great source of inspiration. Download this illustration freely to get awesome design elements for your vibrant cocktail bar.

Tropical Summer Bar Menu Design

tropical summer vacation 590

Make it feel like its summer forever with a tropical beach design for your bar menu. The Tropical Summer Bar Menu Design is a vector design with files containing transparent element and mesh gradients for your to create high quality design templates of your own. It’s the perfect hotel menu template for beach resorts serving piña coladas and sex on the beach.

Taco Bar Botanical Menu

taco bar menu 788x560

If you’re trying to stray from the usual, and are looking for a sample bar menu whose designs are completely unpredictable, then this Taco Bar Botanical Menu is all you need. Get this amazing urban design with its subtle elegance and minimalist theme for your taco stand or Mexican bar and cafe. It’s got high resolution images and high quality designs to help you achieve your desired look.

Coffee Bar Illustration Menu Design

coffee bar illustration 788x1112

A unique and quirky coffee cafe menu, this Coffee Bar Illustration Menu Design is up for free download. Get this vintage-like menu design with its charming illustrations and fun typefaces to serve as one more ornamental and completely functional branding piece in your vintage-themed cafe.

Chalkboard Menu Design

chalkboard menu 788x590

A chalkboard menu is a loved design theme, is also readily available for download should you prefer this type of creative aesthetics. Download the Chalkboard Menu Design for your burger bar menu or pub menu design. It makes use of a few design materials, but can effectively create a distinct and eye-catching look for your bar menu.

Pink Cocktail Illustration Bar Menu


The Pink Cocktail Illustration Bar Menu is freely available for download, and is such an attractive bar menu design you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Make your menu design as spontaneous and unpredictable as a cocktail drink with bold patterns, vivid colors, and friendly typefaces.

Cocktail Bar Menu Design

pink menu cocktail 788x525

Another sample cocktail menu that is equally creative and charming is this Cocktail Bar Menu Design. Get this bar menu template for your chateau by the garden with a cocktail bar, or for your wedding reception. It effectively fuses the traditional look of a menu and the more casual and creative one of today. Do the same for yours by downloading this template.

Elegant Drink Bar Menu

elegant bar menu 788x591

If you prefer to go traditional, the Elegant Drink Bar Menu is readily available for download and customization. This template will provide you with four PSD files, well organized layers and folders that are easy to customize and are print-ready.

Cafe and Coffee Bar Menu Design

cafe and coffee baar 788x591

Looking for the perfect post modern cafe menu template to go with your minimalist coffee house? The Cafe and Coffee Bar Menu Design is of pure white elegance with its clean layout and beautiful leaf and flora illustrations. Get a customized look of your own by availing of this bi-fold coffee bar menu.

Colorful Resto-Bar Menu Design

colorful 788x547

Looking for an awesome menu template with bold prints and patterns? The Colorful Resto-Bar Menu Design can be found right here and it’s freely available for download. Get this colorful geometric patterned layout for a fun and attention-grabbing design. You can recreate the look with patterns of your own, or incorporate your own images and text for your bar menu.

Sports Bar Menu Design

sportsbar 788x591

Everyone loves a good sports bar in town. Get yourself a pub menu template people will be competing over by downloading this Sports Bar Menu Design. Much like the intense but equally laid-back atmosphere felt in a pub or sports bar, this bar menu template is the perfect extension of that vibe.

Craft Beer Illustrations Menu Design

craft beer menu 788x557

If you’re up for cool illustrations for your beer menu, then this Craft Beer Illustrations Menu Design can be a great source of inspiration. Recreate this design and have one you can call your own by downloading this vector template and fusing design elements together.

Beer Bar Illustration Menu Design

animated beer menu

If you prefer something simple, comical, and equally adorable, this Beer Bar Illustration Menu Design is downloadable for free. Get this menu flyer design for your newly opened beer house, or for your rebranding strategies. You can produce multi-colored menu flyers to make them more interesting and fun.

Beer Menu Vintage Poster Design

beer menu design vintage grunge style beer poster  788x1113

Go authentic in vintage with this Beer Menu Vintage Poster Design. It’s the perfect vintage menu design for your themed pubs, bars, or cafes. Download this bar menu design for free and design your establishment with old movie posters and festival flyers to really bring out its unique look.

Sushi Bar Menu Design

sushibar 788x563

If you’re looking for potential sample menu designs for your sushi bar, this Sushi Bar Menu Design is available for download and customization. Download this bar menu template for a unique and completely modern design for your traditional dishes. You can customize the colors and text to fit your own brand.

Vintage Drinks Illustration Bar Menu Design

vintage drinks menu 788x524

Have your vintage menu looking charming and authentic with this Vintage Drinks Illustration Bar Menu Design. It contains organized files of vector and raster collection of drinks illustrations on chalkboard for your to easily customize. You’ll also get PNG files for separate illustrations, EPS and JPG files of pre-made bar menu designs on chalkboard and vintage backgrounds.

Woodgrain and Roses Wedding Bar Menu

woodgrain and roses 788x526

Bars are not only found in clubs, restaurants, or hotels. They are also present in wedding receptions. Get yourself a remarkable bar menu design your guests will be falling in love with by availing this wedding menu sample. The Woodgrain and Roses Wedding Bar Menu is one charming rustic design piece you’ll want on the tables or by the reception bar. You can customize the background and colors to better fit the motif of your wedding.

Abstract Wine Bar Menu Design

abstract paint wine menu 788x785

If you want a wine menu template that’s unlike any other, download this Abstract Wine Bar Menu Design for bold splashes of colors. You can easily customize this design with your own text and typefaces, and have your menu cards displayed beautifully in wineries, bars, and fancy restaurants.

Beach Bar Cocktails Menu

cocktails 788x1066

Elegant Plaid Bar Menu Design

elegant 788x524

The Elegant Plaid Bar Menu Design is up for download, and is of great quality to give you the most elegant menu design yet. Get this sample dinner menu for your luxurious and refined restaurant or vintage-themed wedding reception.

Green Salad Vegetarian Bar Menu


Who needs sweets when you can have green salad and vegetarian food to keep you healthy? This Green Salad Vegetarian Bar Menu is readily available for your green restaurant or vegetarian bar and cafes. Get high quality designs and easy to edit templates to be able to create a distinct look for your own menu design.

White Wedding Framed Bar Menu

framed wedding bar menu 788x630

The White Wedding Framed Bar Menu is such a romantic and intimate design piece you’ll definitely want at your wedding. Have this personalized to really bring out the motif of your special occasion. It’s a completely minimalist look, but can just as well be customized to achieve a more vintage or rustic look. If you want a rustic menu template, you can print this out on kraft paper to look more authentic.

Drink Menu Chalkboard Illustration

drink menu chakboard 788x1187

If you’re looking for more chalkboard menu designs, the Drink Menu Chalkboard Illustration is freely available for you to download and customize. Get this creative template for your cafes and resto-bars that lean towards the more shabby chic aesthetics. You may also use these illustrations to create a whole new menu design of your own.

Cocktail Illustrations Bar Menu

cocktail illustratio 788x534

Tropical Cocktail Bar Menu Design

tropical cocktail 788x1035

Hand Drawn Beer Bar Chalkboard Menu

beer menu hand drawn on chalkboard 788x788

There is definitely no shortage of chalkboard menu templates for it’s such a well-loved design. They are especially common in beer houses and bars. Download this free Hand Drawn Beer Bar Chalkboard Menu for a creative and eye-catching addition to your establishment.

Menu designs really do vary and are completely diverse in their themes, methods, and approaches. Hopefully, you’ve found a bar menu design that resonates with you, and is relevant to your own brand. You can download as many designs as you want, and incorporate your preferred design elements and layouts to come up with a design of your own.

You may also check out more sample drink menus and templates to get more inspiration and design materials.

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