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Have you ever gone to a fast food chain that doesn’t offer a burger as one of their meal choices? That has never happened, right? The burger is so popular that it has become America’s most-ordered burger menu item! People ogle at this food’s presence. The two slices of bread that contain the huge chunk of juicy patty softly covered with lettuce that is topped with slices of tomato, onion, and cucumber is an entity formidable enough to be on par with those at the upper echelon of the gastronomical society. There have been many who dared to challenge this mouthwatering piece of heaven to a popularity contest, but not one item in the menu has successfully defeated it. To put it into simple words, the burger is the king of the fast food menu. It even has a fast food chain that exalts its name as a king! So, it is no wonder that a design for a menu is dedicated to it.

Free Burger Menu Design

free burger menu template Free Download

Dark Burger Menu Template

dark burger menu 788x560

Neat Burger Menu Template

neat burger menu 788x607

Sleek Burger Menu Template

sleek burger menu

Burger menu designs are commonly seen in fast food chains, especially those that serve burgers as their main meal. Food establishments apply this design in their menus because the management knows that people will certainly order one once they see that the burger’s image is embedded in the menu. Also, the pieces of food towering in between the slices of bread create a colorful piece of art that adds a fun and lively vibe to the menu. Applying a burger design to a menu is a clever tactic that effectively attracts customers at first glance. If you are putting up a restaurant that includes a burger on the menu list of food items, it is necessary that you need to choose a design that will creatively promote it. To help you bring the best out of your menu, we have prepared a list of impressive and artistic designs for your burger menu. But, before we get into that list, let us first know the roles of a menu in marketing.

Burger House Menu Template

burger house menu

Clean Burger Menu Template

clean burger menu 788x524

Rustic Burger Menu Template

rustic burger menu

What role does a menu have in marketing your restaurant?

Menus are what customers seek first when they enter a food establishment or once they are seated at their table, regardless if they are a first-time customer or a regular one. The menu should provide more than just a list of food and beverages; it should influence a customer’s choices. Its impact will depend on how its structure and appearance have been planned out. And, to create an enticing design, careful planning and attention to the designing process are needed.

One of the main goals of the menu is to gain customer patronage. This can be obtained by providing not only the in-demand food items but also a wide range of items to increase the customer’s number of choices. It will prevent menu monotony and improve the sales of other food items that are not commonly ordered by the majority of the customers.

American Burger Menu Template

american burger menu

There are four major marketing objectives that a successful menu should satisfy. These are the following:

1. Further the goals of the marketing concept

The marketing concept puts the needs and wants of the customers as the top priority. If these wants and needs are satisfied, financial success will naturally come through. If the customers are happy, the food establishment will experience an increase in sales and volume. It follows that if the customers are not satisfied, it will only result in a decrease in sales and volume. Therefore, the structure of the menu should be properly and carefully planned and executed, and it should include the food and beverages that the target audience will find appealing. The data for the needs and wants of the customers can be obtained through market research and sample analysis.

2. The design of the menu should be consistent with the perceived image of the operation

A menu’s design is one of the factors that attracts customers. For example, if your food chain, restaurant, or any food establishment has teenagers as the target audience, it would only be natural for the design of the menu to cater to these youngsters. You need to create a fun-filled and lively design that will accurately manifest the vision of a teenager. Of course, the right design can only be achieved through research. Try to look up the latest trends so your menu can be designed with what’s in style. Remember, a menu should create a positive impact to elicit a positive reaction from the customers.

Burger Menu Set Template

burger menu set

Organic Fresh Burger Menu Template

organic fresh burger menu 788x522

3. The menu should act as a tool to influence the customer’s choices

The arrangement of the menu items can affect a customer’s choices. Grouping them according to standard categories like appetizers, dessert, and many others, will help the customers easily locate the certain food item that they want and recognize items that they are not familiar with. The extremely popular or in-demand items, as well as the specials, are usually given a position where they will be likely chosen by a customer. But you also need to remember that some items in the menu need some loving, too, especially those that don’t sell well. If you give them extra attention as much as the popular ones, it will surely result in an increase in the number of items sold and substantially increase sales and gross profits. You may also see vintage menu designs

4. The menu should be able to gain a competitive advantage

If your food establishment has already held its ground and successfully rose from it, some of the items in the menu will surely become crowd favorites, commonly known as signature items. These are food items that are heavily promoted on the menu and they add a competitive advantage. This will lure in new prospects and convert existing customers into loyal patrons. You may also like Chalkboard Restaurant Menu Templates.

Simple Burger Menu Template

simple burger menu 788x591

Rack Card Burger Menu Template

dl rack card burger menu 788x522

Things you should know before creating a menu

1. Information

The information that you will be using in your menu should be well-researched in order to avoid confusion for the customers. Information regarding the menu includes the type of menu that you are going to use, the categories of the food items, and the description and price of each food item. If you are simply planning to put up a food establishment, we will help you by showing you the lists of menu types and the categories for the food items and what pricing is all about.

Menu types:

  • A la carte (individual)
  • Du jour (of the day)
  • Cyclical (change over time, seasonal)
  • Limited (few items)
  • Fixed (same everyday)
  • California (all meals available all day)
  • Prix fixe (multiple menu items at one price, opposite of a la carte)
  • Table d hote (various elements bundled)


  • Appetizers
  • Soups
  • Salads
  • Sandwiches
  • Entrees
  • Vegetables
  • Desserts
  • Beverages


  • Pricing a food item is a critical process. A food item should be priced accordingly. The price should consider the expenses for the ingredients, the processes, and the skill level of the cook or chef. You may also see price menu templates
  • A price indicates the quality of food, level of service, and the atmosphere to expect. If your menu mostly consists of highly priced items, then the customer will expect high-quality food and service and that the environment will also be as luxurious as the food that you serve.
  • Pricing should also align with the goals of the operation and skill level. As the owner, you have goals for your sales, whether weekly, monthly, or annual. It depends on what your target is. So, if you want to achieve those goals, you should price your items accordingly. Also, an item’s price indicates the level of skill that the cook or chef has. If a top-rated chef has prepared a certain food item, it is expected that its price would be considerably expensive, but you can also expect that the food would be as top-notch as the skills of the chef. You may also like food and drink menu designs & templates
  • Profitability. Business is business—it has always been about making money. At the end of the day, your goal is to gain profits. The pricing of your food items should be set so that you could gain a considerable amount of profit from them. Don’t price it too high or beyond what is expected of a food item. You may also see menu templates.

Burger Kiosk Menu Template

burger kiosk menu card

Burger Factory Menu Template

burger factory menu 788x557

2. Design

A good menu consists of comprehensive information and attractive design. In design, there are a lot of factors that you have to consider before you create one for your menu. This section will show you a variety of choices for each element of the design.

Medium (Menu presentation)

  • Thick paper
  • Light paper
  • Menu board
  • Spoken menu

Layout (Menu categorization)

  • 1 page
  • Multiple pages
  • Busy/hectic
  • Calm/subdued

Color (Menu color scheme)

  • Expensive/inexpensive
  • Romantic/rowdy
  • Sophisticated/casual
  • Reflective of type of food served

Font (Text style and size)

  • Italic/bold
  • Easy to read
  • Highlight elements
  • Large and dark
  • Fancy
  • Flowing, bubbly
  • Informal/casual

Art (Photos and graphic images)

  • Food pictures
  • Icons
  • Banners
  • Geometrical shapes
  • Other graphic images

Burger Bistro Menu Template

burger bistro menu

Burger Menu PSD Template

burger menu psd

Burger Bar Menu Template

burger bar menu

Burgers are a crowd’s favorite. You can never go wrong in venturing into a burger-related business. Just make sure that what you present in the menu will entice your customers into ordering one. And,to make sure that this happens, you need to create an enticing burger menu. The ones that we have provided on the list are of top quality. But, even so, the top-quality designs of templates will amount to nothing if they are not in-line with the theme of your burger restaurant or food chain. If you are going for a simple aesthetic for the interior, complement it with a minimalistic design for your menu. If you are aiming for a sophisticated look, choose the best menu that will accentuate it further. It’s all about being cohesive with the overall design. So, before you choose a best template, make sure that you have already decided which theme you are going for. Good luck!

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