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There is no denying that Italians make great-tasting food. Their dishes are just one of the greatest gifts they have given to humanity. Pizza and pasta are two of the all-time favorite dishes of most people and you can thank the Italians for that. What started out as comfort food during ancient times, pizza and pasta have evolved into staple dishes which are consumed by people all over the world. Pizza and pasta are not the only famous Italian dishes, though, as you may have also heard of tiramisu, lasagna, spaghetti bolognese, and gelato. You may also like creative restaurant menu designs.

Italian restaurants are also known for their beautiful and meticulously designed interiors. If you have also been in any Italian restaurant, Italy’s national colors (green, red, and white) are well-represented and provide a beautiful backdrop for its dishes. Aside from Italy’s national colors, Italian restaurants also exude a natural homey and rustic feeling in their interior and exteriors, making it a great dining experience for customers.

Italian Menu Template

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Italian Food Menu Template

italian food menu template
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Italian Restaurant Menu Template

italian restaurant menu template
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Free Italian Menu

Free Italian Menu

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The beauty of Italian restaurants is not only limited to its food and decorations, but in the menus as well. Since Italian restaurants are known for class and elegance, menu designs are not exempted from being sprinkled with a little bit of beauty.

Over the years, menu designs have evolved from being simple pen and paper and chalkboard designs to interactive and 3D designs which enhance the overall dining experience. Here are some beautiful yet very affordable Italian menu templates you can purchase and use for your own Italian restaurant or if you’re planning to start one in the near future.

Pizzeria Restaurant Menu


Pizza is not only known as a classic Italian food, but it has become one of the most popular dishes around the world. Each bite takes you to a trip to utopia as the cheese, tomato sauce, and pepperoni all blend together perfectly. The dish also does not let you finish with a single bite as the melted cheese lets you continue your pizza experience. This pizzeria restaurant menu template is very attractive and you should put this at the top of your priority purchase list.

This menu template uses some gray and orange color combinations and also uses an image of a pizza. Edit the image to fit your own Italian restaurant.

Simple Printable Restaurant Menu Template


Here is another simple and minimalist theme you can use for your Italian restaurant menu. Similar to the other minimalist Italian template, this multipurpose menu template uses a white background with black colors for the text and red colors for the border lines.

Modern Restaurant Menu


Here is a pasta menu template which you should also seriously consider for your own Italian restaurant, especially if you are serving some delicious pasta such as bolognese, pesto, garlic, tomato, garlic, lasagna, and carbonara. This template uses a white background paired with an image of a delectable pasta dish. The menu details are presented in the corresponding pages and written in clear and large text.

Black Food Menu Template


This black food menu template uses a black background. You can also add images as seen in this menu template. Edit the images and replace them with your own dishes. Just make sure the quality of your images is detailed.

Italian Pizza Flyer Template


Here is another pizza flyer template which can be also used as a menu for your Italian restaurant. Your customers will surely appreciate a large image of a pizza as seen in this template, and it will definitely pump their appetites into overdrive. Although the pizza image is not available for download, you can always use an image of your own pizza dish as long as you take a high resolution shot of your pizza. A chalkboard design is also used as the backdrop for the template and matches perfectly with the pizza image.

Why are menus important?

The value of menus cannot be understated for any restaurant. Here are some reasons why menus are important and why restaurants cannot function without them.

1. They offer basic information

One of the most important functions of menus is that they offer basic information not only for the dishes that are being served, but also information regarding the restaurant, including the address, contact number, and online portfolio. You may also see French menu templates.

When customers will be coming in to your restaurant, the first thing they do after they find their seats is to look at the menu. The details in the menu should be clear. Always remember that you will always have customers with bad eye sight (even though they are not senior citizens yet), and it takes away from the experience if they don’t order properly since they can’t see properly. Make sure the text is readable and all items have a corresponding price. You may also like restaurant menu designs.

Since you are showing images of food in your menus, you might as well take it as an opportunity to present your portfolio. Your customer will not only know your product, but also your business profile. Listing down your social media page is one great way to advertise your product as well as introduce your restaurant to new customers. More information regarding how menus can be effective marketing tools is discussed below.

Attractive Italian Menu Design

2. They are great pastime materials

Menus these days have adjusted to the times and have incorporated technology. Although most menus still have a classic design and feel (white paper and black ink), there are now menu designs which allow dynamic interaction with the customer. Although this does not mean menus have become the next “Siri” and that they directly take your order, they now assist in the customer’s dining experience. You may also like a family restaurant menu.

If you thought watching television and playing with your spoon or fork are the only pastime activities you can do while waiting for your food, think again. Menus are the new players in town and there are more and more restaurants which utilize menus for various purposes. For example, some restaurants give out coloring pencils and paper placemats to customers so that they can color the placemats while they wait for their food. Instead of placemats, use your menus as a base for coloring, but you have to make sure you have a page or section where you can let your customers do the coloring so that it doesn’t interfere with the actual contents of the menu (dishes and their corresponding prices). You may also see the importance of menu cards.

Another wonderful idea to keep stress levels of customers low while waiting for their food is to feature a game within the menu. Puzzles are the easiest and the cheapest pastime materials to make since you can use numerous scratch materials such as art paper, coloring pens, and glue, helping you keep your expenses low. Look for a page on the menu (preferably the last page) where it does not interfere with your menu contents and place your puzzle games there. You may also like chalkboard restaurant menu.

3. They are effective marketing tools

As previously mentioned, menus can become very effective marketing tools, especially for Italian restaurants. Menus allow you to not only present the dishes and their corresponding prices, but also create an opportunity for you to advertise your restaurant. Insert a section in the menu where you can place your restaurant address, contact number, and social media pages so that both your loyal and new customers can easily find you. For your part, you can easily connect with them, especially if you are planning a promotion or discount.

Marketing is needed for business and no business can survive without it. One cannot expect customers to know everything about a company especially if it is not advertised through various forms of media (either traditional or digital). Even large corporations which control large segments of the market still need advertising and promotion to sell their products to their large customer base. This should also be applied by your company as well. You may also like seafood menu.

Italian restaurants are one of the most marketable food businesses due to the cuisine’s wide variety of sumptuous dishes. Take advantage of this situation while creating something new so that you can establish a distinct identity for your own restaurant.

Food Menu Brochure Template


This food menu brochure template is a multipurpose template which you can use as a brochure that you can give out to passersby as well as a menu which you can lend out to customers inside your restaurant. This template uses some nice blue hues on the cover page and blends well with the food images and blue-colored text.

Clean and Classic Menu


If you are going for a clean, simple and minimalistic design, this menu template is best for you. This template is not only limited to Italian restaurants, but also for other restaurants as well. This template uses a stained paper design and resonates a classic menu look. No images are found in this template so you need to make your text engaging to make your customers excited to order food.

Instant Download Personalized Menu Template


This menu template uses some nice sample images you can use for your own Italian restaurant. You can attach the images in your own menu and also use them for other restaurant purposes as well.

Italian Menu and Restaurant Flyer


Here are an Italian menu and flyer template bundle which you can purchase at a very cheap price. This template uses a chalkboard menu design which is very attractive and also exudes a classic menu look. Chalkboard designs were first used as display materials for meat shops and also for bakeshops, and these were displayed outside their respective shops so that customers can easily see the products being sold.

In this template, a chalkboard design is used and is paired with red for the some of the text. Some of the chalkboard images found in this template are pizza, macaroni, cake, basil, mushrooms, tomatoes, bread, and kitchen utensils, among others. You don’t need to heavily modify the template since it is already very attractive. You just need to edit the text for your own restaurant details.

Fast Food Restaurant Tri-fold Brochure Template


This fast food tri-fold brochure template uses some nice yellow designs reminiscent of a fast food delivery service. If you are selling some delicious fast food Italian dishes, purchase this template now!

Pizza Food Menu Template


This pizza food menu template also uses some beautiful chalkboard designs and, at a very affordable price, you can purchase multiple templates with this design. This template has a similar design to the other Italian chalkboard design template which uses some chalkboard elements. Instead of using red color for some of the text, this template uses some orange colors instead. Again, the orange color matches perfectly with the chalkboard design with chalkboard effects being used for the images. Some of the images which are found in this template include a pizza slice, tomatoes, mushrooms, cheese, olives, coffee, and cake.

Wood Oven Pizza Menu Flyer


Here is another pizza menu template which uses some very nice colors. This template also uses a chalkboard background but color and an actual pizza image are more prominent in this template. You can always use an image of your own pizza when using this template to make it more distinct and original. Place the image at the center of the template similar to the one shown in the sample. The text also uses chalkboard style effects to make it more visually attractive.

Valentine’s Menu Template


Valentine’s Day is coming up and this Valentine’s menu template is perfect for your Italian restaurant. Heart-shaped designs are used in this template, and you just have to edit the text to fit your own restaurant.

New Year Menu Template


Celebrate the new year with this New Year menu template. Change up your menu designs with this New Year 2018 theme to welcome the brand new year with a bang. Beautiful golden flower and leaf designs are found throughout the template. This template is highly recommended to purchase this now!

We hope you enjoyed browsing through our attractive yet affordable Italian menu templates. This collection lets you choose from simple as well as bold and colorful designs. Take your pick and make a purchase. You may also like takeaway menu templates.

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