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Printable menu templates are used not only by establishments within the food and catering industry but also by event organizers, hospitality-centered businesses and even by private meal hosts. The usage of the specified tool is not only focused on its practicability but also on how it can improve the dining experience of the guests or customers. Creating an effective and striking printable menu template is one of the best ways to start a memorable meal selection and dining experience.

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Though some think that the usage of printable menu templates can defeat the purpose of making a restaurant’s menu unique, More so, even not in a restaurant setting—creating an event menu will only stand out if the creativity of the person who will make it is applied appropriately and if the processes aligned with the menu template development is cohesive with its purpose of creation.

Here are some samples of printable menu templates in varying circumstances of usage:

Restaurant Menu Templates

A restaurant menu is one of the most used types of menu. This is due to the nature of the operations of these types of establishments where they need to assure that the presentation of their food selection is enticing enough to make customers dine and come back for repeat business. There are different kinds of restaurant menu templates which vary on the following items:

  • The kind of food that the restaurant serves
  • The aesthetic of the food menu template that the restaurant would like to achieve
  • The overall branding of the restaurant, which should be incorporated into the design of the restaurant menu template

If you want to get specific guides in making a restaurant menu design, listed below are some templates that can just help you with that.

Classic Restaurant Food Menu

1 788x525

A classic restaurant menu is composed of simple but well thought of design materials that are put together to present meals without being too fancy. The usage of single lines and two color tones will allow restaurant goers to focus on the kind of food that they would like to order rather than look at various images that will just confuse and hinder them from ordering what they truly want.

Restaurant Menu

screenshoot 1 31 788x525

Though the first option seems to be really convincing, playing with colors and images is also something that you should consider in creating a creative restaurant menu designs. There are a lot of food menu templates that contain a combination of these items and still look as polished as the classic menu templates. All you need to do is make sure that you are well aware the spaces in the food menu so you can make the final design that is clean and fresh.

Basic Restaurant Menu

edit able food menu template 788x1020

Another thing that you need to remember is the basics of beautiful restaurant menu designs. Aside from the aesthetic that you will put in the food menu template, it is essential that the content to be placed in the menu is well-curated, properly thought of, and are reflections of the quality of the food items to be offered to the customers.

Restaurant Trifold Menu

screenshot from 2017 07 27 11 57 21 788x618

Restaurant menus can come in different shapes and sizes. You can also use restaurant trifold menus to create more dimensions compared to when using just an entire unfolded sheet of board or paper to present the food items available in the establishments.

Restaurant Menu Design + Postcard


This restaurant menu design can also work in tandem with restaurant postcards that you can give out to your customers. Make sure to present the products of the business in an appealing manner so you can have more clients and you can develop client retention with your previous customers. There are also tips for writing menu descriptions that you can take note of.

Vegetarian Restaurant Food Menu

vegan ss 05 788x525

If your business is just a start up and is focused on providing meals that are within a particular food item group or preparation, make sure to highlight that in your small restaurant menu. As an example, a vegetarian food menu should have a list of the vegetarian meals that you can prepare for your customers, the colors that are associated with the environment and lush vegetation, and a few icons and/or images that are related to vegetarian lifestyle.

Bar, Pub and Lounge Menu Templates

Menu templates can also be used in bar, lounges, and pubs. These establishments provide not only entertainment to its customers but a selection of liquors and foods as well. If you own any of these businesses or you are an employee who is tasked to create a lounge and/or bar menu, here are some templates that you can use as references:

Wine List – Wine Menu

restaurant menu design template 3 1 788x626

A wine bar is one of those places you have high expectations for when it comes to the menu you are presented with. A wine is a fancy drink and it only deserves to be selected through a process where beautiful and informative wine lists or wine menus are used. Bar menu templates used by wine pubs usually contain design items that are based on the kind of wine placed in a particular area of the menu or the entire page. More so, the colors of the wines can also be used as a material in designing the entire tool.

Bar Menu For a Wedding – Sunflower Poster

screenshot from 2017 07 27 12 01 52 788x963

Aside from a wine bar, celebrations where wines and alcoholic drinks are expected usually provide a menu to the guests so they can select the drink that they would like to order. One of these celebrations is a wedding event in which guests are encouraged to have fun during the wedding reception by drinking together and enjoying each other’s company while giving importance to the bond that has just been created between two individuals. You may incorporate the psychology of a good menu design when developing a menu template for a bar in a wedding.

Bar and Lounge Drink Menu


On a business setting, bar and lounge drink menus are commonly seen on hotel lobby areas and drinking establishments. It is important to make sure that the price of the alcoholic drinks are well-specified, especially if they come in different amounts or containers, such as a bottle, a pitcher, a glass, or a shot. Lounge and bar drink menus are very popular, especially in locations where there are a lot of business people who would like to take a break from the stress and requirements of their corporate lives.

Bar Menu


It is very important for your bar menu to always be organized and updated. Make sure that the listing that you will provide to your customers are based on the stocks that you have. You can also specify promotions, deals, and offers that can be purchased by your customers so they can have more orders without spending the original amount of the drinks that they should be charged with. Associate the content of your bar’s flyer templates to the information present in your bar menu.

Beer Menu Template

beer alcohol template menu restaurant 788x560

There are also bar and lounge menus that focus on the selection of beers that they have. Beer menu templates usually have the name of the beer, the price of the beer by bottle; pint or mug, and the main ingredients of the beer that can also identify its alcohol content. To be more creative, you can use sketches of beer bottles as design items of the menu.

Beer Pub Menu Layout

lore beer pub 1 788x524

Compared to bar and lounge menu templates, a beer menu is more casual. Gastro pubs have been making a big hit nowadays and this is due to the great combination of food items and beers. Make sure that this experience can be felt by your customers just by looking at your beer pub menu template.

Wedding Menu Templates

A wedding menu template is an important part of the wedding reception as it provides information about the following:

  • The serving of food that will follow the program
  • The kind of food items that will be served
  • If included, the time of the food service

Below are some templates of wedding menu samples that you can use as guides in creating your own wedding or your client’s wedding’s food listing.

Wedding Invitation Stationery


A wedding invitation stationery is highly suggested to be used as it can provide coherence to the design of your wedding menu cards and the other materials that you will use for the wedding including invitations, place cards and program guide.

Editable Wedding Menu – PDF

menu a 1 788x524

In making a wedding menu template, you need to make sure that guests are well aware of the food service that they can expect. This will allow them to have more time in selecting the food items that they would like to consume. Take a look at how this editable wedding menu in PDF provides complete information about the meals that will be served to the wedding guests.

Simple Wedding Menu Template

preview2 788x624

Do not be afraid to veer away from using flamboyant wedding menu and wedding stationery designs. If it does not fit you and your partner’s aesthetic, you can use a simple wedding menu template as it can showcase who you truly are as a couple while still providing information about the meal that you will provide your guests with during the wedding reception.

Elegant Kraft Wedding Menu Template

screenshot from 2017 07 28 18 29 27 1 788x958

In terms of formatting the document, use fancy fonts that are still understandable. The usage of soft and smooth lines can make the wedding menu more appropriate for the occasion as it can provide an emotion of love in a very subtle and refined manner.

Try to use floral wedding menus especially if there are a lot of flowers in your wedding reception. You can take inspiration from this sample and use abstract flower images together with fancy cursive fonts. You can also use the main flower decoration that is present during your wedding set-up.

Editable Restaurant Menu Template

editable restaurant menu template

Printable Restaurant Wedding Menu Template

restaurant menu template

Printable Calligraphy Menu Template

calligraphy menu template

Printable  Wedding Menu Template

mockup 788x525

Thinking of a tropical-themed wedding within the city? Do not stress out from selecting a menu template design as you can use modern designs and formal colors combined with tropical leaves and beautiful fonts to fully embrace the fusion of a wedding that is set in an urban location but has that refreshing vibe of the rural areas.

Food Truck Menu Templates

Menu templates are not only for restaurants in particular locations or gatherings where food selection is essential. As mentioned above, there are many ways that printable menu templates can be used. There are house party menus and even food truck menu templates.

Refer to the samples below to know more on how food truck menu templates look like.

Festive Food Truck Menu

food truck menu template festive van 788x560

Since food trucks are seen during events and festivals, it is important that the design of the menu that these businesses will use is festive as well. Just like when designing children’s party menu, you can make your food truck menu lively and colorful by using various food images that also showcases the food items that customers can buy in the food truck.

Daily Special Menu Memo Board

screenshot from 2017 07 27 12 22 351 788x1032

There are also printable menu templates used by food trucks that are patterned to provide daily special menu memos. This is due to the reason that most food trucks have a limited storage capacity for ingredients so they need to assure that the items that they have on board will be used based on the menu that they can offer to customers.

Food Truck Menu Sample


Ensure that the food truck menu that you will use can get the attention of customers as it is most likely that there are other food trucks parking in the vicinity. This should already be identified in your food truck’s business plan or in any other software to assure you can manage and lessen the impact of threats. Use bright colors, fun fonts, and attention-grabbing images.

Elegant and Classy Food Menu Templates

Other than their common usages in restaurants and events, food menu templates can also be created beforehand depending on the kind of aesthetic that its user would like to achieve. An elegant and classy food menu template will always come in handy especially if you will be needing them in corporate gatherings, business meetings, or if you want to open up a high-end food establishment.

Be inspired by the elegant and class food menu templates below.

Elegant Food Menu

cover 788x525

An elegant food menu usually uses subtle design items, sleek lines, and business-like font styles. The combination of these items creates an overall look that is worth the dressing up of your guests or customers. It is best if you use soft tones and rich velvet textures to make the elegance of the food menu stand out even more.

Classy Food Menu

06 788x524

If you think that an elegant food menu is a bit over the top, you can opt to use a classy food menu instead. The difference of the latter compared to the elegant food menu, which is usually used as a dinner menu, is that it looks more casual and a wider audience can relate to it more than be intimidated. Classy food menu templates are clean, well-organized, and formatted accordingly to maintain the flow of the tool’s details and layout.

Elegant Food Menu Set

menu back 788x591

Both elegant and classy food menu templates exude not only the richness of the ingredients and food items listed in them but also the design process that an entity has taken to achieve the design. If you create an elegant food menu set, ensure that the colors that you use are in tones usually associated with grandeur, like marsala, mauve, gold, silver, and black. Match it with fancy alphabet letters to present the menu listing.

Monochromatic Elegant Food Menu Template

3 788x524

Aside from the play on color blocks, you can also select to play on the color shades that you will use in designing an elegant menu template. Unlike the vibrancy present in party menu designs, you can use different shades of the same color and put them together to create gradients and color differences that look stunning. Monochromatic elegant food menu templates can be used by restaurants who are in the business of serving corporate clients who dine in the location for meetings and short business transactions.

Themed Menu Templates

If you believe that menu templates are just simple tools used to select what people would like to order, think again. Themed menu templates are created for the following reasons:

  • They can be used for particular activities like birthdays (which usually incorporate specific themes) within the different materials used in the event program, like birthday cards and food listings. More so, they can also help to continue the visuals of the location set-up.
  • Themed menu templates can also be created for restaurants and food establishments that offer food items that follow a theme as well. This will give a boost on the perception that the restaurant would like their customers to have in terms of what them can offer.
  • The use of themed menu templates is very essential in making the overall aesthetic of a restaurant or an event come to life. Come to think of it—even the simplest tool is considered for detailing. Hence, people will be more appreciative of the process that the business has undergone to deliver a unique experience with the use of themed menu templates for their customers.

Here are some of the most popular samples that are usually used by restaurants and caterers:

Vintage Menu

1 1 788x525

In this modern age, people are always on the lookout for the trendiest of food selections or the most comfortable ambiance. Just because customers look for a unique experience, it does not mean that the concept of modernism should always be carried on. Why not use a vintage menu? It may be old and its appearance may be past the technological age, but these unique characters are what makes the design appealing and interesting. This will also work best if your restaurant has a vintage feel to it.

Retro Diner Food Menu

2 1 788x525

Retro diners can always take back customers to the recent past. The usage of retro diner food menu can wrap up the experience. If you use this kind of food menu template for your restaurant, make sure to include muted tones of orange and bold letters as it is what the retro aesthetic is known for. More so, you can add stars and other retro design elements .

Foliage Menu Choice RSVP Card

screenshot from 2017 07 27 12 16 26 788x561

Some menu templates are only used meant for certain events. One sample of this particular kind of menu template is the menu choice RSVP card. Unlike the usual menu lists where there are different food options alongside their price equivalents, menu choice RSVP cards are usually used for plated events in which guests are expected to choose which item they would like to have. This will help the event organizer to order the sets of plated meals that will be prepared by the catering service for the guests who have already confirmed their attendance.

Christmas Menu Template


Aside from events, themed menu templates are also usable for the holiday offers of restaurants. Since a special occasion is being celebrated, there are food establishments who prepare special food offerings for their customers as well. What better way to relay the information about these limited offers other than  a customized holiday menu template? Take a look at these regal and timeless Christmas menu templates and be convinced to create one as well during the holidays.

Sushi Bar Menu


Themed menu templates can also be centered on the specialty of the restaurant who will use the tool. If your food business is focused on providing great sushi meals to your customers, make sure that the theme of your menu template can showcase the sushi items your restaurant is known for. This is also be applicable for burger shops, pizzerias, and other specialty based food establishments. The usage of restaurant vectors can also be of help to make the design elements of your menu template go well together.

Mexican Food Menu Template

food menu mexican restaurant template 788x557

Other than specialties and unique offerings, the country where the meals served by restaurants originated can also be the theme incorporated within a menu template to help in the processes of branding identity design. You can do this by doing the following:

  • Identify the country of origin of your cuisine.
  • You can use the flag of the country for a more obvious relevance of your themed menu template to the country where your food offers originated.
  • More so, you can use the raw ingredients used in making the dish as your design inspirations.
  • Properly put all the design items together in the menu template.

Once you have already followed these steps, you can already achieve the aesthetic that you can see in this Mexican food menu template.

On Your Way to Developing an Effective Printable Menu Template?

Having an effective menu will not only entice your customers to order more dishes but also to come back to your restaurant so they can have more time to try a lot of the other food items. More so, menu templates that are appealing and comprehensive can make events more organized and memorable.

If you are starting to create or develop a printable menu, make sure to incorporate the brand of the business, the restaurant logo and the nature and quality of the food items that you will serve to your customers. Being able to do this will provide a positive impact not only on the food selection process of your customers but also in terms of improving the sales and branding of your business.

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