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Product Menu

It is a reality that the most successful businesses are the ones that took their time in making sure that their business brand, image, and vision are all aligned.You may also see Menu cards.

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If you want to achieve business success, investing in the creation of remarkable menu cards is a good start. Even if the importance of a good menu card design is often downplayed by most businesses, using one for your business today may lead to more business gains in the future.

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In this article, we provide 15 examples of product menu templates that you can use for your business. These menu templates are available for purchase or you may also recreate them on your own if you know how to use image compositing programs like Adobe Photoshop or InDesign.

Free Standard Product Design Menu

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Food Truck Product Creative Menu Template

Choose the Food Truck Product Menu Template if you want your food truck business to stand out. This menu template features a two-column list of the different food items and meals that your food truck offers. It also follows a cheerful color combination that will further help make the menu card stand out. As a fully editable menu template, you may incorporate your own business’ cool logo design. This helps in making your business more recognizable to the general public.

Printable Bakery Product Menu Template

The Bakery Product Menu Template, as its name implies, may be used by bakery and pastry shop owners to showcase the different bread products that they sell. The menu template follows a monochromatic color scheme and may suit most establishments that want to maintain a conservative image. As a vector image, anyone with knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and other image editing software will be able to easily make modifications to the menu design. To make this menu template more realistic, you may also add bakery or food icons to the template.

Sample Fashion Product Menu Template

The Fashion Product Menu Template is perfect for those who want to showcase the different fashion products that they sell. When used this way, a product menu template can also be called as a product catalog. For businesses that do not want to shell out more money on a physical fashion line catalog, they may use product menu cards instead. Fashion product menu cards will only contain a few of the products that a business sells, but it can focus on the products that would most likely sell. This way, business owners will not be at a loss when they print out their own product menu cards.

Newborn Photography Product Menu Template

Photographers advertise their skills and services by creating a carefully curated portfolio. If you are a photographer who wants to make newborn photography your niche, you will benefit by using the Newborn Photography Product Menu Template. As a product menu template, it showcases different baby pictures that you have taken while also including the corresponding pictorial package costs. The advantage of using this product menu template is that it showcases your photographs first before a potential customer sees the price. Potential customers are less inclined to forgo your services if they see that you produce good shots.

Photography Product List Menu Layout Template

Another field of specialization in photography is wedding photography. The Photography Product List Menu Template pictured above may suit those who are operating a business in this field. With this menu template, you are able to enumerate the different wedding photo packages that you may offer. Make sure to offer different price points with different package inclusions so that prospective customers will have a lot to choose from. This menu template may work well with other types of photography product menu templates that are created for different niches.

Simple Product Catalog Menu Template

The Product Catalog Menu Template will work well for businesses who sell different products. By using a product menu template, they can categorize the different products so that customers will not get overwhelmed. This type of menu template will also work well with a price list template since it will give the customers a single-page reference for the corresponding price of each item in the product catalog. Also, note that this menu template will be printed in booklet form. Make sure you set the right printer specifications if you are printing it a home. If you are working with a professional print shop that will print the menu template, they will take care of the entire printing process.

Salon Service and Product Menu Example Template

Salons and spas are other business establishments that may benefit from using product menu templates like the Salon Service and Product Menu Template pictured above. In this menu template, you may create a comprehensive one-column list of the different services that a salon offers. But do not be limited by using this template as a salon menu template. It may be customized to work as a product menu template for any kind of business establishment.

Typography Salon Product Menu Template Download

The Typography Salon Product Menu Template is a variation of a product menu template for nail salons. This menu template relies on a simplistic black-and-white design. If you want a direct way of presenting product and pricing information to your customers, this menu template is the way to go. This menu card design may be printed on double-sided pages or as single pages only.

Wedding Photography Product Menu Template

The Wedding Photography Product Menu Template featured above is a menu template that will work well on showcasing an artist’s work as a wedding photographer. This menu design includes three different menu layout template variations. Choose one that you think will best represent you and your business.

Which product menu templates should you choose?

Let this short guide inform and inspire you with the myriad choices you have in designing your own product menu templates. Enjoy the creative process and make sure to let your business’  brand shine in your final menu template design.

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495+ FREE & Premium Menu - Download NOW

Beautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

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