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Menus are important especially when it comes to dining. They display the different kinds of food and beverages that are being offered by the establishments. There is one certain thing that is important in the business of food is that the senses of our eyes come first before our sense of taste. In other words, the visual presentation has to be appealing or the customer may not have the appetite to try out the food.

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Menus are the first to reach the customers so the menu and its contents must be appealing. Here we have provided a list of scroll menu templates for you to choose. We also offer more Menu Templates that you can access here on our website.

Wedding Scroll Menu Template

wedding scroll menu templateDownload

Blank Scroll Menu Template

blank scroll menu templateDownload

Vintage Scroll Menu Template

vintage scroll menu templateDownload

Scroll Bar Menu Template

scroll bar menu templateDownload

Scroll Restaurant Menu Template

scroll restaurant menu templateDownload

What Are Menus?

A menu is basically a list of dishes available in a restaurant. They display the food that is available or served in a restaurant. Menus are not only meant for food purposes. They can also serve as a list of different merchandise in which the customer can choose from. The most common menu for this type are online shop menus, which allows you to choose the item you wish to purchase.

What’s on the Menu?

Creating and designing menus is not as easy as you may think. There are plenty of things to undergo and consider into making one. If the situation demands you to make one of your own, here are a few tips and guidelines to follow:

  • Create a draft. Before anything else, you should sketch and plan out what are the things you are planning to place inside your menu. These things are the food you are going to serve and any additional information such as promos and budget meals. Things to consider are the color schemes which matches the style of the restaurant and the order of the food display (appetizers, main courses, and desserts accordingly.) Most importantly is the format of the given courses. Create sections for each so the customer can easily identify which meal they would like.
  • List the food and prices. Create a format for displaying the price and description for each meal. The easiest way to do this is to create columns which can help the customer know which food they would like and if the meal fits their budget as well.
  • Create descriptive titles. Instead of placing generic names for your meals such as burgers or pasta, create appealing names like “Juicy Burger with Tomatoes and Secret Sauce” or “Homemade Pasta with Pesto and Cheese Sauce.” You can also add additional details such as best sellers, dietary restrictions, and ingredient information for those who might be allergic to some types of foods.

For menu templates that don’t require payment and fees, you can check out our Free Menu Templates that we offer here on our website.

Scroll Cafe Menu Template

scroll cafe menu templateDownload

Printable Scroll Menu Template

printable scroll menu templateDownload

Scroll Menu PSD Template

scroll menu psd templateDownload

Horizontal Scroll Menu Template

horizontal scroll menu templateDownload

Why a Scroll Menu?

Forget the commonly used flat menus—spice things up with a whole different design and concept for your menu with scrolls! They are elegant and timeless, which can be helpful in displaying cuisine that are a tad bit expensive and classy such as wine. They are also a great choice for special events like weddings and parties.

For more menu templates, we also offer Menu Card Templates which you can check out here on Template.net.

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