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16 Steakhouse Menu Designs

Who does not love steak? Whether rare, medium, or well-done depending on your preference, they all taste fantastic. The smokey aroma paired with each juicy bite will transport you to another world. It is no secret that steakhouses are very profitable.

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Menus assist in making steakhouses profitable as well as sustainable. They are underrated marketing tools that can make your customers come back or never step in your steakhouse ever again. A key factor in a menu’s success as a tool for marketing is its design. Since steakhouses tend to be more casual compared to other restaurants, there is no limit on the designs that can be incorporated in their menus.

So check out these sizzling steakhouse menu designs for your steakhouse restaurant. You may also want to start your own steakhouse business after browsing through these mouth-watering design templates.

Steakhouse BBQ Restaurant Menu Template

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Steakhouse Tri-fold Menu

Steakhouse BBQ Restaurant Menu

BBQ Steak Bi-fold Menu

Steakhouse Menu Design

Western Steakhouse Menu Card

Vintage Restaurant Menu Design

BBQ/Steak Tri-fold Menu Design

Chalkboard Steakhouse Menu

This chalkboard steakhouse menu design has a unique yet compelling design that you can use for your steakhouse restaurant. This template is editable and you can place your menu items in separate food categories such as soup and salad, steak, side dishes, and beverages.

Steakhouse Restaurant Menu

This steakhouse restaurant menu template uses an image of a cow with horns as the central image. Instead of using the typical beef cuts as photos, this cow image adds a unique yet creative touch to this menu template. This menu will certainly give a Western-style feel to your restaurant and make your steakhouse restaurant the talk of the town.

Steakhouse Menu Page Design

This steakhouse menu template uses some stained paper designs for the menu background and food photos of steak dishes. The stained paper design matches well with the steak photos due to the similar brown colors and texture.

Classic Steakhouse Menu

This classic steakhouse menu template should be at the top of your priority list for menu templates to purchase. Similar to the previous template, this template has a stained paper design that matches well with themes used in steakhouse restaurants. Red and black colors are used for the text with an image of a cow with beef cuts like the flank, New York strip, rib-eye, filet mignon, T-bone, sirloin, etc. incorporated into the design for added aesthetic appeal.

Sports Bar Menu Template

Sports bars mostly serve three things: alcoholic drinks, fried food, and grilled food. Live sports events showcased in sports bars can become very tense especially if the game is close, so beer and grilled food (steaks included) can help the customer calm down and enjoy the final moments of the game. Grilled food and beer do not fill the stomachs of hungry customers, they also add to the overall experience of going to a sports bar.

BBQ Menu Template

This barbeque menu template is one template you should purchase for your steakhouse. The menu’s cover page uses a flat design but is perfectly integrated into the menu template. The logo used in the template resembles a Western-style steakhouse or meat shop with brown and black hues which you should also use for your own steakhouse. The other contents of this menu template use a white background that complements the brown-colored border.

Cafe Menu Template

This cafe menu template can be edited for your own steakhouse menu. The sample image used in this template can also be used for your steakhouse if you are serving some grilled hamburger steaks. A chalkboard design is also used for the background.

Burger Factory Menu

This burger factory menu is another template you should purchase. Even if you are not selling hamburgers but selling hamburger steaks instead, this menu template is still something you should really consider. This template also uses some white and yellow combinations for the text that perfectly complement the black background.

Barbecue Hand-drawn Illustration Set

This barbecue hand-drawn illustration set also uses some chalkboard designs that you can use in your own steakhouse menu. Different kinds of vector grilled images including hotdogs, sausages, chicken, and barbecued skewers are all available in this template when you make your purchase.

Vintage Steakhouse Restaurant Flyer

This vintage steakhouse restaurant flyer can be used as a menu for your restaurant. An image of a cattle is seen on the template’s cover which is the perfect fit for your steakhouse restaurant. Chalkboard designs are also used for this template.

Vintage Menu Template

This vintage menu template uses some vintage font styles for the text and a stained paper design for the background. This template has a unique vintage menu design. It does not matter which decade the vintage designs originate from since there are hundreds of concepts which can be used from each decade or period in history.

Minimalist Food Menu Template

Here is another menu template you can use for your steakhouse restaurant. It has a minimalist design and uses sample photos of dishes. Edit the photos to fit your own steakhouse by using photos of grilled steaks.

Meat Menu Graphics

This meat menu graphics element can be incorporated in your own steakhouse menu. The graphics contain images of pork and beef steaks which are perfect for your steakhouse menu.

Restaurant Postcard Design

This restaurant postcard design is one you can use and incorporate for your steakhouse menu. The sample images used in the template incorporates food photography of a kebab and vegetable salad. The red and blue combination provide the colors for this template.

Postcards are unique designs that have not been utilized that much in graphic design. Take advantage of the situation and use them as often as you can while incorporating them in your menu design.

Cafe and Restaurant Tri-fold Brochure

This cafe and restaurant tri-fold brochure can be edited to fit your steakhouse menu. The red, black, and white color combinations are spread across this tri-fold brochure. The cover page uses a prominent red that matches perfectly with the color of meat (beef or pork). Insert photos of steak on the cover page as well as the other pages of this tri-fold brochure.

Fiesta Menu Card

The word “fiesta” can refer to a feast or a party in English. When you eat at a steakhouse, it is always a feast. You never go into a steakhouse and eat desserts or some other light dishes. This Mexican fiesta-inspired menu card is another great option for your steakhouse menu design. In the template, each bunting or banner has its own distinct look. Since this menu card has a Mexican-inspired concept, try to add some Mexican flavors in your steak dishes (either in the marinade or in the sauces).

Christmas Dinner Menu Card

Change up your menu designs this holiday season and use this Christmas Dinner menu card. Having a Christmas theme for your menu design will get your customers excited for the holiday season. This menu template uses images of Christmas decorations and red colors for the borders and menu headings.

Grill House Steak Menu Metal Print

This grill house steak menu metal print is one of the perfect menu designs you can use for your steakhouse. Insert your menu details in this metal print or print the template directly and give it away as a souvenir to your customers.

Art Deco Vintage Menu Card

Art Deco designs are classic designs that were originally popular in the 1930s up until the early 1940s. The style’s popularity extended into architecture as buildings like the Empire State Building in New York and Florin Court in London all followed an Art Deco design. Art Deco is identifiable by its geometric patterns and vibrant color schemes.

If you have seen the 2012 movie “The Great Gatsby” starring Leonardo DiCaprio, then you have seen Art Deco designs in the entire film as well as the film’s official poster. This template wonderfully uses Art Deco art and is one template you should consider buying.

Tips on using steakhouse menu designs

Use food photography

If there is a perfect opportunity to use food photography in your restaurant, it would be in the menu design. Grilled steaks are one of the most visually attractive dishes you can take a photo of. Each angle and each shot can look mouth-wateringly perfect and you can attach them to any section of the menu. Of course, if you will be taking photos of your beautiful and sumptuous steaks, you should never go less then high resolution.

Limit the use of text

Since food photography will be the one doing all the marketing in your steakhouse menu, limit the use of text by only listing your restaurant’s dishes as well as their corresponding prices. Steer clear from giving descriptions of each dish and let your servers or waiters do the job of describing them to your customers.

Get creative

Whether you are purchasing  online templates or making your own, the overall look should not be limited to incorporating food photography or limiting the use of text. Get creative and combine different designs and art forms to make the menu design look attractive to your customers. The better the design, the better it resonates with both your recurring and new customers.

As previously mentioned, there is no limit on how steakhouse menu designs can be created. One suggestion would be using a chalkboard design as chalkboards are mostly used in meat shops. Chalkboards have also been very popular in graphic design the past few years as numerous chalkboard designs are made and sold for various events such as birthday celebrations, weddings, and business conferences or seminars. Another suggestion would be using watercolor designs. They have simple and transparent looks that are the perfect match for the bold and dominating presence of steak slab images.

Get the sizzle on with these steakhouse menu designs. Purchase them now and watch your restaurant attract customers in droves. They will be drooling for your grilled steaks as soon as they see your menu designs.

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