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A Wedding Menu is the tool or material that provides information about the food items that will be served during a wedding reception. There are many ways that a wedding menu may be presented depending on the theme of the wedding or the food service that will be implemented during the program. More so, there are a lot of items that may be included in the wedding menu structure for it to be more detailed, comprehensive and appealing to the guests of the wedding. There are also a variety of ways on how wedding menus may be given out as there are differences in the reception program and the execution of the wedding and reception plans.

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Wedding Planners Menu Template

wedding planners menu template
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Size: A4, US


Chalkboard Wedding Menu Template

free chalkboard wedding menu template
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Size: A4, US

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DIY Free Wedding Menu

diy free wedding menu Download

Free Vintage Wedding Menu

free vintage wedding menu Download

Free Wedding Dinner Menu

free wedding dinner menu Download

Free Wedding Reception Menu

free wedding reception menu Download

Wedding menus can be used may be it be in a plated or buffet setting. This item is not primarily to give details of a service type but focuses on the dissemination of food information that will allow guests to expect what they are having during a wedding reception. The wedding menu design is as much as important as the content of it as people would appreciate it even more if it is presentable, trendy, and aligned with the theme applied both in the wedding ceremonies and the reception.

Printable Wedding Menu Samples

Printable Wedding Menu Card

printable wedding menu card Download

Free Printable Wedding Menu

free printable wedding menu Download

DIY Printable Wedding Menu

diy printable wedding menu

Vintage Wedding Menu Sample

Vintage Wedding Menu Card

vintage wedding menu card5 Download

Vintage Tea Party Wedding Menu

vintage tea party wedding menu Download

Vintage Wedding Invitation Menu

vintage wedding shower menu Download

DIY Wedding Menu Samples

DIY Wedding Menu Card

diy wedding menu card Download

DIY BBQ Wedding Menu

diy bbq wedding menu Download

DIY Beach Wedding Menu

diy beach wedding menu3 Download

Who Will Create the Wedding Menu?

A wedding menu may be done through any of the following instances:

  • The host of the wedding or the wedded couple can make a personalized wedding menu where they can fully implement creative freedom by putting personal touches on the wedding menu that they will use. This works best if the couple, or any of them, is artistic and would like to create the wedding menu design to assure that it will look good and they can have a wedding menu that they have envisioned of using during the wedding reception.
  • The wedding organizers or the wedding planners of the event can include the wedding menu in the package that they will provide to the wedded couple. They usually commission people to create the design of the wedding menu and pay them a portion of what the couple will give for the creation of the wedding menu. Moreover, there are wedding organizers and planners that have an in-house designer that can easily create the wedding menu that the couple wants to use during their wedding day.
  • Caterers that will be hired for the wedding sometimes have options of providing the wedding menu for the event. These caterers can either adjust the wedding menu design according to the likeness of the couple or they can have a generic wedding menu that matches well with their food set-up.
  • Wedding menus may be done by the event location especially if it is a food establishment or the set-up design is included in the deal that have been agreed upon by the location supplier and the wedded couple. Wedding menus provided by this entity are primarily done by the marketing department of the business and is based on the theme of the wedding and the items that the couple would like to see in the wedding menu.

No matter who will create the wedding menu, it is very important to always check on the details that will be included in the Wedding Menu Template. It is essential to assure that the wedding menu will give the correct information about the food choices and the food service that will be implemented during the wedding. It all depends on the couple on who to trust in the creation of the wedding menu.

Rustic Wedding Menu Sample

Rustic Wedding Menu Card

rustic wedding menu card1 Download

DIY Rustic Wedding Menu

diy rustic wedding menu Download

Rustic Wedding Buffet Menu

rustic wedding buffet menu Download

Wedding Dinner Menu Samples

Wedding Dinner Menu Card

wedding dinner menu card Download

Summer Wedding Dinner Menu

summer wedding dinner menu Download

Wedding Anniversary Dinner Menu

wedding anniversary dinner menu Download

Wedding Reception Menu Sample

Brunch Wedding Reception Menu

brunch wedding reception menu Download

Wedding Food Menu Samples

Wedding Food Menu Card

wedding food menu card Download

Fall Wedding Food Menu

fall wedding food menu1 Download

Wedding Reception Food Menu

wedding reception food menu Download

Wedding Menu Card Samples

Wedding Invitation Menu Card

wedding invitation menu card Download

Free Wedding Menu Card

free wedding menu card1 Download

Wedding Drink Menu Samples

Printable Wedding Drink Menu

printable wedding drink menu Download

Chalkboard Wedding Drink Menu

chalkboard wedding drink menu Download

Wedding Reception Drink Menu

wedding reception drink menu Download

Factors Affecting the Creation of Wedding Menus

There are options in what wedding menu to use in the wedding reception and it all depends on the following variables:

  • The theme of the wedding plays a big role in the wedding menu creation due to the following reasons:
    • There are weddings where specific menu are needed to assure its cohesion to the theme and the entirety of the event execution.
    • Wedding themes are usually the inspiration of the wedding menu design including its layout and structure.
  • The food service that will be implemented in the wedding also is essential to be considered in deciding what wedding menu to use during the reception. This is because of the following instances:
    • If the food service is plated, it is very common to use a wedding menu that can be given out to all the guests. This should be done especially if guests are required to just choose between a few options per meal serving. Allowing them to have their own wedding menu will make it easier for them to choose the food that they want and it can also be a way for a faster meal selection and service.
    • If the food service that the couple have chosen is in buffet style, a wedding menu that is placed in the table center is already sufficient. However, it depends on the couple if they still want to give one copy per guest or they can just leave the other copies of the menu in the waiting area of the reception so people may look at them while the line for the food buffet is still long.
  • The kind of wedding menu that the couple wanted to have is an important factor to take note of as the couple is the main client of the wedding. The types of wedding menu where couples may select from are as follows:
    • It can be a wedding menu flyer which consists of just a single page where everything is already in there.
    • It can be a brochure type wedding menu where specific menu courses or food items are placed in different facets of the brochure.
    • It can be a special wedding menu where the couple wanted to create a different structure, use a different material, or provide a layout that is not associated and used in a normal wedding menu.

Aside from our wedding menu samples and templates, you may also want to view our downloadable samples of Vintage Menu Designs and Blank Party Menu Templates for additional references of menu creation usable for different events, functions and purposes.

Wedding Anniversary Menu Samples

50th Wedding Anniversary Menu

50th wedding anniversary menu2 Download

Silver Wedding Anniversary Menu

silver wedding anniversary menu3 Download

Wedding Anniversary Party Menu Template

wedding anniversary party menu3 Download

Wedding Party Menu Samples

Wedding Tea Party Menu

wedding tea party menu6 Download

Wedding Cocktail Party Menu

wedding cocktail party menu Download

Beach Wedding Menu Sample

Beach Wedding Menu Card

beach wedding menu card Download

Free Beach Wedding Menu

free beach wedding menu Download

Wedding Cocktail Menu Sample

wedding cocktail menu sample

Wedding Cocktail Reception Menu

wedding cocktail reception menu1 Download

Wedding Buffet Menu Samples

Wedding Buffet Menu Card Sample

wedding buffet menu card4 Download

DIY Wedding Buffet Menu

diy wedding buffet menu Download

Wedding Reception Buffet Menu

wedding reception buffet menu2 Download

Fall Wedding Buffet Menu

fall wedding buffet menu1

Designing the Wedding Menu

If you are tasked to create the design of the wedding menu card, here are a few guidelines that you may follow during the design planning and execution processes that you will undergo:

  • Identify the budget for the wedding menu. It may be a simple document but there are a lot of items that are needed to be paid in its creation. A few of these items are as follows:
    • The payment for the person who will be tasked to create the wedding menu
    • The kind of paper or any other medium where the wedding menu will be printed
    • The cost of printing
    • The materials and physical items that will be added in the wedding menu to make it more unique
    • The payment for special characters and fonts that are  needed to be downloaded should the couple want to use them in the wedding menu design
  • Incorporate the theme of the wedding. It is essential for the wedding menu to be coherent and aligned with the overall design aesthetic that has been applied in the wedding especially in the wedding reception. It needs to evoke a mood that is the same that of the venue and the set-up. You can use the design materials that are also used in the wedding or you can get inspiration from the icons and items that are present in the wedding set-up design.
  • Know the location of the reception. There are locations that are needed to be considered in creating a wedding menu especially those of a destination wedding. Assure that the wedding menu will reflect the location’s appearance so that everything included in the wedding set-up will be pleasant and appealing to the eyes.
  • Use a menu that is appropriate for the service type. Again, make sure that the menu that you will use is applicable to be given out depending on the food service that will be implemented during the wedding event. Consider the food items that will be served and how it will be served to the wedding guests.
  • List down the main ingredients of the menu items or the ingredients that are considered as common allergens. This will prevent people who have allergies and dietary restrictions to select the food items that are not appropriate to their diet plan and/or condition.
  • Ask for the opinion of the couple. Make sure that the couple is aware of the design of the wedding menu so that they can provide you with recommendations and other opinions that you may take to improve the wedding design based on their likeness. A wedding menu design may be okay for you, but there are various pegs and inspirations that the couple have already looked for and is expecting to be implemented in the wedding menu design creation. Do not forget that they are the client and they need to be satisfied with the work that will be presented to them.

With all these guidelines and samples, we hope that you can already create a wedding menu that is appropriate for the wedding that will be held. More so, you may also download our samples of Wedding Cards and Wedding Invitation Templates for additional guides and references.

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