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Are you a wedding planner who is on the lookout for a well-designed wedding menu to use for your own or a client’s wedding reception? If yes, you are in the right corner of the internet as this article contains (almost) everything you will need to know about creating beautiful wedding menu cards.

Weddings, after all, are not complete without a reception event. The newlyweds still need to express gratitude for and celebrate with family and friends through a sit-down meal and a pre-planned program. In this article, we share pieces of advice on how anyone can design their own wedding menu cards. Printable examples of free and premium wedding menu templates are also embedded below so check them out.

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Elements of A Good Wedding Menu

A menu card helps tie up every dining-related concern so that you, the wedding planner, or the newlyweds themselves will not have to answer every guest’s question about what kind of food is being served. It is imperative for a wedding planner to create an organized yet creative wedding menu card.

And to help you do that, we have compiled the top elements that make a good wedding menu design. Read and find out what these design features or characteristics are below.

1. Menu Design Motif or Theme: Just like creating any kind of graphic design project, the best and most effective ones are those that follow one design theme. This applies when making wedding menu cards as well. For best results, follow the same theme as your wedding theme. For example, you may create lace wedding menu cards if your other wedding stationery already follows the same design motif.

2. Typography: When designing a wedding menu, you need to keep in mind that the readability of the menu card. This especially applies if the wedding dinner is going to be held in a venue with low light or if it will be held outdoors. To promote a positive reading experience, choose clean and big font styles. You do not have to follow the calligraphy fonts used in your wedding invitation cards. Choose typefaces that are readable but still exude the same sense of elegance that other more creative fonts have.

3. Menu Descriptions: Another important design element that should be present in a wedding menu are the menu descriptions. Add brief menu descriptions if you are serving gourmet dishes or fusion dishes. Menu descriptions may also include an ingredient list so that your guests are warned of any ingredient/s that they may be allergic of.

4. Layout: The menu card’s layout is another essential element that helps transform simple menus into something more compelling and useful. Follow a simple yet organized card layout so that wedding guests can easily focus on the actual menu list and their options.

5. Color Scheme: Menu cards often become the center attraction when your wedding guests finally find their designated tables and places during your wedding reception. And to make it worthy of all the attention, it is best to choose an equally striking color scheme for your wedding menu cards. You may follow the official wedding colors or motif. Or, you may choose other complementary colors as long as they still tie up with the overall wedding theme.

Intelligently combine all the elements above and you will have in your hands a wedding menu card design that you will be proud of. Practice incorporating all these design elements until you come across a menu card design that will suit the kind of wedding reception event you are planning.

10+ Wedding Menu Templates

Check out all the downloadable wedding menu templates in PSD, AI, Pages, Publisher, and Word file formats below. Each template is also fully customizable so that you can add your own touches for your special day.

Classic Wedding Menu Invitation Template

classic wedding menu invitation template 788x552 Download Now

Elegant Wedding Menu Template

elegant wedding menu template 788x552 Download Now

Minimalist Wedding Menu Card Template

minimalist wedding menu card template 788x552 Download Now

Pink Floral Wedding Menu Card Template

pink floral wedding menu card template 788x552 Download Now

Reception Wedding Menu Template

reception wedding menu template 788x552 Download Now

Simple Wedding Menu Template

simple wedding menu template 788x552 Download Now

Wedding Ceremony Menu Template

wedding ceremony menu template 788x552 Download Now

Chalkboard Wedding Menu Template

chalkboard wedding menu template
File Format
Size: 8.5 inches by 11 inches


Lace Wedding Menu Template

lace wedding menu template
File Format
Size: 8.5 inches by 11 inches


Sample Wedding Menu Template

sample wedding menu template
File Format
Size: 8.5 inches by 11 inches


Simple Tips For an Excellent Wedding Menu

Still unsure on how to begin crafting a wedding menu card? Fret not. In the next few paragraphs, we are sharing a few more design hacks and card-making tips that anyone may follow. Keep an open mind and you will jumpstart your menu card-making process.

1. Follow flower arrangement and table design: In some cases, your wedding menu card does not have to exactly match your wedding invitation and other wedding stationery design. What is important is that the menu card matches the flower arrangement and table design on your wedding reception. To illustrate, if you are using pink lilies as your table centerpiece against a powder blue tablecloth, it makes sense to create a wedding menu card that uses either one or both colors.

2. Try adding your wedding monogram: Another way to personalize any menu card is to add your own wedding monogram. This does not only make the menu card appear more elegant but it also ties up your menu card with all the other wedding stationeries that use the same monogram design.

3. Know your guests’ dietary restrictions: As much as a wedding is all about the newlyweds, the event is also about the people you have invited to the event. And one way to ensure that they get the most out of the event is to know your guests’ dietary restrictions ahead of time. The usual way to do this is to ask your guests to fill out any allergies they have or diets that they are following on the RSVP card sent with your wedding invitations.

4. Use the menu to tell your story as a couple: One way to make your wedding menu card more memorable for the newlyweds and their guests is to incorporate the couple’s story through their menu card template and through the dishes itself. A wedding menu card can include random facts about the couple and how their story unfolded. Another way to do this is to serve actual dishes or cocktails that the couple loves.

5. Use a printable wedding menu template: Another way to make the menu card-making process a lot easier is to use pre-made wedding menu templates. Multiple examples are shared above so feel free to take inspiration from these template designs. You may use any of these wedding card templates and personalize them to fit your own wedding theme or motif.

How to Create a Wedding Menu

Shared below is a step by step guide on how to craft your very own wedding menu. Take note of each step so that it will be easier for you to craft the wedding menu card design of your dreams.

1. Choose a wedding theme or motif.

2. Compile all the images, illustrations, font styles, and other design elements that you want to use for your menu card. Save these files in one folder for easier access later on.

3. Write down or type the menu items and their corresponding descriptions. Use short yet enticing words.

4. Open your preferred graphic design software tool.

5. Start designing your wedding menu by opening a blank template or document. Begin editing.

6. Alternatively, you may download and edit a pre-made wedding menu template instead.

7. Incorporate all the design and style elements you wish to add to your wedding menu card.

8. Ask someone else to review the menu card design. Make all the necessary changes if warranted.

9. Save the final template file on a flash drive or email to your print shop.

10. Choose a paper or cardstock size.

11. Choose high-quality paper or cardstock. You may also incorporate other advanced printing techniques if you prefer.

12. Print out the wedding menu template.

You now have a printed wedding menu in your hands! Congratulate yourself for getting this far and for finally learning how to make your own wedding menu card. If you can create your wedding menu cards, then nothing can stop you in crafting all your other wedding stationery as well.

Wedding Menu Sizes

There is no standard size for wedding menus. If you are printing a menu from a pre-made template, you may follow the template’s default paper print size or you may change it according to your preferences. In this article, most of the free and premium templates follow the standard US paper printing size which is 8.5 inches by 11 inches.

Wedding Menu FAQs

What is a wedding menu template?

A wedding menu template is a pre-made graphic design file creating using various image editing and compositing software programs. Each template file comes with pre-formatted graphics, illustrations, fonts, images, placeholders, and layout files needed to create a wedding menu design.

What is the difference between a wedding menu card and a wedding place card?

A wedding menu card is a printed list of all the dishes or food items that will be served in a wedding dinner or reception event. A wedding place card, on the other hand, is a printed card that contains a person’s name and is used to mark that person’s assigned place or table.

What to write in a wedding menu?

Wedding menu cards should contain the following pieces of information: 1) List of dishes or food that will be served during the wedding and which course, 2) Beverage options, 3) Brief description of each menu item, 4) Other wedding details that the couple wishes to add.

Follow the design tips and use any of the free printable menu templates above, and you will have an easier time creating your own wedding menu cards. To see more examples of customizable menu card templates and other wedding templates, check out the rest of our website.

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