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Wedding planning is an interesting activity as it is where the collaboration of the soon-to-be-wedded couple and a lot of stakeholders like suppliers and organizers happen. Within the entirety of the wedding preparation, the personalities and characteristics of the couple can be seen especially through the aesthetic of their wedding materials. Though the process of wedding menu template planning can be time-consuming, organizing specific activities can help a lot in terms of achieving the goals and objectives of all the entities involved in it.

When planning a wedding, all the wedding materials should be cohesive with one another for the ambiance of the entire wedding to be realized. Aside from the wedding invitation and presentations, the wedding menu should also be designed appropriately and in-theme. To help you create your own wedding’s food menu, we have put together a variety of themed wedding menu samples in PSD which can serve as your guide for this particular undertaking.

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Ways to Present a Wedding Menu

A wedding menu is a document that guests use to identify the food items that they would like to have during your wedding’s reception. Some of the ways on how a wedding menu can be presented are as follows:

  • A wedding menu card can be printed on a piece of paper or a board and directly placed on the plates or table sitting of your guests. This will allow guests to individually browse through the selection of food available during the event. This works best for plated or ala carte servings. When using this kind of wedding menu, make sure that you will provide each seat with one menu card.
  • A wedding menu can be a part of the centerpiece of each table. This way, all the guests can see the food items that will be served during the reception. This is a great substitute to printing the sample wedding menu based on the number of guests. Instead, it can be based on the number of tables so that the payment for the tool’s creation and production can be lessened. You can add the wedding menu to flower arrangements and the like. On another note, you can also make it a stand-alone centerpiece by adding different materials like stones, gems, and candles.
  • A wedding menu can also be in a form of a wedding menu board. Your wedding menu board can be by the entrance of the reception so that the guests will already be aware of what they will eat. A wedding menu board can also be stationed in the buffet line so the wedding guests can already decide what to get while waiting for their turn.

Wedding Menu Board Template

closeup 3 788x624

Whether it is a chalkboard wedding menu or a modern-looking menu board, your wedding menu board of choice works best if you have invited more than a hundred guests. This type of menu is usually printed on a big canvas. This makes the menu more visible even in a big function hall or reception area.

Floral Wedding Menu Templates

A floral wedding menu is one of the most commonly used wedding menu templates. This is due to the following reasons:

  • A floral wedding menu is a great way to make the menu conform to the aesthetic of the event. You can use the image of the flowers that you have used during your wedding ceremony and reception. This will directly provide a cohesive look to the menu and the location of the event.
  • A floral wedding menu showcases a classic design. There are a lot of ways you can incorporate floral designs in your wedding menu. This way, you can present your food options in a classic and pleasing manner. A bridal shower menu is also usually created with floral designs for the same reason.
  • A floral wedding menu is attractive and visually appealing. Using floral wedding menus can make the entire table setting look more beautiful. This will add to the overall experience of the wedding guests.

Floral Wedding Menu Design

floral decorative wedding menu template design2 788x591

The key to creating a beautiful event menu with floral patterns or designs is the cohesion of all the details that will be placed in the menu. It is not just about the floral images but also the colors that will be used for the background. If you are new to using floral designs, then combining different hues and tones of the same color in your wedding menu can do the trick.

Beautiful Wedding Menu

aa  788x591

Your floral wedding menu can showcase just a single flower or you can use a combination of the flowers that you have used within the entirety of the wedding. When using a floral wedding menu, have a color palette or a color scheme in mind so that the menu will look put together and organized. Use brush fonts that are complementary to the floral design that you have selected so you can complete a wedding menu look that is worth the attention of your guests.

Classic Wedding Menu Design

wedding invitation suite floral feelings 788x525

You can overlay modern calligraphy fonts and flowers so your wedding menu can look more interesting. This can provide uniqueness to the design that you will use. You can use the same floral elements that you placed in other wedding materials so your wedding menu can be a part of your entire wedding design undertaking.

Summer Floral Wedding Menu

summer floral wedding invitation 3  788x524

Just like a summer floral wedding menu, you can base your wedding menu’s floral design on the season when your wedding will be held. Summer blooms are very saturated and colorful which can help your wedding menu look more playful and flamboyant. Using flower fonts can also add to the effectiveness of the design that you are going for.

Simple Wedding Menu

wedding invitation 788x525

Wedding Menu Template PSD

wedding menu template

You can use floral designs without going too crazy on colors. Monochromatic floral wedding menus can give you the vintage vibe that can be perfect if you have a vintage-themed wedding. The luxurious effect that this wedding menu can provide is perfect for wedding receptions that are held in grand ballrooms and hotel function halls. Use thin fonts to complete the look of your wedding menu.

If you do not want to use images of actual flowers, then you can use abstract flowers as a design for your wedding party menu template. This can add a subtle touch of femininity and softness to the design that you would like to achieve. You can make the abstract flowers the focal point of your wedding menu or you can also place them on the sides and edges of your menu to create a beautiful border.

Vector Wedding Menu Card

1 1 788x525

If you want your floral design to look more “constructed”, then using a vector floral wedding menu is the best option for you. You can play with different patterns to create the specific vector that you would like to incorporate in your wedding menu’s overall look. This type of floral design is also commonly used when creating wine menus.

Modern Wedding Menu

wedding suite by kamii cm5  788x524

As a part of a wedding suite or a collection of wedding tools and printed materials,  this pink blooms wedding menu will surely blend with all the other tools that you will use for your wedding. Instead of using a flower design as the background of your menu, you can use it as the footer to add a touch of elegance and sophistication. Watercolor menu designs were soft brush strokes are used to create the images of the flowers can look great when a contrasting plain background is used as it can give more emphasis to the details of the flowers.

Wedding Food Menu Template

1  788x525

Why use a Wedding Menu in PSD?

There are different software programs that you can use to create and develop the design of your wedding menu and its menu layout. However, we highly suggest the use of wedding menus in PSD for the following reasons:

  • Using Photoshop when designing and editing your wedding menu can ensure you will get output in high definition. This will make your wedding menu look professionally-made and appropriate for a grand celebration.
  • There are different tools that you can use to improve the look of your wedding menu. Through the help of brushes and other editing tools, you can easily create an outstanding wedding menu design.
  • You can make your wedding menu truly your own. Using Photoshop to create the details for your wedding menu can help you incorporate your own design aesthetic in the templates that you will use. A few changes applied in a wedding menu can actually make it more unique.

Garden Wedding Menu Templates

If you still want your wedding menu to look fresh and vibrant but you want to veer away from using flowers and other floral designs, then the usage of garden wedding menu templates will surely suit your taste. It will work best if you use a garden wedding printable menu template included in template sets so you can easily make your wedding menu related to the other documents, materials, and tools that you will disseminate to your wedding guests. Combining the design of scroll menus and garden-themed menus can be a great idea if you want to use a garden wedding menu with understated elegance.

Foliage Wedding Menu

wedding invitation suite green foliage 788x525

You do not necessarily need to make your wedding menu look like an actual garden if you want to use a garden-themed menu. All you need to do is select a particular leaf pattern that you may incorporate in different areas of the table menu to still make it look modern even with the presence of leaves.

Tropical Wedding Menu Template

mockup  788x525

For a more minimalist approach, you can use leaves to serve as the margin elements of your wedding menu. A touch of black in the background can make the color of the leaves pop even more. This particular wedding menu can be used as a buffet menu or a plated-service menu since its design is versatile.

Botanical Wedding Menu

cover 1 788x525

If you want to take your garden wedding menu to the next level, then using images of fruits and plants can help you with that. Garden weddings can make use of this garden party menu to create a more relaxed environment during a reception.

Leaf Wedding Menu

4  788x524

Aside from fruits and plants, leaves that are either embossed, illustrated, or painted can also be a great addition to garden wedding menu templates. This can make your wedding menu look like a rustic menu used during gatherings in garden blocks and patios. Make sure to use a color scheme that is close to the color palette of your wedding.

Tropical Leaves Wedding Menu

mainmockup5  788x525

Things to remember when making a wedding menu

If you are already preparing to make your wedding menu, here are some of the things that you should be mindful of such as:

  • Always maintain the theme of your wedding. Your wedding menu may be a simple tool but it helps a lot in ensuring that your guests can still see the theme of your wedding even in the minute details.
  • Make sure to present the food items in an organized and accurate manner. More than the design of our printable menu template, the content of the wedding menu is what truly matters.
  • Design the wedding menu in a way that it will not get all the attention from the actual menu listing. Always find the balance between your texts and images. This will make your wedding menu look properly created.
  • Use font styles and sizes that are understandable and readable. Keep your guests in mind when creating the design of your wedding menu. Make sure that they will have an easy time when browsing the content of the menu that you will present them with.
  • Base the design of your wedding menu on the kind of food serving that you will practice during your wedding reception. May it be in the usage of colors, icons, or images, there should be a design material in your wedding that can be seen and incorporated into your wedding menu.

Simple Wedding Menu Templates

There is nothing wrong with using visually striking wedding printables. However, do not forget that there is also beauty in simplicity. If the theme of your wedding is simple, white, or classic, use simple wedding menu templates to match your wedding’s visual aesthetic.

Vintage Wedding Menu

wedding invitation set 788x525

You do not need a lot of design materials to make your wedding menu stand out. As an example, use brush strokes as your text features. The simplicity of the design can actually work for the aesthetic that you would like to achieve. Subtly textured backgrounds placed in your menu template will look great when used in this particular design idea.

Minimalist Wedding Menu Template

closeup  788x624

Adding simple images and icons can also help you create the visual mood of the wedding menu. Drawn materials like leaves, stems, and the like can easily add character to the design of your wedding menu. The use of simple and linear designs can make your menu look more polished.

Black and White Wedding Menu

black white wedding cards 788x525

A simple wedding menu can also take a few notes from vintage designs. If you want your wedding to have that glamorous feel without being too old-fashioned, then using a vintage black-and-white menu should be one of the wedding menu designs listed at the top of your options.

Calligraphy Wedding Menu Template

closeup 1 788x624

Calligraphy has been placed in different materials. So why not use it as a part of party menu designs, or your wedding menu to be specific? Using calligraphy can show refined artistry which is very timely to be used for an event that is personal and heart-warming.

Sleek Wedding Menu Template

wedding invitation pack 788x526

If you want to make your wedding menu look sleeker, you can use margins made of pastel-colored lines to separate the menu options for your guests. Using a simple blank event menu, structured fonts, and a relaxing color palette can make your guests focus more on the content of your wedding menu.

Clean Wedding Menu Template

closeup 2 788x624

Using a simple wedding menu may be underrated but its proper usage can actually do a lot for your reception. If you do not know how to incorporate the theme of your wedding in the menu for your reception, then using texts and a plain background can help you ensure that your wedding menu will not be a distraction when it comes to the visuals of your table setting.

Colorful Wedding Menu

wedding invitation set vol

If you want to experiment a bit but still want to keep things simple, then you can color block when designing your wedding menu. Use muted colors to achieve a sophisticated design.

Editable Wedding Menu Design

menu a cm 01  788x525

Artistic Wedding Menu Templates

The theme of your wedding menu will depend on the theme of your wedding. However, you can always squeeze in a few artistic ways on how you will present your wedding menu. Take a few notes from the samples below.

Classic Wedding Menu Design

wedding invitation menu rsvp card set 788x525

Doodles are not only made for the back pages of your notebooks. You can also use doodles to design your wedding menu so you can entertain your guests in the simplest of ways.

Stationery Wedding Menu

lmp cm 1  788x524

Aside from using doodles, you can also get inspiration from wedding stationery designs when creating your wedding menu. Make it look as if you are just sending a note to your wedding guests when handing them the menu for your wedding.

Confetti Wedding Menu Template

confetti wedding pack 788x525

You can also make it more celebratory by using bold colors and confetti. Your wedding menu will surely make your guests excited to party after eating.

Elegant Wedding Menu Templates

Planning an elegant wedding should not end with the set-up of your location. Even the wedding menu that you will use should also evoke sophistication. An elegant wedding menu can come in different looks as there are a lot of ways you can present a wedding menu in such a manner.

Sample Wedding Menu Card

wedding invitation menu cards design 788x591

Use elegant patterns as background and you are set to create a memorable wedding menu. The simplicity of the design makes the menu fit to be used in weddings with different themes.

Sample Wedding Menu

wedding invitation suite nautical vibes 788x525

If your wedding is set on an island and you will have your reception on a yacht, use a wedding menu with nautical vibes. You can also use this wedding menu design if your reception is by the beach. The elegant features of nautical designs can make your wedding menu a real standout.

Black-and-Gold Wedding Menu

wedding invitation black gold 788x525

What can be more elegant than shades of black and gold placed in the same medium? Add the usage of parchment paper texture and soft waves and you are already set to expect that the wedding is truly classic and grand.

Classic and Elegant Wedding Menu

classic wedding set of 8 788x525

Using shiny and lustrous materials for your wedding menu is very elegant. Even if the design is minimal in this particular wedding card template, the color of your wedding menu can already get the attention of your wedding guests.

Trifold Wedding Menu Package

trifold wedding set menu package 788x525

When your business is within the wedding industry, you can use a trifold wedding set menu when providing information about your services. This way, couples can easily identify whether you can be a prospective supplier for their wedding.

Advantages of using an informative and appealing wedding menu

A wedding menu is more than a simple tool during wedding receptions. It serves as the document that can make the food selection and food service easier and faster. It can also make your wedding reception venue look more connected to the theme of your wedding. Guests who need to take time when selecting their food for the event can benefit the most from using your wedding menu. Aside from these, there are still a lot of advantages that may be experienced through the usage of a wedding menu.

If you want to make your wedding reception an easy affair for all the attendees and suppliers of your wedding, you need to make sure that your wedding menu is informative. Finally, the design of the menu presented in a PSD wedding template speaks so much of your preparation for the event so make sure to make it look appealing.

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