10+ Minimalistic Magazine Templates

  • February 2017
  • Design Templates

Minimalistic magazine templates are all about magazine designs that are simple clean and minimal. When we say minimal, we mean that a design that only focus of on the most important aspect of the creation. There should not be extra unnecessary elements added to the design. Minimalism, in design, comprises of the most basic colors, shapes, textures and other such elements.

The same approach can be used while creating magazine designs. We have with us a list of templates that will provide you with the basic structure of a minimalistic magazine design. This will not only help you create a clean and simple magazine design but also help you in understand the art of minimalism better.

Professional Minimal Magazine Template


With minimalistic approach, you can be sure that the design would turn out to be clean and chaos free. If you want to create a magazine design that is clean and simple, and also save your time, download the template from the box given below. You can make all kind of changes to the template without having to create the magazine design from the scratch.

Minimal Style Magazine Template


The template design is minimalistic but very stylish and completely contemporary. The cover page is interestingly designed and looks more of like a newspaper. With this template you can prepare a 40 page magazine, each having separate layers for easy editing and customization. The template is compatible with both InDesign and CS4.

Minimal Magazine Layout Template


This is the most simple and basic magazine layout that you can get. If you are looking for something like this, this is the right place. With the template, you can get the magazine design in print ready format. All you have to do is, edit it with your content and information.

InDesign Minimal Magazine Template


The template consist of a 30 page magazine design mainly focused on nature related theme. The magazine is available in both A4 and US Letter size. You can use the images provided in the template or replace them with your own images using InDesign.

Minimalist Architecture Magazine Template


This magazine template design is mainly focused on interior design and architecture. It comes with 32 pages and 16 master pages, each of which can be edited in InDesign and CS4. The two fonts that the template uses are Novecento and Myriad Pro

Free Minimalist Magazine Template


This magazine template is available for free download. Which means you can create a new magazine design without having to hire any professional graphic design, without spending a lot of money and without wasting a lot of time. The template will provide you with the basic outline, design and a structure of a magazine. You just have to replace the background, images and text via the smart layers.

Clean Minimal Magazine Template


Minimal Magazine Cover Template


Simple Minimal Magazine Template


You take inspiration from this super minimalistic magazine deign to create your own minimalistic magazine. If you do not wish to create the magazine right from the start, you can always download the template from the download box given below.

Minimal Lifestyle Magazine Template


With minimalistic design, the magazine becomes much easy to read and grasp. There are no unnecessary elements included and hence the design becomes non chaotic and pleasing to the eyes. The purpose of minimalism in design is to make the content stand out. The reader would definitely be able to focus more with such designs.