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Names serve as an identification to every person all over the world. Whether the actual name or a nickname, names generally distinguish one person from the other. In cases where people in a room barely know each other and needs to be acquainted, names become a window to intimate or professional relationships. But, what if you are too shy to go up to the person and ask for their names? Then everything is but a wasted opportunity. However, such struggle can be aided by simply providing a medium that sets to identify each individual, the name tags.

By definition, name tags are “a piece of paper, fabric, plastic, metal with a name of an individual written on it and is attached to the person’s garment”. Other than being a feature at events that requires people to network with each other, name tags are also profusely used in businesses with employees dealing with physical customer contact— they have a name tag with both their name and their position on it. With that said, if you are someone who wish to provide a name tag to either your employees or people in a formal event, here is a list of name tags designs and templates you can for such purposes.

Abstract Faux Gold Brushstrokes on White Name Tag

abstract faux gold brushstrokes on white name tag

Black & Gold Stripes Modern Geometric Design Name Tag

black gold stripes modern geometric design name tag

White & Gray Marble and Silver Texture Design Name Tag

white gray marble and silver texture design name tag

What Commonly Goes On a Name Tag?

Unlike most name badges business use, a name tag does not have an abundance of information on it. In fact, it only requires little and still be effective. But, somehow name tags vary from one business to another which presents instances where there are more pieces of information in one name tag than the other.

The most common pieces of information that goes on a name tag are the name and job position. First names are ingrained in whatever medium your name tag is made of because it ideally makes someone feel special when a person is called upon by their name. And taking into consideration that people encounter lots of people on a day to day basis, having the name on a name tag will simply make it easier for people to remember who it is they are referring to. On the other hand, job positions are also added on the name tag as it becomes convenient for people to know who it is they are talking to. Whether he or she is the employee, the manager, the supervisor, or even a new trainee, putting that on the name tag will make it easier for people to distinguish who is who.

However, some add more to their name tags, especially on a business standpoint. Others also include the name and the logo of the company they work for. If not, they go far extents by also adding contact information and a little bit of personal information other than the name (i.e birthday).

Monogram Striped Black Gold Beauty Salon Name Tag

monogram striped black gold beauty salon name tag

Black and Dark Green Damask with Gold Trim Design Name Tag

black and dark green damask with gold trim design name tag

Where Are Name Tags Commonly Used?

Name tags are often used in different occasions in order to easily identify who the person is. There are various events with which name tags are commonly seen year in and year out. Although used in different events, the intent to why the medium is chosen is still firm and the same all across.

1. Schools

Theoretically, this is where people were first introduced to name tags, in school, preschool mostly. When teachers would demand of their students to create one with their name creatively so other students would easily know who you are and which person they are talking to. But more than that, also because it was easier for teachers to identify who the student was at times when attention needs to be called.

2. Birthday Parties

Birthday parties, in people’s younger years, is also where name tags were also profusely used. Those sticky white papers with names written in markers commonly excite kids. Back then, it was done for the sole purpose of the hosts easily identifying who the kids were participating in the games were.

3. Conferences

Although a seldom feature in most conferences, there are still some conferences who require their participants to wear around them a name tag. This is most helpful in cases when people participate in forums or any activity, which makes identifying the person a lot easier.

4. Business Establishments

Business establishments are also where name tags are commonly used, such as fast food establishments, restaurants or even cafes. Every employee in the establishment have one, with both their name and their corresponding position in the business. Most establishments do this so customers would not have a hard time calling the employee’s name when in need of service or assistance.

Conference Name Tag Mockup

conference name tag mockup 788x524

Lanyard Name Tag Badge Mockup

lanyard name tag badge mockup 788x524

Importance of Name Tags

Name tags are vital to any businesses. There are certain benefits that entail to having the people who work for a business wear name tags, especially ones that require their people to religiously wear them around. Most people fail to recognize these reasons, thus the act of allowing employees to leave it behind or hide it somewhere, unworn and unused, unappreciated.

1. Name Tags Promote the Business

Since employees are tasked to wear the name tags at work, there is always the high tendency they forget to take it off on breaks, simply leaving it on. Which will allow other people to see which company the individual is working for. This is simply an effective way promoting the business and creating a greater brand awareness to those who are not yet acquainted with the business in general

2. Name Tags Help Employees Identify One Another

Since a name tag contains the name of the employee and sometimes their position at work, it makes it easier for employees to identify each other. Considering that a business consists of hundreds and hundreds of workers, there is the inevitability that each one will not be acquainted with one another, let alone know who each other’s names are.

3. Name Tags Create Conversations

Name tags can be used as conversation starters, especially between employees and customers. It can generate a topic that starts with the name then the profession up to the things the person is interested in doing. Which will ultimately create a rapport and professional relationship between the employee and the customer which will benefit the business in the long run.

4. Name Tags Provide Security

Considering that name tags contain not only the name of the person but also the name and the logo of where he or she works at, this will provide a sense of security knowing the nature of the person’s visit. It will ultimately assure everyone around that the employee is meant to do business and nothing more and nothing less.

Name Tag Badge Mockup


07 lanyard name badge tag mock up 3 788x591

Horizontal Lanyard / Badge Mock-up

horizontal lanyard badge mock up 788x451

Lawn Or Landscaping Simple Design Name Tag

lawn or landscaping simple design name tag

Premade Name Tags Designs and Templates

For companies who provide their employees with name tags, there are different ways for how you can acquire such. But among the variations of ways, one is more ideal because of its practicality and effectivity and this is by simply buying one that is premade and readily available online.

1. Affordability

One of the very reasons why people opt to go for premade name tags designs and templates are because of their affordability. Premade name tags are generally more affordable than its other counterparts that offer topnotch quality in design (i.e. having it custom made). Also, despite being an affordable option, premade name tags are not being compromised in terms of quality.

2. Workability

Taking into account the fact that the premade option comes with designs and templates that are already pre designed and laid out, it is so much easier to work with. One does not need to have extensive knowledge about design or the different design software, just a ton of creativity and the willingness to do it. Those who opt for the premade option can simply use the initial design and layout of the name tag as guide when they start to work on their name tags or as inspirations they can base off of.

3. Editability

Premade name tags designs and templates (or any premade design for that matter) are fully editable and customizable. Considering that one is given the ample freedom to do whatever he or she wants with their chosen design, solely means it is indeed editable. One can fully edit the texts, fonts, colors, sizes, and a few other elements of the design to his or her preference. At times, it comes with smart object layers that enable any individual who goes for the medium to move around elements of the design to create a more unique and personalized name tag design.

4. Design Variations

Despite being already made; the premade option offers an array of design variations. One for every different preference. There are simple name tag designs, minimal designs, modern and fun name tag designs.

If you find this article helpful in any way, do not forget to bookmark this page for future references. And, kindly share this with other individuals working in a business seeking the most uniquely designed name tags perfect for any occasion.

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