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7+ Abstract Paintings – PSD

Abstract painting is a kind of art that uses different forms of colors, lines, and shapes to interpret a subject matter that is not commonly understood by the viewers, especially at a first glance or when no caption or description of the art has been given. That being said, abstract paintings do not follow specific rules and guidelines on symmetry and the likes. It has its individual character that veers away from the usual visual references present in normal artworks.

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Our abstract painting samples are all downloadable. You may also want to check our acrylic paintings should you be interested with another form of painting.

Simple Abstract Painting

Surreal Abstract Painting

A Visual Language

Just like any other art form, abstract paintings represent the thoughts of the painter. The only difference with any other art forms is that the visual language used to interpret a thought in an abstract painting rely on the own terms of the painter and not on structures that can easily be identified.

A common abstract composition usually depicts a theme or a visual communication that does not reflect any items in visible reality. It has a world of its own as it encompasses a departure from reality by using a different kind of imagery and playing up with the thoughts of those who are to see it.

Abstract paintings have been a way to break the norms of visual paintings and provide a variety of improvement in terms of art forms through the changes in composition that it has undergone through time.

You may also browse our fine art paintings should you already know enough about abstract paintings.

Abstract Digital Painting

Abstract Oil Painting

Acrylic Abstract Painting

Vintage Abstract Painting

Abstract Composition

A lot of people think that creating an abstract painting is as easy as putting paint splatters on canvas and just applying brush strokes that a person wants. Moreover, the underlying concept of creating an abstract painting is to showcase an interpretation of an idea, an emotion, or a reality based on the painter’s target mood and imagery. It is not just about lines and shapes made that contain an empty thought.

A good abstract painting must be able to lay down its foundations first before it is being started so that there would be a common ground that will hold all the unconnected compositions that will then relay the message of the painting in a concise manner as how the painter wanted it to be.

Esoteric Art Form

An abstract painting may be considered esoteric or as an art form is intended to be understood by people who have the same level of knowledge and interest. Only a few people can understand abstract art and what it means, and only through it will they be able to appreciate the beauty of the entirety of the painting.

It can go away from being this way if people would look at the details of an abstract painting and look beyond the reality of the object that they see. Use the items present in an abstract painting as symbolism and intertwine them together to feel the intensity of emotions that is being portrayed.

It may take some time for more people to appreciate an abstract painting, especially if they do not know what it means. Nonetheless, being able to identify the visual language used by the painter is like breathing a new kind of air that will make you look at things differently.

Aside from abstract paintings, we also have downloadable oil paintings which you may be interested to look at.

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