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8+ Cool Beach Painting Ideas

The beach is one of the places that is commonly used as a subject in paintings. It is very evident that it is because of the natural beauty of the beach and the color variations that look so great together. It is also interesting to see different interpretations of beaches as these places also differ depending on their location and how it is being taken cared of and/or developed by the locals.

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We can give you samples of cool beach painting ideas, which you may apply in the beach painting that you want to create. Other than that, we also have other samples of painting ideas that you may recreate in other subjects that you want to use in your painting project.

Sunset Beach Painting

Sky and Beach Painting

Abstract Beach Painting

Acrylic Beach Painting


DIY Beach Painting

The Time of The Day

The same beach looks different in various times of the day. It is because of the colors of the skies, the quality of the tides that are hitting the shores, and the activities that are done in specific periods of the day. Beach paintings may get inspiration from how the beach looks like, depending on the time of the day. This can be achieved through the following:

  • You can paint the beach during daylight where everything is bright. You can set the color tone by using the natural colors of the things that can be found in the beach. A painting inspired by the beach at daytime can provide energy and a positive outlook as the place can be so alive during this specific time of the day.
  • You can paint the beach during sunset where the sundown actually gives a natural glow to the entire beach area. It helps in creating the beach a more romantic place through the shadow plays that are happening in the environment. Moreover, you can make use of darker color shades and a different palette which consists of purple, orange, red, and other colors that are commonly seen during sunset.
  • The beach may also be painted in a way that it looks like during sundown. It can be beautiful by showcasing different kinds of lights and light sources that are usually found in the beach. It creates an illusion of a peaceful place where people can rest after a day full of errand and activities.

Other than our beach painting samples, you may also be interested to browse through our samples and templates of sunset paintings.

Watercolor Beach Painting


Palm Tree Beach Painting

Beach Canvas Painting

Items That Can be Found in the Beach

A beach painting can never be boring as there are a lot of subjects that can be found in the beach. You can focus on specific items, events, or things that can depict the natural beauty of beaches as your painting subject. A few of these items are as follows:

  • You can paint shells and stones, and you can also use different techniques in painting sand textures so that the shells can be covered with them in a more natural way.
  • You can give focus on coconuts and other tropical plants and trees that can be found in the beach as the color of their leaves truly look good together with the blue hues of the ocean and the skies.
  • You can also paint the activities that people do in the beach like sun bathing, playing beach volleyball, lounging on sandbars, and other elements that can make the viewer of your painting feel the energy of the beach.

Aside from our beach painting templates, you may also browse through our templates of ocean paintings, if you want to focus more on the clear waters of the ocean rather than the entire beach area as your subject.

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