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10+ Amazing Elephant Paintings

Whenever we think of the word’s gentle giant, most would automatically think of the majestic elephant. They are indeed huge in size, but they have shown to have hearts just as big. With their long trunks and wide ears, this animal is one we cannot overlook and forget. I mean, we have all wanted a trunk when we we’re children at one point, right?

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If you need inspiration to satisfy your love for elephants, then we have just the thing! We have collected samples of elephant paintings for you to download and customize or even marvel at the majesty of these gentle creatures as painting ideas. You can also check out our website for elephant-themed invitation cards, vectors, and even tattoos.

Baby Elephant Painting

Acrylic Elephant Painting

Elephant Canvas Painting


Elephant Oil Painting

Elephant Face Painting

Colorful Elephant Painting

All There Is to Know about Elephants

To help you get started with downloading away your favorite animals, here are some fun facts you might not have heard yet:

  • Elephants are the largest land mammal. There are various kinds of elephants from different parts of the world, and each have a different sizes as well depending on where they live.
  • The brain of the elephant is the largest of all land mammals. It weighs over 5 kgs. The structure of their brains are also similar to our brains.
  • They are intelligent creatures. They have amazing memories, which allow them to remember the location of water holes and can recognize senior elephants.
  • Like humans, as they grow up, they have to learn certain behavior when socializing with other elephants.
  • They can communicate with each other by touching, hearing, and smelling. Just like us, they use a range of sounds to talk to each other and even give off infrasonic sounds, which we humans cannot hear.
  • They can recognize themselves when they look in the mirror. This comes to show that this level of self-awareness is a sign that their intelligence reaches the point of self-recognition, which some animals do not have.
  • They show empathy for others, and elephants have been known to show emotions such as grief.
  • The trunk of an elephant is massively strong and powerful but at the same time it is sensitive.
  • Their pregnancy stage have a shockingly long period, which is an astounding 22 months!
  • They can live up to 70 years, but other elephants, such as Asian elephants, can live up to 60 years.
  • Elephants absolutely love water. They like to swim and dive into water. They especially have fun fighting the waves, and since they are so large in size, swimming gives their joints relief.

For more animal paintings, you can find them here on

Watercolor Elephant Painting

Vintage Elephant Painting

Abstract Elephant Painting

Modern Elephant Painting

Meanings behind Elephants in Art

Elephants have long since been a subject for art, which even dates back to cave art during the stone age. They have been used as symbolisms in various ways such as art, mythology, and philosophy. Their symbolic meaning primarily means strength, honor, stability, and tenacity. In some religions, the elephant is a sign of good luck, protection, and fortune.

For Christians, elephants symbolize pride, power, dignity, royalty, and reliability. These attributes are all perfect in portraying the elephant in various art forms. They are majestic in all forms.

If you’re looking for other ideas other than the awe-inspiring form of the elephant, you can check out the abstract painting samples that we have on our website.

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