9+ Beautiful Realistic Paintings

Are you a fan of Bob Ross? Are you familiar with Thomas Kinkade? If you are, then you must probably be a painter or just someone who, even without proper training, loves to paint. One thing I can always remember from watching painting shows by the late Bob Ross is that you can really see that he really enjoyed what he did. You could hear it from the way he does his paintings that it was more than just his job—painting was his life. He would constantly add more and more elements to his paintings even though it already looks finished. But in the end, his paintings looked beautiful and full of life.

For the late Thomas Kincade, on the other hand, he was known as the “painter of light.” He didn’t have his own television show, but he was famous for the special features on his work. His paintings would give out different effects depending on the amount of light exposed to it. One in every twenty American homes has his painting, with a yellow lamp in front of it.

If you are into abstract art, then check out our collection of abstract paintings here on our website. These paintings will require you to think outside the box.

Realistic Oil Painting



Realistic Acrylic Painting



Realistic Watercolor Painting



Realistic Landscape Painting



Realistic Flower Painting



Painting is an art of applying colors on a drawing with the use of color paints and paintbrushes. Some color paints are water based and some are oil based, which is more durable but requires paint thinner before it can be used. Unlike dry coloring materials, you can achieve different textures in painting depending on the brush strokes and the paint brush itself.

Benefits of Painting

  • Painting motivates one to use their creative imagination.
  • Just like any form of drawing or coloring, painting can also relieve stress and anxiety.
  • Painting can encourage one to express themselves. It has been said that a person’s emotions can influence the way they handle the paint brush.
  • It helps to improve a person’s concentration and attention to details.
  • Painting can help build perseverance in finishing the project according to how it’s been envisioned.
  • Once a painting is finished, it gives the artist a sense of satisfaction, which in turn can boost confidence.

Tips on Painting

  • Know what type of paint to use. Read about the different types and determine which one is more preferable for you.
  • Also know the different outcomes or effects from different paint brushes.
  • Learn how to mix different colors to achieve a particular shade.
  • Keep practicing. No one can ever get a realistic looking painting in one try. Stay motivated and practice.

Feel free to check out and draw inspiration from our collection of fantasy paintings.

Realistic Abstract Painting



Realistic Still Life Painting



Realistic Digital Painting



Hyper Realistic Painting



Realistic Bird Painting



With all these painting ideas available on our website, you may choose to use these either to give you an idea on what to paint next or on how to achieve certain effects or you may also choose save these on your personal computer for other purposes such as setting it as your desktop wallpaper or having it printed on paper.

If you wish to download any of these images, you may do so for free. Simply right click on the image and click Save Image as on the drop down tab. These paintings have been carefully selected from among the best paintings all around the Internet and were professionally created by very talented and skillful artists. We assure you that these paintings will attract anyone’s attention because of the beauty they possess. How much more if you are able to make one for yourself with a quality that’s just as beautiful as the ones on our website.

If you are looking for paintings that hold a lot of realism, then don’t forget to check out our collection of hyperrealistic paintings. You’ll be surprised to know that these images are actually paintings and not real-life photographs.

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