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10+ Watercolor Painting

Watercoloring is an art form that utilizes the use of brushes and water-based color paints. This requires knowledge and skills in the use of colors and brushes to some extent. You need to learn on how to mix different colors to be able to achieve a certain shade of color, and you also need to learn the different brushstrokes to be able to show effects or even express emotions on the painting.

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We have provided you with beautiful painting ideas to guide you if you are looking forward to making your own. You may also download any of these images and use them as a background for any project if you are a graphic artist.

Watercolor Flower Painting


Artistic Watercolor Painting


Abstract Watercolor Painting

Digital Watercolor Painting


The Beauty behind Watercolor Paintings

Most people have probably experienced doing Awesome Underwater Paintings during their childhood, but this was different in a way that this was done only to explore the child’s level of creativity without putting much realism on the paintings. As people grow older, a certain amount of realism is applied to their artwork by adding shadows and highlights as well as making the use of illusions of depth to make subjects on the image look near or far.

But with abstract paintings, you may be required to forget reality and think outside the box. These paintings usually have a world of its own. These paintings could be interpreted through the strokes and the pressure applied on the brush. Some abstract paintings may even utilize just one color but in various shades, and this may also be used to interpret the meaning behind these type of paintings.

The Schools of Watercolor Painting

There is no right and wrong when creating art; you can easily start your own and call them art once finished. However, there are main schools of thought when considering watercolor art. Here’s a few of them we found out:

  • Some watercolor paints may even have a glossy effect even when dry and would give different moods depending on the light. One famous painter who makes use of this effect is Thomas Kinkade, known as the painter of light. His paintings are placed near a light source with adjustable intensity, and the amount of light applied on the painting may give different mood effects. A lower intensity may give an illusion of a night or dawn painting, while a higher intensity may make it look like a bright sunny painting.
  • One advantage of watercolor painting may be on how easy it can be altered. You can either wipe off the paint you wish to remove or you may simply paint over it. Another famous painter known for this is Bob Ross. You may think that he has completed his piece, but he constantly adds more and more elements to bring more life out of it. With precise application, you may be able to add another layer of paint over another with damaging the already applied layer under it.

When doing watercolor paintings, the quality you get on your paintings usually reflect the amount you spent on your paint and brushes. To be able to achieve an outstanding and beautiful painting, you may need to invest on the kind and quantity of color paints as well as the durability and quantity of brushes used.

If you are looking for inspiration in nature, our website hosts a collection of poignant flower paintings on which you could base your own paintings or download them as wallpapers for your mobile devices or websites.

Watercolor Bird Painting


Beach Watercolor Painting

Watercolor Butterfly Painting


Watercolor Sunset Painting

Watercolor Nature Painting


Landscape Watercolor Painting

If you are looking for beautiful watercolor paintings to give you ideas when making your own, then look no further. We have everything you need on our website. You may also choose to download any of these images for your own personal use. These paintings have been made by very creative and talented artists from around the world. These images can be downloaded for free in JPEG and PNG format for compatibility purposes.

Contemporary Watercolor Painting

You may also check out abstract paintings, but if ever you weren’t able to find what you were looking for on this page, scroll down to the bottom and check out the link to other templates on our website.

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