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4+ Paper Cutting Templates – PDF

Paper cutting is about creating patterns by creating outlines and cutting them. These patterns are intricate and complicated at times, but there are simple ones that can be easily followed by anyone. The patterns can be anything, like animals, flowers, or abstract images. They can be used for different arts and crafts project that every enthusiast will be able to appreciate. Other than arts and crafts, you can also use these paper cutting templates for any kind of design that you want to apply for house, such as designs for your place mats or cup holder. You can apply these templates anywhere. In this article, we are going to show you a lot of templates for paper cutting. These templates are all accessible online, so you can go through each of them anywhere and anytime you like as long as you have an Internet connection. And since these are digital files, you can easily download them with a single tap or click of a button and start editing and customizing them to your liking. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s go directly to the list of paper cutting templates and let us go through each of them to know which suits your taste the best.

Printable She Believed Free Paper Cut Template

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Size: 30 KB Download

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Angelfish Paper Cutting Template

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Size: 38.5 KB Download

Print Mothers Day Paper Cut Template

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Guide to Paper Cutting

Step 1: What You Need

Here’s an overview of what you need, we’ll go over it in greater detail in a moment. – Cutting Board – Scalpel – Card or paper – Gluestick (preferably a bad one) – Masking Tape – An image you want to cut out – Clear sticky tape – Plain white paper (or in a contrasting shade to your card) -Ruler  

Step 2: Changing the Blade

Check if your blade is sharp enough that it will be able easily cut the cardboard or paper. You can test in on an excess cardboard if you have one lying around. If you are brave enough, you can pinch the flat of the blade enough only to leave very negligible scratches. This is an easy step. First, you have to wrap your blunt blade with layers of cloth or masking tape to make sure that the blade is fully covered. After that, use your fingers to push down the tip, pulling at the same time. Apply enough pressure if the blade doesn’t come off and wiggle it a bit.
Once the blade has been removed, cover the new blade with layers of cloth or masking tape and attach it to the handle of the blade. You would hear a satisfying click to know that the attachment is a success. Also, it should not wobble. If it does, give the blade another push or tape it in place. Remove the tape on the blade so you can start.

Step 3: Prepare the Card

In Western countries, cards have the fold on the left hand side. Make sure that you get that right or it would be embarrassing for you. But, in this step, we are going to open the card up and stick the image of the left hand face. Why? It’s because the side opposite to the one you cut produces the nicest cuts and we should aim for the prettiest side. We only want the best results, right? Get your glue stick and apply the glue on the desired places. Don’t put in too much as it will affect the paper or card. You can apply dots at each corner and a couple of dots in the middle would suffice. Let the dots dry for a while before you stick it down. This way, it won’t stick so much and the paper can be removed or peeled off later.

 Step 4: Start Cutting

Warning: be careful when you cut! If you are not used to using the blade, make sure that you cover you hands with enough padding to secure your hands. Before you start cutting, you should decide which parts of the card you want to be solid in color and which should be cut out. You can leave any skin as solid and clothes and the extras are the cut out. One thing that you should remember is with paper cutting, the paper is strong in tension (pulling it from each end) but fails quite easily in shear (pushing on one point). This can only mean the those points without support will bend and get damaged or broken easily. Make sure that every piece is attached to at least three places to the larger image. This can change depending on the size, length, width, etc. of the piece. But don’t fret as you will get a feel as which area needs support the more you cut. You can decide whether to leave the background solid or cut out, but if you decide to do so, make sure that you cut in all your support lines first. Remember that is it may make the card a bit tenuous if forget about it while cutting.

Step 5: Excess Bits

As you cut along, remove the extra pieces. This will allow you to determine whether your cut has been successful or not. You can use your knife to lever out the sliver of paper and then pull on it with your fingers. You can use a bit pressure if it doesn’t come away at your first try. Often times, this will tear the piece out, leaving a little burr of paper, but it goes unnoticeable as it is only a minor issue. But, if it still won’t come out, use your scalpel to ‘stab’ the corner that is keeping it in along the cute line that you previously made. The remaining links would be severed this way.

Step 6: Tight Corners

Most of the time, it is easier to move the the paper to cut out a piece compared to using the scalpel. You will realize this at one point as you go through the process. Get used to swiveling your card around and see how much easier it is to make those hard turns.

Step 7: When Things Go Wrong

There are moments when your scalpel will slip, but don’t worry about it. It happens, but it’s all the more reason that you wear protective gear or as what we said earlier about wrapping your hand with enough layers of clothes. If you cut an element of your design, you can fix it by simply cutting a thin piece of sticky tape and affix to the side your design is on. Make sure you have removed the paper with the design on it. Now, use your fingers to put pressure on the tape join and cut any excess with your scalpel. With that, no one will notice the mistake. You can also glue a thin sliver of card over the break, if sticky tape doesn’t work. Just make sure to wait until the glue is completely dry to trim the excess bits.

Step 8: Finishing Off

You have finally arrived at the final step. Your card is now done. Pressing your fingers on a tiny area of the card that might want to go with the paper, slowly and carefully pull off the paper design. Fold your card so that it now opens the right way. Get a piece of paper, fold it in half, and press into the fold of the card. Affix to the inside of the card using glue or tape. Use a ruler or set square and scalpel to cut off any excess card and straighten the edges.

Step 9: Extra Tips

One of the tedious tasks is cutting things out, especially the large pictures. Before you wear out your hands, take small breaks in between and stretch them. To monitor your progress, you can stop every fifteen minutes to look at your work and check if everything’s going well. To make things easier, you can take a photo of your progress and then examine it.

Butterfly Paper Cutting Template

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Size: 36.2 KB Download

Koi Paper Cutting Template

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Size: 45.5 KB Download

Have you found the perfect paper cutting template?

These templates may be difficult to follow, but they are indeed useful for any kind of arts and crafts. You can browse through the extensive list and see if you have templates that you can use for your current project. They will be able to add charm and flair to whatever you are working on right now. The templates can be easily downloaded online, so you can access them anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection. We hope we have helped you in choosing the best paper cutting templates and we wish you the best in your current project!

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