15+ Best Android UI Patterns

Design an Android app takes a variety of skills besides just technical know-how. Everything from user interface to graphic design to color theory must be looked into and well thought over. Unless these appeal to the users, there is nothing to make your app more than just a piece of software.

Good design is a quintessential component of app design. Some apps have mastered this aspect. Here is a look at the top 25 best Android UI Patterns:


  • 95936452

Posters are extremely effective when quotes are added to them. Kwote helps you create your personalized posters by providing you with a myriad collection of quotes. These posters can be cutsomised in terms of typeface, text placement and colors.

MTV Artists

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This app from MTV has a wide range of functionality spanning buying concert tickets to following artists to a lot more. They make use of the available resources of social media, video and music streaming. The app is well composed, free of clutter and uses a tri-color scheme throughout.


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If you wish to learn a language and cannot resolve how to go about it, then this app is just the thing for you. Both creativity and usability have been combined superbly to teach learners through the use of flashcards.

CALCU: The Ultimate Calculator

  • 87526573

Smartphone calculators aren’t generally preferred by most users. However, with this app, that is set to change. With gesture interactivity and customization options, it helps you create keyboard layouts to suit your usage.

Hue- Beautiful Weather

  • 16312097

This app uses the concept of minimalistic design to portray the weather conditions of a given place at a given time. Simple icons, sober color scheme and small animations make this app unique.


  • 91585555

The tumblr app brings the native app approach back into trend by setting an example. The animations in little things like image thumbnails, empty views and pre-loaders are attractive. Screen transitions as well as list items have added bouncy effects; the action bar has been replaced by tabs and other interesting features.


  • 18671946

This app provides you with a fun, yet professional way to interact with others. The app interface is modern and well designed to suit the purpose. The basic aim is to allow networking everywhere.


  • 94922760

The redesigned app is simply gorgeous. The listings look breathtaking with a prime focus on photos. The typography has been kept clean and the icon simple so as to avoid drawing attention away from the content.


  • 90768694

This app is among the best apps of all times. Just like the website, the app has a splendid design too. Everything right from the on-boarding to the learning to the tests are flawless.


  • 25330623

Significant optimizations have been made to the site to make it functional for the Android mobile platform. It stands out in terms of both design and functionality.


  • 92557665

This app is your window into the world of music productions by bands and singers across the globe. The slide navigation between screens is quite appealing.

Arla Koket

  • 16799997

The user interface has been mainly restricted to grey and white, with the icon in orange to makes it stand out. The dynamic visualization of sound frequencies is very fascinating.


  • 26892484

As the name suggests, this app makes running fantastic. You begin with recording your height and weight. With the help of GPS, it is able to track all your outdoor activities and help you shed those extra pounds.

Yahoo! Weather

  • 82954428

This app adds a new flavor to the art of cooking. It boasts of a trendy accent and soothing cool color accents. It is extremely intuitive and highly functional.

New York Times

  • 81096721

News articles are brought to life by this app by allowing people to read articles to others. There is a special car mode which is extremely useful while travelling.


  • 54795901

Yahoo’s weather app is now in the market and combines Flickr photos with statistics to satisfy your curiosity about weather. Although there are a few quirks, the app scores well in terms of design.

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