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Backgrounds play a big role in the overall appeal of documents and other items where they are placed. They create life to the design aesthetic of the item, and they also make everything coherent and well placed together. There are many items that need a background as they can change the entire appearance of a specific object.

We can provide you with background patterns which you may download and place on items where you think they will their absolute best. Also, we have different kinds of Photoshop patterns which are also downloadable and may be used for the specific purposes that their designs may serve.

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Party Background Pattern

party background pattern Download

Floral Background Pattern

floral background pattern Download

Seamless Background Pattern

seamless background pattern Download

Vector Background Pattern

vector background pattern Download

Web Background Pattern

web background pattern Download

Party Background Pattern

A party background pattern is used for different items that are used in a party. It may be applied to the following:

  • Party background patterns may serve as the backdrop of the location where the party will be held.
  • Party background patterns can be applied to the designs of the invitation to be given out to the guests of the party.
  • It can be used as a design material to the merchandises that can serve as souvenirs of the party, which may include mugs, bags and other goodies.
  • The party background pattern may also be used as the design of the photos to be developed in the party’s photobooth.
  • Other items in the party where a party background pattern may be used include the table numbers, menu cards, and party programs.

Kinds of Background Patterns

There are different kinds of background patterns which may be selected depending on their usage and the documents or items where they will be placed. A few background patterns we offer are as follows:

  • Floral Background Patterns. Perfect for your girl’s birthdays or even as covers for her notebooks or books.
  • Vector Background Patterns. Use this for your parties and events for a clean, futuristic look.
  • Web Background Patterns. This pack could be utilized for the minimalist website you’re developing.
  • Vintage Background Patterns. You could use this one as a simple wedding or event invitation postcard.

If you are to use a specific background pattern, make sure that you analyze all the design items that will be put together in a document to assure the kind of background that they need for them to look more appealing and visually striking. You may browse through our geometric patterns for more samples of geometric shapes, designs and items used in this kind of background pattern.

Abstract Background Pattern

abstract background pattern Download

Geometric Background Pattern

geometric background pattern Download

Vintage Background Pattern

vintage background pattern Download

Black Background Pattern

black background pattern Download

Subtle Background Pattern

subtle background pattern Download

Guidelines in Background Pattern Selection

If you are selecting a background pattern for the specific purpose that you want to make use of it, here are a few guidelines that you may follow:

  • You need to be specific with the visual impact that you want to achieve so you can narrow down your selection to the background patterns that will truly help you to interpret your design vision.
  • The purpose of your document or the items where you are to put your design must also be considered for it to be coherent with the reason why a specific document or item was made. This must be done especially if the design material will be used for activities or events with themes to be followed.
  • Be aware of the colors used in the document to assure that it looks great together with the background pattern that you have selected.
  • If the designs of the document or item are already too busy, detailed, or striking, you may select a simpler design so that it will not compete with the information that you also need to showcase. This may also be done interchangeably should the items of the design material be too plain.

Other than our background pattern templates, you may also download more seamless patterns from our archives, which may be used for a variety of functions and purposes.

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