10+ Argyle Patterns


Argyles, or argylls, are patterns made of diamonds or lozenges. The word is sometimes used to refer to an individual diamond in the design but most commonly indicates to the whole pattern. It is a diamond-shape pattern in two or more colors and mostly used in clothing and wall embellishment.

We’ve created a collection of argyle patterns for those who are looking for distinct pattern designs and to anybody who simply wants a beautiful piece of art. Scroll down and check out these 10 patterns. You will be surely amazed.

And in case you want a photoshop designs, go to our Photoshop patterns page. We may have the pattern you are looking for somewhere in there.

Seamless Argyle Pattern

seamless-argyle-pattern Download

Black and White Argyle Pattern

black-and-white-argyle-pattern Download

Argyle Digital Paper Pack Pattern

argyle-digital-paper-pack-pattern Download

Abstract Argyle Pattern Vector

abstract-argyle-pattern-vector Download

Classical Argyle Pattern

classical-argyle-pattern Download

Argyle Pattern Set

argyle-pattern-set Download

A Short History of Argyle

Majority of argyle consists layers of extending motifs, adding a sense of three: dimensionality, texture, and mobility. Usually, there is an overlapping of crisscross diagonal lines on solid diamonds. As a knitting pattern, argyle is mainly accomplished using the intarsia technique (a technique used to create patterns with multiple colors).

The argyle pattern comes from the tartan of Clan Campbell of Argyll in Western Scotland. It was used for plaids and kilts, and from the decorated socks worn by Scottish highlanders since the 17th century generally known tartan hose. Argyle knitwear fashion was a hit in Great Britain and then the USA after World War I. Toward the end of the 18th century, the argyle pattern became intensely famous due to its mass production.

Today, you can see that argyle patterns can be in any design—whether in shirts, skirts, polos, hankies, socks, and so much more. Because of its unique layout, it can really get people’s attention, especially those who love designs with particular patterns. Not just that, argyle patterns come in different colors too. No wonder why it created a huge impact in the fashion industry.

If you are looking for simple but catchy designs, visit the Simple Patterns collection we have on our Web page.

Christmas Themed Argyle Pattern

christmas-themed-argyle-pattern Download

Chevron Argyle Pattern

chevron-argyle-pattern Download

Wallpaper Argyle Pattern

wallpaper-argyle-pattern Download

Jewel Argyle Pattern

jewel-argyle-pattern Download

Argyle Tartan Plaid Fabrics Pattern

argyle-tartan-plaid-fabrics-pattern Download


What We Offer

Since we are talking about argyle patterns, we’ve collated 9 argyle patterns for you to choose from and included in this list. All are great and beautiful and enough for you to appreciate argyle patterns that much.

With our website’s host of templates, this is what we offer:

  • All our templates are downloadable to any device.
  • Each contains distinct designs.
  • The choice of colors range from the lively and sweet to the easy on the eyes.
  • They all come in an editable formats. In case you want to change the color, add text, or a picture, feel free to do so.
  • They are all printable. Store them in your files for future purposes.

The Many Applications of Argyle Designs

Though famous as tartan and kilt designs, the argyle proves its versatility when applied as

  • tablecloth designs,
  • quirky T-shirt or dress prints,
  • photo album, notebook, or scrapbook covers,
  • distinguishable bookmark designs,
  • abstract desktop, laptop, or even room wallpapers,
  • good website header layouts, or
  • menu backgrounds (in case you own a restaurant),

You can make use of them any you want it. Just bring out that creativity in you! For sure, you have friends who love this type of design—share it with them. Add our Geometric Patterns to your list too! They are also unique and perfect for that edgy look.

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