9+ Blue Photoshop Patterns


If you are a graphic designer or a digital artist in general, a good set of Photoshop patterns is essential in your line of work. Patterns are one of those versatile tools in your arsenal that can be used either as a texture (to map over polygonal objects) or as a background graphic. You can create your own patterns as vectors, scalable to your needs, and design them in ways to be seamless. A time-saving option is to find textures and patterns online created by other digital artists.

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This is what we at Template.net specialize in. Here we have a collection of professional-grade blue patterns, which you can download as free PSD files and vectors, as well as PNG raster files.

Damask Blue Patterns

damask blue patternsDownload

Seamless Blue Patterns

seamless blue patternsDownload

Vector Blue Patterns

vector blue patternsDownload

Watercolor Blue Patterns

watercolor blue patternsDownload

Abstract Blue Patterns

abstract blue patternsDownload

Use Blue Patterns to Their Fullest Potential

The color blue is reported to be one of the most common of favorite colors the world over. One popular theory proposed by researchers can be most explained by evolutionary psychology. The color blue stands for things that the human mind associates with positively. Blue to our historic minds points to

  • clean water (a life necessity) and
  • a clear sky (good weather for hunting or farming)

In art, blue is even more versatile in meaning and subtle in effect. Using blue in your art can evoke feelings of

  • peace and tranquility,
  • gloom and depression,
  • depth,
  • contemplation,
  • nostalgia, and
  • elation.

It all depends on your shade of blue, where you use it, and how much you use it. And any good artist considers the symbolic meaning and aesthetic effects of every element they use in their piece.

Combining this expressive quality of the color with abstract patterns, you get templates like these which can serve any genre of art you happen to be working in.

Vintage Blue Patterns

vintage blue patternsDownload

Blue Floral Patterns

blue floral patternsDownload

Hand Drawn Blue Patterns

hand drawn blue patternsDownload

Blue Striped Patterns

blue striped patternsDownload

Blue Doodle Patterns

blue doodle patternsDownload

How to Use These Patterns

Considering the variation of the emotion and effect you can use with this color, pick a design that would best suit your purposes.


  • The editable Blue Striped Patterns can be used to texture-map over a sofa in a living room setup (for animation and interior design projects). In the same vein, Vintage Blue Patterns would make good textures for carpets.
  • The blue watercolor patterns is great for wallpaper patterns, greeting cards, or product designs.

You would be able to click and download any of these patterns for free. As PSD files, you can modify the saturation and hues before using them. Vectors can be rescaled to any size without loss of quality and are just as versatile in application. PNG files will be a bit more restricted, but for general mock-ups and small-scale projects, these will be ideal.

Note: Certain licensing restrictions may apply. Always check product specs before using on commercial projects.

It is recommended that, as much as your hard drive will allow, cultivate your palette of resources. Download as many patterns, textures, and customized brushes you think you might possibly need. Don’t confine yourself at the root level of your craft.

Check out Template.net’s archives of even more free (and almost-free) high-quality downloads for all your artistic and business needs.

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